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Hotel Babylon Season 3 and Other Announced Releases

Hotel Babylon

New releases announced today, November 19:

Simon Schama's The American Future: A History will be coming out January 20

Hotel Babylon - Season 3 will be coming out March 3

The Lair - The Complete 2nd Season will be coming out February 24

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Do you know if BBC America's ...

Question: Do you know if BBC America's Hotel Babylon is returning for another season? I'm in the mood for some sudsy fun! Thanks.
Answer: Yes, this guilty pleasure will be back with new episodes on BBC America, but no airdate yet, so expect it sometime early next year ... read more

Mega Buzz on Lost, Grey's, CSI: Miami and More!

Elizabeth Mitchell by Art Streiber/ABC; Patrick Dempsey by Bob D'Amico/ABC; Emily Procter by Doug Hyun/CBS

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions!I know Skaters and Jaters are asking about their Lost couples, but please don't ignore us Jacketeers! Is there hope for a Jack-Juliet reunion? – TamunaMatt: Hope? Sure. It's just a matter of where (back on the island, I can only assume) and when (perhaps as early as this coming season, at least one source tells me). And for those fretting about Elizabeth Mitchell's future with the show, I am assured that Juliet figures very heavily into Season 5. Me, I see her and Sawyer (wet and shirtless or even dry and clothed) taking charge as Locke and his band of worshippers move forth with whatever cockamamy plan they have in mind. Can you give me any Grey's Anatomy scoop about Meredith and Derek? – BryanMatt: The good news: They're together! The bad news: Do either of them have any idea what "together" means? Not really. So when the action picks back up, they'll be trying to figure out how being a mutually ... read more

Hotel Babylon Season 2 — Review

Hotel Babylon - Season 2 courtesy BBC Home Video

Welcome back to Hotel Babylon, where you're guaranteed an entertaining stay. Based on the book by Imogen Edwards-Jones and "Anonymous," Hotel Babylon takes you behind-the-scenes of a five-star hotel in London. Though it's a fictitious account of the going-ons in the hotel, it's based on the anonymous author's 15 years working at some of the top hotels in London. The series reminds me of Las Vegas, with entertaining characters, a stylish location, and quick cuts and "zooms" from one location to the next. Unfortunately this set lacks bonus material of any kind, but the 8 episodes spread over 3 discs will bring you hours of entertainment. — Gord LaceyBuy Hotel Babylon Season 2 on read more

Hotel Babylon - Season 2 Release Date Announced

Hotel Babylon - Season 2 courtesy Carnival Films/Joss Barratt

New releases announced today, April 11:Hotel Babylon - Season 2 will be coming out August 5 Visit for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

The Joy of Sets: BBC-ya!

Hotel Babylon, Footballers Wives and Torchwood courtesy BBC America

So, obviously, I watched a ton of TV as a kid here in Philadelphia. But the one thing that had me running for the clicker faster than viewers did from last week's Oscars were those hoity-toity funny-talkin' people on Channel 12 (aka public television). High-button collars. Translucent skin. Questionable dentistry. I just didn't get how anyone would watch a show that didn't have cool, tan cops like the CHiPs guys or glamorous, toothy detectives like Charlie's Angels. I mean really, Doctor Who back then was a fright, with his big scarf and unsettling robotic dog. No thanks! I'd take the original Battlestar's dagget over that mess any day.Now that I'm slightly more evolved in my viewing habits, the idea of international programming is far less off-putting to my ugly American sense and sensibilities. Hell, I'll go so far as to say that the BBC in particular has been schooling some of the major U.S. networks on how to really do culty cool and sexy TV lately. And bless the stars, we've g... read more

Hotel Babylon The Complete First Series — Review

Hotel Babylon (Season 1) courtesy BBC Home Video

Indulge yourself and check out Hotel Babylon The Complete First Series from BBC Home Video. Inspired by Imogen Edward-Jones', behind-the-scenes book of life at London's top class hotels, Hotel Babylon promises to entertain you with 8 episodes on three discs, plus a commentary track on the pilot episode, and a detailed look at the "Making of Hotel Babylon." Think of Hotel Babylon as Las Vegas set in a hotel in London, and you'll get a sense of the show, both in humor, and in style.Check back in the next few days when Damian Holbrook talks about BBC shows that make him happy, including Hotel Babylon. — Gord LaceyBuy Hotel Babylon: The Complete First Series read more

"A Little Romance, a Little Sex"

It's about time! It took four episodes to finally get to the most important topic of the year, sex! And it's happening on this week's episode of Hotel Babylon. I must admit, my initial impression of Anna was not favorable, but she is beginning to grow on me in that slimy, foot-fungus kind of way. The entire episode was pretty much based around her thinking she had some sort of "special connection," with a rich and questionably handsome lawyer. She does her best to throw herself at him in hopes of getting his attention, which he inevitably succumbs to (big surprise). The most amusing part is Anna's attempt to hide her "secret liaison" from Rebecca (keep in mind that staff can't date guests). Anna goes back and forth the entire night trying to cover her tracks, with Ben on the lookout, and she inevitably sleeps with the lawyer (another big surprise). She wakes up the next morning to discover $500 sitting on the table, waiting to be taken. The only downside to this is... the man she sl... read more

"Anything for Money"

People will do anything for money: Lie, cheat, steal, even marry (yikes), which brings me to this week's episode of Hotel Babylon. The main theme for this week: The desperate measures we'll take to make a little dough, mixed in with a little bribery, a bit of humor and a hint of OCD.So what happened this week? Natasha Balinovsky (a Russian regular with a tricky last name) persuades Charlie to find her a suitable husband so she can remain living in England. Charlie reluctantly agrees to help after some persuasion from Tony, the money-hungry concierge. Now, I'm sure you're asking, "why are they being so accommodating for such a ridiculous request, and what is in it for them?" (Money. Duh!). It's actually rather simple: All they have to do is find the girl a husband, convince her to have the wedding in the hotel (so they can actually make some dough), convince her father she's in love, and marry (piece of cake). As a means to an end, Tony and Charlie pitch this crazy notion to a poor a... read more

Episode 2 Recap: "Image Is Everything"

Prostitution and suicide. As much as I don't want to admit it, they are intriguing topics (in that sick sort of depressing way), and they're the main focus of tonight's episode of Hotel Babylon.Let's start with Tony, the trusty concierge, and his major booboo in mistaking one of his guests for a "friendly streetwalker." Admittedly, most hotels would frown upon this, but I would agree in his assumption and go as far as to say she did look very prostitutesque. Oh, but it doesn't stop there! We continue the theme with the young Mrs. Radly and her yet to be seen older husband. Is she a prostitute or the real Mrs. Radly? Rebecca and Tony go back and forth in hopes of catching Mrs. Radly in her "prostitution tracks." While Tony believed she was the real thing, Rebecca strongly disagreed. We later came to find out she was indeed Mrs. Radly (no matter how slaggish she seemed), and, of course, she married Mr. Radly for his money!On the other hand, we had Mr. Machin, the suicidal jingle man. ... read more

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Premise: A British five-star hotel is the setting for tales of mystery and romance.



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