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House Episode: "The Down Low"

Season 6, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: The doctors play detective to track down personal information about a drug dealer (Ethan Embry) who had collapsed during a deal because his partner-in-crime (Nick Chinlund) won't cooperate. Meanwhile, House and Wilson vie for a new neighbor's attention; and Chase, Taub and Thirteen try to play a practical joke on Foreman.
Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2010
Guest Cast Sammy Busby: Gorski Sasha Alexander: Nora Ethan Embry: Mickey Nick Chinlund: Eddie
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Season 6, Episode 11
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Length: 43:45
Aired: 1/11/2010
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House Episode Recap: "Remorse" Season 6, Episode 11

House and the male doctors on his team are smitten with their beautiful female patient who has unexplained bouts of excruciating pain, while Thirteen is able to stay focused on her case. Meanwhile, House tries to make reparations with a former med school colleague he wronged.

The Patient
After a 27-year-old woman named Valerie (Beau Garrett) is admitted with excruciating pain in her ear, House takes on the case based on the fact that she is extremely attractive and has an ugly husband. All the men on the team flock to Valerie's side, but Thirteen seems to get a weird vibe from her.

Somebody's Fibbing
After Valerie learns she has an arrhythmia, her boss shows up in her room drunk and claims that she poisoned him. He also tells her husband that they were having an affair. The team assumes the man is mentally unstable and that perhaps he was projecting because he may have poisoned Valerie. Thirteen, however, thinks Valerie is the one lying. Tensions flare between Foreman and Thirteen as he asks her to administer the next step of the treatment with beta blockers — mainly because she disagrees. But during an MRI of Valerie's brain, Thirteen discovers the patient bypasses the emotion centers of her brain and thus can't feel anything emotive. She's a psychopath.

Intrigued by the discovery, House comes to meet Valerie. "Hi, I'm doctor House. How long have you been a psychopath?" Valerie plays dumb, but when House says it may be connected to diagnosing her heart condition, it's as though a switch goes off and Valerie becomes another person. Valerie drops the innocent, sweet girl routine and starts speaking very matter of fact with cold, crazy eyes. She admits to drugging her boss, admits to having sex with him every Thursday in exchange for taking credit for his ideas, and admits she's only with her husband because he has a trust fund.

Foreman comes up with a diagnosis that links the psychopathy to her cardiomyopathy, but Thirteen opposes again saying there isn't a connection. Foreman goes to House to ask him to punish Thirteen for flouting their authority, but House, who seems to be enjoying the tension, tells Foreman to deal with it himself — ex or no ex. They continue to bicker during brainstorming and House's solution to them: "Go have sex."

House Pays For His Past
Meanwhile, Wilson walks in his office to find House sleeping on his couch and learns he's been avoiding calls from a colleague from med school.  Turns out as a part of therapy, House had to send a letter of apology to someone he wronged in his past. And Lorenzo Wibberly has been trying to meet up ever since.  Apparently, House swapped papers with him in med school to test his theory that a professor was bias. But House was wrong and ended up getting an A on the paper.

After Wilson rats out House's hiding place, Wibberly finds House and the two finally have lunch together. House begrudgingly makes small talk and Wibberly tells him he's not a doctor, but rather a bagger at a local grocery store. Why? Because he was one credit shy of graduating med school after House's paper landed him an F.

House is shocked and appears to be guilty, but can't decide if Wibberly has an agenda. So, House goes to visit his old friend at home to see if he's happy with his life. Wibberly seems content and disgustingly optimistic about how his life turned out. But when House learns Wibberly lost his house and must move, the guilt really sets in.

Thirteen Plays Dirty
Back with the patient, Thirteen brings up the affair in front of Valerie's husband, which leads Valerie to fake a coughing fit in order to send her husband for water. She threatens Thirteen that she will sue and have her license removed. Rattled, Thirteen doesn't say much to Valerie when her husband returns, but accidentally breaks Valerie's arm when she flips it over.

Valerie demands to Cuddy that Thirteen be taken off the case, but House sticks up for Thirteen because he believes in her — well, that and they've discovered Valerie has brittle bones as a result of kidney failure. Much to Thirteen's disapproval, the team begins radiation.

Knowing full and well about Valerie's affair, Thirteen suggests to Valerie's husband that he research her "Thursday night landscaping class" for any environmental clues that could help in their diagnosis. Nicely done, Dr. Hadley. He returns and calls Valerie out for lying about a taking a class that doesn't exist. She sets up another story saying she was at work late. And sadly, it appears as though he buys it.

Thirteen gets a call from the medical board and finds out a sexual harassment claim was filed against her. She storms into Valerie's room screaming at her, but Foreman pulls her out before she ends up getting herself in trouble. The two go back and forth a bit, but ultimately, Foreman ends up spilling his guts that he fired her for himself, not to save their relationship.

Cuddy pulls Thirteen off the case for Thirteen's own good, but that doesn't keep Thirteen from poking her nose in the situation after Valerie's liver fails. They look for a match, and Valerie's sister Sarah comes to see if she can help. Thirteen asks her why she would even bother considering how horrible of a person her sister is, and Sarah says she wasn't always like that — it was during adolescence that Valerie changed.  So, psychopathy is a symptom.

House has his light bulb moment when hearing this and determines Valerie has an inability to process copper caused by Wilson's Disease. House puts nail polish remover on Valerie's fingernail, and when it turns blue, he confirms his theory.

Thirteen begins treatment and says that most of Valerie's symptoms should clear up, but her psychopathy likely won't this late in the game. Thirteen pulls Valerie's husband aside and makes it clear that she will likely lie after treatment and say she is cured, but he seems to think maybe this fake love they have is all he needs.

Once Valerie starts to show improvement, her husband says they should take a long vacation. Valerie says he's pathetic for sticking with her even though he knows she cheated. He leaves, but Thirteen realizes that Valerie must be getting better mentally or else she would have continued to bleed him for every penny. Valerie is beginning to feel again, and she even sheds a tear over the hurt she is experiencing.

House's Guilt Prevails
Wilson comes in to find House is writing a check for Wibberly's next few mortgage payments. Wilson can't help but point out how House can apologize and make good with a complete stranger, but not with Cuddy, to whom he not only defaced the only picture taken by her father during their last vacation together, but mentally abused her when she loved him.

House goes to Wibberly's to give him the check, but he won't accept it. He says he was an orthopedic surgeon, but acquired a gambling problem that landed him in debt. House's paper got him an A+, but he did all this because he thought House was still "the same bastard" from med school.

Later House tries to apologize to Cuddy, but stops when he sees her and Lucas laughing in her office, he walks away. Instead, he goes to Wibberly's door and slides the check through his mail slot.

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House and the male doctors on his team are smitten with their beautiful female patient who has unexplained bouts of excruciating pain, while Thirteen is able to stay focused on her case. Meanwhile, House tries to make reparations with a former med school colleague he wronged.

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