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Hillbilly Blood Season 3 episodes

Knife Grind Season 3, Episode 20

Spencer and Eugene must pull an all-nighter in order to fulfill the request of a collector who wants 15 knives forged in two days. Also: They construct a water wheel to power a homemade grinder and electric light, which they'll need to get the job done. read more

4th of July Season 3, Episode 19

The guys help a homebound Mama Gene, who broke her foot after stepping into a gopher hole, celebrate July 4th without leaving her porch when they build her a hillbilly-ninja-rocket wheel, plus a flame-roasting bug zapper to protect her from pesky insects. read more

Pressure Cooked Season 3, Episode 18

The guys are given a cooler full of thawing bear meat, which they need to preserve quickly, so they get to work building a hillbilly steam canner. read more

Hot Mama Season 3, Episode 17

The guys help the residents of Cold Mountain survive a heat wave. Included: They build an air conditioner for Mama Gene's car out of an old fan and wet rags. Also: The house-sized chiller they craft using deadly materials threatens to blow up in their faces. read more

Hillbilly Houseboat Season 3, Episode 16

Spencer and Eugene make a hillbilly houseboat by mounting an old camper onto barrels and attaching a lawnmower-powered paddle wheel to the contraption, which they take to the lake for a test run. read more

Mountain Machete Season 3, Episode 15

Word gets to Spencer that the fire chief wants to equip his squad with tools made on Cold Mountain, so he and Eugene get to work trying to win the contract by forging a bushwhacking, brush-clearing machete from a steel saw blade they salvaged from a big scrapyard. read more

Cowboy ATV Season 3, Episode 14

Cowboy asks Spencer and Eugene to build him an all-terrain four-wheeler so that he can get to and from his favorite ramp patches with relative ease. read more

Lincoln Logs Season 3, Episode 13

Eugene devises a way to safely topple a dying hemlock tree, and then use the 500-pound logs to build a valuable drying shed that will help Spencer grow his herb business. read more

Hillbilly Vodka Season 3, Episode 12

The guys make vodka out of potatoes for Eugene's mom. read more

Cold Mountain Power Season 3, Episode 11

The guys come up with an electrifying way to deter thieves after they build a wind turbine using a motor from a toy, a can and a car alternator. read more

Backwoods Bunker Season 3, Episode 10

Eugene finds an abandoned dynamite cabinet made out of solid steel, which he decides to convert into a bomb shelter, but first he and Spencer must create a water filtration system and figure out how to bury the structure so that it remains hidden. read more

To Catch a Squirrel Season 3, Episode 9

The guys try to capture a squirrel, a task that requires camouflage suits and backwoods blowguns with spider venom-tipped darts. They do this in order to keep a promise to their friend who wants a girlfriend for his pet rodent. read more

Huntin' Treehouse Season 3, Episode 8

Eugene and Spencer are hoping to gain access to the local hunt club's private land in return for a tree stand, which they have one day to build out of hand-milled lumber, homemade birch oil and abandoned pigsty roofing. read more

Cowpie Heater Season 3, Episode 7

Ending up with a home that smells like a barn is a concern the guys have when designing a water heater that runs on manure. read more

Good Ole Knife Fight Season 3, Episode 6

Spencer and Eugene set out to prove that they make the superior knife after a cheaper blade cuts into their sales. read more

Stump Grinder Season 3, Episode 5

The guys offer to remove tree stumps for a widow, but their homemade grinder doesn't quite do the trick, so they try explosives made from bat droppings instead. read more

Pigskin Payout Season 3, Episode 4

Wild critters get into a stash of meat, the remains of which Spencer and Eugene decide to turn into biodiesel. read more

Raise the Roof Season 3, Episode 3

The guys figure out a way to remove a 1300-lb. tin roof from an old smokehouse in order to use it for their knifemaking business, which they want to keep going throughout the winter. read more

Green Gold Season 3, Episode 2

Eugene needs half a pound of ginseng to trade for his down payment on a truck. He also needs to dry the herb, so he and Spencer concoct a waterwheel-powered dehydrator out of junk, while keeping their eyes peeled for a troublesome poacher who's getting in their way. read more

Legend of Lost Creek Gold Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 premiere, Spencer and Eugene brave freezing water and other tough terrain as they search for a legendary lost gold mine with their neighbor Cowboy. But before their journey begins, they build their own dredger with a water pump and hoses. read more

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