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2004, TV Show

House Episode: "Ignorance Is Bliss"

Season 6, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: A brilliant but depressed and substance-abusing physicist who chucked his career because he thinks intelligence is a burden arrives with a number of strange symptoms. Meanwhile, relationships are strained all around at Princeton-Plainsboro.
Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2009
Guest Cast Larry Cedar: Bob Beringer Andrea Gabriel: Ronnie Vicki Davis: Dara Sidas Cheryl Carter: Dianna Esteban Powell: James Sidas Jennifer Crystal Foley: Rachel Taub
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Season 6, Episode 9
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 11/23/2009
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House Episode Recap: "Wilson" Season 6, Episode 9

Wilson becomes the center of this week's episode when an old patient and friend experiences paralysis in his arm. As his condition worsens, Wilson must make some moral decisions that make it difficult for him to differentiate between patient and friend. Meanwhile, Cuddy goes house-hunting for a new place for her and Lucas.

The Patient

Wilson wakes to the sound of House playing George Michaels' "Faith." He asks House to tone it down because he needs to get sleep before he goes hunting. House comes in and says his hunting pal is a "self-important jerk." We cut to Wilson and his pal Tucker (Josh Malina) hunting turkey — or trying to, at least. Wilson then takes a chemo bag, stabs it up against a tree and writes "Year 5" on it. It represents Nov. 30, 2004: the day Tucker was projected to die with leukemia but was saved by treatment. Tucker shoots the bag and it explodes into smithereens, but the celebration is cut short when a gunshot goes off in Wilson's direction after Tucker drops his gun from losing feeling in his arm.

As a friend and former patient, Wilson takes the case and reports to Tucker and his new, much younger girlfriend Ashley, that there are no signs of a stroke or a relapse of cancer.  But Wilson notices Ashley has a cold sore and is convinced her infection spread to Tucker's spine causing Transverse myelitis. He starts Tucker on treatment  and goes to House to brag to him about his "House moment," but House bursts his bubble by saying Tucker has cancer. House is so confident his friendship is clouting his judgment that bets $100 that it's cancer. Wilson accepts, refusing to believe it. 

Wilson Plays House

Tucker asks Wilson to call his family to come be with him considering they aren't too thrilled with the fact he's dating a zygote. Tucker's ex-wife Melissa and daughter finally agree to come.

The medicine doesn't seem to be working, so Wilson hits up House's team for some help. Thirteen comes up with fungus balls in his lungs and Wilson runs with it. But unfortunately, Chase finds it's much more than fungus causing Tucker's symptoms. It winds up being another kind of leukemia in his head. House wins.

Wilson tells Tucker and his family that he has a 90 percent chance for a cure if they remove the cancer and treat with chemo. Tucker knows Ashley is wishy-washy about making important decisions, so he has his ex-wife become his proxy.

The treatment doesn't seem to work because his body has become resistant to the chemo since his last treatment. Wilson debates doubling the chemo, but House discourages the idea because pumping him with double the "poison" is high risk — and if it goes wrong, Wilson may not be able to handle it. But despite his friend's warning, Wilson asks the family and they say to just do it. The good news is the chemo kills the cancer. The bad news is it also destroys Tucker's liver and he has only 24 hours to live unless he gets a new one.

House Gets His Feelings Hurt...Even More

Cuddy approaches Wilson and asks for a realtor reference because she and Lucas are getting a place together. But Wilson feels she's doing this to get his blessing, and thus is implicitly looking for House's blessing.

House finds out about Cuddy and asks Wilson why he didn't tell him about it considering he said he's fine with their relationship. Eventually House admits he's not OK by her decision. Either way, Cuddy's bid on a new loft gets denied and she's back to square one.

Wilson's Moral Dilemma

A liver from a trauma victim become available, but by the time they get permission to move forward with the donation from the next of kin, it's too late because it's no longer useable. 

As Wilson tries to be with Tucker in his last hours, Tucker says he's not ready to go now that he's got his family back. He asks Wilson, who is a match, to donate a piece of his liver. Wilson says as his doctor he can't, but the he begins to think about it. Wilson tells House and House says it's a ridiculous idea and Wilson is just a doormat to people. Wilson takes his words to heart and kicks House out of his apartment to prove he's not a doormat.

Wilson tells Cuddy that he is going to donate part of his liver and she says he's insane. Wilson stands firm that his decision is coming out of friendship, "not guilt." Cuddy allows it.

Wilson goes into House's office, tells him he's getting the surgery, but asks House to be there with him during it. "No," House says. "Because if you die, I'm alone." Wilson gets wheeled into the operating room, but as he's about to go under, he sees House in the observation room. Aw. He does care.

Anger Sets In

House waits by Wilson's bed for him to come to, and remains by his side throughout his recovery. When Wilson is feeling better, he wheels himself in to Tucker's room to see how he's doing. But when he finds out Tucker has decided to go back to Ashley after the surgery instead of his family, he is not too thrilled.

"You ready to admit he's a self-important jerk?" House asks Wilson. Wilson admits he's "disappointed," but House tells him it's OK to be angry once in a while.

When Wilson is back on his feet, he takes House to the loft Cuddy bid on. House is shocked to hear he is about to outbid Cuddy. "She hurt my friend. She should be punished," says Wilson. "You got mad. I'm proud of you." Wilson calls the agent and takes the loft. Talk about movin' on up.

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Wilson becomes the center of this week's episode when an old patient and friend experiences paralysis in his arm. As his condition worsens, Wilson must make some moral decisions that make it difficult for him to differentiate between patient and friend. Meanwhile, Cuddy goes house-hunting for a new place for her and Lucas... read more

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