Hikaru No Go

  • 2001
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

A young boy stumbles upon a Go board populated by a mysterious spirit.

Hikaru no Go Season 3 (English Dubbed)
Go-prodigy Hikaru Shindo is having a little trouble in the prelims for the pro exam--he's not used to facing adults and it's throwing him off his game (more…)
Hikaru no Go Season 4 (English Dubbed)
With the pro exam behind him, Hikaru enters a whole new world of Go. He has the chance of a lifetime when Akira Toya's father, Toya Meijin, requests H (more…)
Hikaru no Go Season 5 (English Dubbed)
The day of Sai's departure from Hikaru's consciousness finally comes, leaving Hikaru frustrated and angry. Hikaru's decision to give up Go worries eve (more…)
Hikaru no Go Season 2 (English Dubbed)
Hikaru and Sai form an unbeatable team in the world of Internet Go, and players all over the world clamor to challenge the mysterious genius. Under Sa (more…)