History Detectives

  • 2003
  • TV Show
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Exploring the stories behind artifacts and historical curiosities, with comments from academics and appraisers.

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History Detectives Season 10
America's top gumshoes are back for a 10th season.
History Detectives Season 10
America's top gumshoes are back for a 10th season.
3-D Cuban Missile Crisis
56:46 — A woman in Portland, Oregon, has a portable projection screen that may have helped save the Free World. It came her way with a letter stating that in (more…)
Preview: Cuban Missile Crisis connections
00:30 — The detectives investigate a projection screen with possible Cuban Missile Crisis connections, what could be an early 'Amos 'n' Andy' record and a pai (more…)
Kit Carson Family Secrets
13:28 — Charles Burns of Bakersfield, purchased this leather bound edition of Life and Adventures of Kit Carson at the estate sale of a Wild West book collect (more…)
Mysteries from the Wild West
53:09 — We investigate four stories from the American West. Did this biography of legendary frontiersman Kit Carson once belong to members of his family? Then (more…)
Mysteries from the Wild West - Preview
00:30 — The History Detectives investigate four stories from the American West. 4/2/2013
Sons of the Pioneers
Archive footage of the Sons of the Pioneers performing Tumbling Tumbleweeds.
Bill of Sale, Cobb Powder Horn and the Star Spangled Banner
53:41 — In this episode, Eduardo investigates the life story behind with a Bill of Sale for a 17-year old negro girl. Gwen traces a powder horn from a muddy (more…)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds - The Luck and the Loss
11:45 — Musician Gene Newberry cherishes a plaque he owns with the sheet music and 45 recording of the Sons of the Pioneers iconic song, Tumbling Tumbleweeds (more…)
Preview: American bill of sale, a powder horn, 1775 almanac
00:30 — See stories concerning an early American bill of sale, a powder horn, the Star Spangled Banner and a 1775 almanac. 1/8/2013
Web Extra: Rusty Richards
01:59 — Exclusive for History Detectives. Rusty Richards performs 'So You Want to be a Cowboy'.
The Real Kit Carson
03:41 — In this excerpt from the Kit Carson Biography investigation, History Detective Tukufu Zuberi meets with fellow detective Wes Cowan to discuss Kit Cars (more…)
Poet Laureate of the West
05:08 — History Detective Eduardo Pagan provides background on Bob Nolan, a member of the Sons of the Pioneers and the writer of Tumbling Tumbleweeds. A for (more…)
Anti-War Protesters
Archive footage of Vietnam War protesters in 1966. Various people speak to their reasons for protesting the Vietnam War, including opposing the draft, (more…)
Devil Dog Dawson
00:22 — Watch the full clip of the silent film 'Devil Dog Dawson' restored by the Library of Congress.
On the Road: Gwen and the Lauste Film
01:42 — Diana Little gives advice on preserving home movies.
Houdini Interview
05:28 — Watch more of Gwen's interview with magician Lance Burton.
Galvez Papers
15:42 — Our contributor has a document from 1779 signed by the Governor of Spanish colonial Louisiana that emancipated Agnes Mathieu from slavery. What was so (more…)
Seth Eastman Painting
15:48 — An Illinois man purchased a painting from a seller in Northern Ireland that depicts a scene of traditional Native American life. Could this be an auth (more…)
Monroe Letter
14:57 — A Florida woman inherited a letter allegedly penned by future President James Monroe in 1807. This letter seems to reference a monetary debt the finan (more…)
Napoleon’s Sword
01:42 — Discover Wes' favourite investigation location after 10 seasons of History Detectives. In this clip from the Napolean's Sword investigation from way b (more…)
Korean War Letter
18:14 — Our contributor needs help solving a mystery in a letter she found from the father she never met. Ron Bradley is among the soldiers declared Missing (more…)
Web Exclusive: Interview with Guillaume de Syon
03:08 — Elyse speaks to Guillaume de Syon, author and expert on the Zeppelin about the Hindenburg, in a web-only interview.
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