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Actor Stephen Dunham Dies at 48

Stephen Dunham

Stephen Dunham, who starred in several television shows including NBC's DAG, died last week after suffering a heart attack, Variety reports.

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Any news on Scrubs?

Question: Any news on Scrubs?

Answer: You mean aside from talk that ABC will almost certainly pick up the show should NBC cancel it? Let's see… Markie Post is returning as Elliott's mom on April 18, and on April 25, one of the world's funniest people, ex-Hot Properties stitch Nicole Sullivan, pops in as a former patient of J.D.'s. BTW, the fantasy bit last week in which J.D. visited that pound for stray Grandpas? One of the funniest things I've seen — ever. And don't even get me started about last night's revelation that J.D. and Turk watch Gilmore Girls. I swear, sometimes I think Bill Lawrence is making this show just for me.

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In other pilot news, Skeet Ulrich will star in Jericho, CBS' drama about a small town isolated from the world after a nuclear disaster.... Gail O'Grady has joined Kevin Williamson's CW sudser about a teen whose family moves to Palm Springs, while Hot Properties costar Sofia Vergara has been cast on ABC's new comedy from Donal Logue.... John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise) and Owain Yeoman (Kitchen Confidential) have been added to ABC's Nine Lives, about strangers who bond during a bank robbery.... John L. Adams (The Dead Zone) will play newscaster Angie Harmon's cameraman in Secrets of a Small Town, from Charles Pratt Jr. (Desperate Housewives).... And, in short order, Mark Feuerstein (Good Morning, Miami read more

Is it just me, or are some of ...

Question: Is it just me, or are some of the new and mid-season shows just rip-offs of current/past shows? Last year, when Jake in Progress was debuting, ABC touted it as being "same city, opposite sex." (In other words, the same concept of another very successful show. Personally, I thought Jake was a cute, clever show and I look forward to its return.) Like Sex and the City, Jake is basically about the adventures of an attractive, successful person navigating the dating scene. Then, in the fall, we got Freddy, which is about an attractive, successful person navigating the dating scene. And let's not forget the regrettable Hot Properties. Now, the same network is touting yet another show, Emily's Reasons Why Not, which is about — you guessed it — an attractive, successful person navigating the dating scene. This doesn't even address CBS' shows How I Met Your Mother and the ridiculously named Love Monkey. I realize there are only so many premises to be used in sitcoms, and it seems ... read more

Can you explain the logic ...

Question: Can you explain the logic behind Friday-night ratings? It seems to me from following dailies for a few weeks now that nothing does exceptionally well on Fridays. So when a show like Threshold wins its slot but takes fewer viewers than its lead-in and follow-up, why is that considered a failure? Now ABC has canceled Hot Properties, which is a Friday show. And while I didn't watch it, just looking at the numbers, it looks about right for how many people have nothing to do on a date night. I know few 18- to 35-year-olds who aren't out in the clubs, on dates or elsewhere on that day (save those of my friends who throw a sci-fi Friday party). So wouldn't logic dictate that even though a show has fewer viewers on Friday, it's to be expected in the culture we live in? Please help me understand what the networks expect to get on these nights. Answer: It's a good question, but a hard one to answer. Fridays are becoming the new Saturdays in terms of lowered expectations season after ... read more


On the heels of reports that CBS' Threshold, pulled for the remainder of November sweeps, has halted production, comes word that Fox's Reunion and ABC's Hot Properties each have had the plug pulled after 13 episodes. Thus far, there is no word on whether Reunion will wrap up its central murder mystery before vanishing; Hot Properties will air through December. read more

Thanks for the great columns ...

Question: Thanks for the great columns every week! I wanted to comment and get your opinion on ABC's comedy lineup. ABC has a fairly strong drama lineup, but the majority of its comedies lack creativity and humor. With a crop of new comedies slated for mid-season, what do you think ABC should do with the ones remaining? I vote for shipping According to Jim and Rodney to Fridays. I don't know about George Lopez and Freddie, and to be honest with ya, I think Hot Properties is the funniest thing ABC has! I am hopeful for its mid-season shows and think ABC has a real shot at being competitive this season, especially in the 18-to-49 demos. What do you think? Answer: If ABC could launch even one or two comedies that are nearly as compelling and entertaining as its dramas, the network would be golden. But I've gotta say, agreeing with you that Hot Properties may be ABC's funniest current half-hour show is probably the saddest sentence I've typed all month. A few of ABC's mid-season properties ... read more

Funny Lady Leaves Queens for Hot Role

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan is at it again. Having once dared to bid adieu to a steady MADtv gig, she now has moved out of Queens (that is, CBS' high-rated King of Queens, where she had a recurring role as dog walker Holly) to fill a vacancy as Chloe in ABC's Hot Properties sitcom (premiering tonight at 9:30 pm/ET). recently shared a few minutes — and a few laughs — with the bubbly comedian. A bio of you I read online starts out, "Nicole Sullivan is strikingly beautiful and very talented." Guess it paid to get Mom that DSL line, eh?Nicole Sullivan: [Laughs] I have not seen that! Well, I'll take it. And if you knew me better, you'd know that my mother would actually never say that about m read more

You Will Learn This Hot Blonde's Name

Christina Moore

Christina Moore, whom you kinda remember as a That '70s Show recast and maybe recall from her MADtv spoofs of Christina Aguilera, hopes to become a hot property in prime time. Her latest bid is via the new ABC sitcom Hot Properties (premiering Oct 7. at 9:30 pm/ET), about four women in a New York City real-estate office.  (Think Designing Women meets $3000 studio apartments.) Is this the gig that will finally make people remember her name? tackled that topic with... Kristen? Tanya?... um, that actress. When I saw your photo I was like, "Oh, wait, I know her... I think." Do you get that a lot?Christina Moore: Yes, I do, because in the [roles] that I would be best known for, like read more

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Premise: Four women in a Manhattan real-estate office trade quips about men, love, relationships and sex in this workplace sitcom high on visual appeal, but low on bona fide laughs. The setup recalls `Designing Women,' but the show's quality does not.


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