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2004, TV Show

House Episode: "Known Unknowns"

Season 6, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: A partying teen brought to the hospital with swollen appendages won't---then can't---tell the truth. Meanwhile, House tags along as Cuddy and Wilson attend a medical conference on pharmacology and public policy. Lucas: Michael Weston.
Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2009
Guest Cast Eric Lutes: Derek Retzinger Holly Gagnier: Michelle Berkley Bianca Collins: Phoebe Ana Lucasey: Avery Marcus Giamatti: Keener
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Season 6, Episode 7
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Length: 43:58
Aired: 11/9/2009
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House Episode Recap: "Teamwork" Season 6, Episode 7

House's medical license is reinstated just in time to treat an adult film star who is admitted for a pulsating eye. Chase and Cameron want to start clean by leaving Princeton-Plainsboro, prompting House to try to get Taub and Thirteen to return to his team.

The Patient
This week's patient is famous adult film star Hank Hardwick (that name sounds like it's straight out of Boogie Nights). He is admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro with a pulsating eye at the same time House receives notice that his medical license has been reinstated. Perfect timing.

House Wants His Team Back
Cameron and Chase have a heart-to-heart about Dibala before work, and Cameron says she can live with it and that the two of them can get through it together. "But we need to get away from Princeton-Plainsboro," Cameron adds.

The two arrive that morning to announce their resignation. House doesn't flinch and gives Forman a barrage of tests to perform on Hank. House doesn't waste any time, and heads straight Taub's fancy new office as a plastic surgeon. He begins to present Hank's symptoms to Taub. But Taub says he has much more time to be with his wife now and has no desire to return to House's team. House immediately hits up Thirteen's house and tries to appeal to her with Hank's symptoms as well. All he gets is a door slammed in his face.

As Chase and Cameron are cleaning out their lockers, Foreman begs Chase to help him run a test for cerebral vasculitis since House has him running ragged. Chase only agrees to help when Forman plays the Dibala card by saying, "You owe me." Cameron decides to stay and help her husband as well.

Morality Issues
Cameron convinces Chase to test Hank for a vitamin D deficiency. Hank, who says he's not a STD-ridden druggie, has his wife with him. Things start to get a bit preachy as Cameron and Chase don't agree with his career choice. But Hank begins to get a nosebleed and as well as tiny hemorrhages on his leg and the conversation quickly stops.

Cameron and Chase report the latest developments to House, who is busy catching up on internet videos of all of Hank's hard work. They come up with the possibility that the patient has Meningococcemia, and they head out to start treatment. But as they leave, House holds Chase back and to tell him Cameron is bound to leave him when the reality sinks in that he killed Dibala. Chase goes to treat the patient, and Hank tells him he can drop the whole lecturing act now that Cameron isn't around. They begin to have a conversation where Hank mocks the idea of a conscience, but Hank spikes a fever and it becomes clear treatment isn't working.

Since Chase is in surgery, House speaks through the observing room intercom to discuss Cameron. He tells Chase to ask himself why Cameron would go against what she believes and forgive him. This clearly makes Chase start to wonder. Chase decides to just ask Cameron why she forgave him, and she says it's because he feels shame and guilt for what he did. But House has another theory: He tells Chase that Cameron forgave him because she blames House for Dibala's murder because he created the kind of environment where this kind of thing would happen. Cameron thinks he's just House's "sock-puppet." "If you don't stay, it's going to be hard to prove you're not," House says before leaving.

When Hank's liver begins to fail, Cameron tells Hank and his wife he is going to need a new one. But she also adds that the decision makers behind the donor registry will most likely not grant him a new one unless Hank leaves his life as a porn star. Hank flips and says Cameron is getting satisfaction in delivering this news from her moral highground.

Meanwhile, Foreman and Chase discover Hank has thread worms throughout his body and he just has to take a couple pills to be rid of them. "You'll be fine and go back to your lives," he says to the porn star couple.

When treatment for threadworms doesn't work, the team suspects lymphoma, but on their way out, House tells them to fax Thirteen and Taub the update. This infuriates Cameron and she rips House a new one as she leaves. Chase asks Cameron why she's mad at House and not him as he tries to figure out if there's any validity to House's theory of why she forgave him. Chase makes it very clear and says he was the one who killed Dibala, not House. And he adds that if given the chance, he'd do the same thing again. Cameron looks shocked.

House Keeps on Taub and Thirteen
Posing as a patient, House sits in Taub's waiting room to be called (with one of his pseudonyms being Hitler). Taub tries to tell House he's got addiction issues where now he's addicted to the idea of getting his old team back. But House keeps presenting Hank's most recent symptoms relentlessly. Taub tries to resist, but he can't help but offer a solution to their most recent conundrum. House leaves happy, but Taub is sure to add in that he's still not coming back.

House finds Thirteen working out at the gym and continues to barrage her with his patient's symptoms. She says she wants the job she interviewed for at the clinic, but House keeps pushing. Thirteen calls him out on why House can't just bring himself to ask her and Taub back, and thinks it's because he can't face rejection. She walks away leaving House to think on her words.

When House tries to talk to Wilson, he says all four of the Doctors have reasons why they do want to work for him, and reasons why they don't. Wilson wonders why House insists on having these specific doctors when thousands of other doctors would kill to work under him. House makes an excuse that he knows they're good, but Wilson says it's because he's reaching out for people he knows because it's comfortable, something he needs now that Cuddy is dating one of his old friends.

Cuddy Wants to Move On
Wilson approaches Cuddy and is not happy she didn't tell him about Lucas. Cuddy tells him he's upset she's not dating his best friend and is tired of making every decision in her life based on how it will affect House. But back home, Cuddy is a lot less rational about the whole thing and complains to Lucas that she feels awful about the whole thing.

Being the wonderful P.I. boyfriend he is, Lucas sneaks into the doctor's lounge to try to get the scoop on the doctors House wants back on his team. His logic is Cuddy won't be able to relax until House gets his team back. But the only one he notices anything about is Chase's precision and detail that went out the window about four weeks ago (when Dibala died). The guy is good.

Playing God
When Hank's body begins to shut down, the team is at a loss. House makes the reckless call to ablate the patient's bone marrow — a procedure that could kill Hank if he's wrong. House faxes this to Taub and Thirteen, who ignore the updates. But the urge to solve the medical mystery gets the better of them, and they read the file with the dangerous treatment House requested.

Hank is seconds away from undergoing ablation of the marrow when House gets a conference call from Taub and Thirteen. He puts them on speaker phone, and they demand the team stops what they're doing because the process will kill him. The two take turns explaining that Hank has Extraintestinal Crohn's disease, which was caused by living in too clean of an environment when he was younger. The worms were helping him, not hurting him. "So his life of filth wasn't the problem. His clean living was," says House.

As expected, Taub stops by to say he wants back on the team. And moments later, Thirteen appears at the door. Well played, House.

But not everyone was oblivious to the manipulation House pulled to get his team back. When Cameron enters House's office after Chase tells her he's staying on the team, House thinks she's going to say she wants to stay as well. Instead, she has come to speak her piece before leaving.

"I was in love with you," Cameron says to House, holding back tears. She explains she tried to be like House and understand him because she wanted to heal him. But this whole time he was playing God and teaching them to do the same — just like he did with Hank by risking his life to get his team back. She figured out that House clearly knew the proper diagnosis all along. Cameron continues saying House "poisoned" Chase and ruined him. "He can't see right from wrong...the sanctity of human life," she says. "I loved you and I loved Chase. I'm sorry for what you've become because there's no way back for either of you." Cameron puts her hand out to give a cordial shake goodbye, but House does not reciprocate by extending his. So instead, Cameron gives House a kiss on the cheek and turns to walk away.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like the way the writers handled Cameron's departure? Were you surprised by her admission of feelings for House? Are you happy with the team of four?

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House's medical license is reinstated just in time to treat an adult film star who is admitted for a pulsating eye. Chase and Cameron want to start clean by leaving Princeton-Plainsboro, prompting House to try to get Taub and Thirteen to return to his team.

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