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House Episode: "Now What"

Season 7, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: Season 7 premiere: House and Cuddy explore their feelings toward each other amid a crisis at the hospital: the threatened loss of its Level 1 status as a trauma center because the only available neurosurgeon (George Wyner) is sick. The diagnosis of the doctor's illness is difficult, but House doesn't offer to help. Meanwhile, Thirteen has a request for House.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2010
Guest Cast Chris Conner: Alex George Wyner: Richardson
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Season 7, Episode 1
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Length: 41:42
Aired: 9/20/2010
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House Episode Recap: "Now What?" Season 7, Episode 1

Now that House and Cuddy have admitted to having real feelings for each other, the two take a day off from work to explore their emotions — both in and out of the bedroom. But little does Cuddy know that while she and House are playing hooky, chaos is breaking loose at her hospital as Princeton Plainsboro stands to lose its accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center.

In this week's Season 7 premiere, things pick up where we left off in the finale where Cuddy and House are holding one another in the bathroom. (To give everyone a little refresher: A very fragile House nearly relapsed after losing a patient, but Cuddy arrived to his apartment in the nick of time and finally tells him how she really feels about him before sharing a tender kiss.) The emotional scene continues at the start of the episode as she tends to House's wounds incurred from the wreckage at the scene of the crane collapse. She takes his pants down, leaving a very vulnerable House standing before her with a mangled-looking scar on his bum leg. He's clearly very self conscious, but Cuddy puts him at ease as she simply says, "It's OK. I love you," before kissing the scar and moving to the bedroom.

The Exploration of "Huddy"
As House and Cuddy lie naked together in bed, House answers Cuddy's phone to find her new assistant is frazzled because one of the surgeons is suffering from the stomach flu. House, pretending to be Cuddy's nanny, tells him to just send the puking surgeon home and adds that Cuddy will not be making it into work, either, because she too is ill. Everyone plays hooky — no biggie, right? Not quite. House later finds out that the sick surgeon was the only neurosurgeon on the premise — and without a replacement, the hospital would no longer be considered a Level 1 Trauma Center forcing the ER to shut down. Somehow, House keeps his big boo-boo a secret from Cuddy by calling on his team to deal with his mess.

Meanwhile, prepares a cornflake breakfast for Cuddy and the two share a bath. But Wilson, who's worried House has relapsed, bangs on door as the two are spending time together. House refuses to let Wilson in, and once he finally leaves, the two go for yet another round romp in the sack. As soon as the two finish doing their thing, Cuddy questions why House didn't just let Wilson in and tell him what transpired. House says he's trying to protect her privacy until she's ready to come out about the relationship, but she has an unsettling realization. "Maybe you're not ready yet," she says.

So, to prove just how ready he is to go public with their relationship, House whips out the tripod and proposes that the two make a sex tape for Wilson. But the mood quickly changes when the two hear someone trying to break in. Being the manly man he is, House grabs a sword — naturally— and checks out the situation, only to find Wilson stuck in his window. Once Wilson makes it in to check up on his pal, House tells him about Cuddy. Of course, Wilson isn't buying it and is convinced it's a Vicodin-induced hallucination. House takes Wilson to his bedroom to prove it, but alas, Cuddy's nowhere to be found.

Princeton-Plainsboro Falls Apart
Back at the hospital, the team — who read the note Thirteen left for House requesting a leave of absence at the end of last season — wants to know where she's going. She stays mum, but Foreman ransacks her locker to find tickets to Rome and immediately assumes she's going there to participate in a very risky clinical trial for her Huntington's disease. Obviously, she's less than thrill about her ex's attempt as a private investigator.

Meanwhile, Thirteen and Chase visit the sick neurosurgeon at home to try to persuade him to return to the hospital to prevent the hospital from losing its  accreditation. He refuses to budge from the toilet, but they manage to con him into taking a risky drug that will get rid of his nausea. As they wait for the drug to kick in, Chase and Thirteen play chess. Oh, and Chase asks Thirteen to have sex with him because he's been playing the long game and now that she's leaving, "deadlines have been moved up," as he so graciously puts it.

Thirteen is left with her jaw hanging at Chase's bold question, but the neurosurgeon pops out of the bathroom just in time to break up the awkwardness. His nausea is gone, but mainly because he's high as a kite. They rush him back to the hospital and stick him in the OR to keep him from speaking nonsense to the medical exec who would ultimately make the call on shutting down the ER. They almost get away with their plan, but just as the exec is about to leave satisfied, the neurosurgeon bursts out of the OR and begins stripping down to his tighty-whiteys. The medical exec is not amused and shuts them down. Shortly after, though, the team figures the neurosurgeon was suffering from shellfish poisoning — toad eggs, to be precise — and they give him a quick antidote. The medical exec is satisfied with the resolution, and Princeton-Plainsboro is restored to its regularly scheduled activities.

Trouble in Paradise ... Already?
Back at the love shack that is House's apartment, Cuddy resurfaces and tells House she hid from Wilson because she felt she pressured House into going public about their relationship. They try to lighten the mood with board games, but we come to learn House is unable to bring himself to say, "I love you" to Cuddy. He somehow tap dances around it a bit, and the two go at it again — rabbits I tell you!

Just as Cuddy is about to leave and the two seem to be in a happy place again, House pointblank says things won't work out. Wow, that was fast. He tells Cuddy he hasn't changed and that she will soon realize he is an insane choice for someone with a baby. "I don't want you to change. I know you're screwed up," she replies. "But you're the most incredible man I've ever known." As she turns to leave, House finally says the three words we never thought he'd say: "I love you." The two part seemingly happy, but as soon as the door shuts between them, both their smiles quickly fade. It's going to be a bumpy season. 

Peace Out, Thirteen
Back at the hospital, Foreman and Thirteen manage to make peace and shake hands before her departure, and Chase just wants to double- (and triple-) check that Thirteen is absolutely positive she doesn't want to sleep with him. She declines, but gives him a big hug, almost as if she is never going to see him again.

Taub and Chase join Foreman in the think tank room for Thirteen's bon voyage cake, but she's MIA. Foreman tells them he called the hospital in Rome and she never registered for the trial — they never even heard of her. And both of her phones have been disconnected. She's just ... gone.

What did you think of the premiere episode? How was it watching House and Cuddy all lovey-dovey? Do you think it will last? And where do you think Thirteen went?

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Now that House and Cuddy have admitted to having real feelings for each other, the two take a day off from work to explore their emotions — both in and out of the bedroom. But little does Cuddy know that while she and House are playing hooky, chaos is breaking loose at her hospital as Princeton Plainsboro stands to lose its accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center.

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