An arresting, gritty police series set in a Baltimore precinct, where detectives learn that being a cop can sometimes be murder. The Barry Levinson-Tom Fontana series stresses plot complexity and character development, not car chases or shoot-outs, and over its six-year run, was bolstered by numerous---and seamless---cast changes. Andre Braugher won an Emmy in 1998 for his portrayal of Det. Frank Pembleton. Based on the book `Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets,' by David Simon (`The Wire').

Active Cast

Richard Belzer Det. John Munch
Clark Johnson Det. Meldrick Lewis
Kyle Secor Det. Tim Bayliss
Yaphet Kotto Lt. Al Giardello

Former Cast

Ned Beatty Det. Stanley Bolander
Daniel Baldwin Det. Beau Felton
Melissa Leo Det./Sgt. Kay Howard
Jon Polito Det. Steve Crosetti
Andre Braugher Det. Frank Pembleton
Wendy Hughes Dr. Carol Blythe
Isabella Hofmann Lt./Capt. Megan Russert
Reed Diamond Det. Mike Kellerman
Max Perlich J.H. James Brodie
Michelle Forbes Dr. Julianna Cox
Jon Seda Det. Paul Falsone
Callie Thorne Det. Laura Ballard
Peter Gerety Det. Stuart Gharty
Toni Lewis Det. Terri Stivers
Giancarlo Esposito Agent Mike Giardello
Michael Michele Det. Rene Sheppard