Highway to Heaven 1984 | TV Show Watchlist


An angel returns to Earth and helps troubled humans in a forerunner to `Touched by an Angel' that reunited producer Michael Landon with Victor French, his costar from `Little House on the Prairie.' The popular Emmy-nominated drama found Jonathan Smith assisting those around the country plagued by disease, loss and loneliness, though there was also time for humor, as witness one episode, `I Was a Middle-Aged Werewolf,' which spoofs Landon's 1957 film `I Was a Teenage Werewolf.'

Guest Stars

James Troesh
Scotty, Scotty Wilson
Shelby Leverington
Annie, Annie Hastings, Susan Larson
H. Richard Greene
Jim Bradley, Sgt. Maj. Hastings, Sgt. Major Travis Hastings
Ron Tank
Newscaster, Newsman, Reporter #1, Reporter #4
David Spielberg
Bob Milhaus, Dr. Martin, Pete Nelson
Helen Hayes
Estelle Wicks
Jeff Kober
Julian Bradley
Lew Ayres
Frank Worton, Harry Haynes, Mr. Zelinka
Matthew Perry
David, David Hastings
Ivor Barry
Butler, Dr. Erhardt, Joseph
Cristina Raines-Crowe
Cdr. Kim Michaels, Commander Kimberly Michaels
Josh C. Williams
Bobby Bradey, Bobby Bradley, Jason
Paul Walker
Todd, Todd Bryant
Alan Fudge
Alan Peterson, Bill McCormick
David Ackroyd
Commander Matthew Rogers
Didi Conn
Birdy Belker, Wanda
Eli Wallach
Gene Malloy, Tim Charles
Eve Brent
Marjorie Anderson, Landlady
Helen Hunt
Lizzy MacGill
Jim Kelly
Gas-Station Attendant, Reporter
John McLiam
Carl Fred Simms, Ted Simpson
Ned Beatty
Bill Cassidy, Willy the Waver/Melvin Rich
Patricia Smith
Martha Stoddard, Sarah Stearns
Bill Quinn
Bill Steelgrave, Millard Watkins
Ronne Troup
Laura Payne, Ms. Hancock
Paul Comi
Phil Lightell, Station Manager
John Milford
D.W. Rogers, Mr. Thatcher
Greg Finley
Man #1, Zeke
Hap Lawrence
Stage Hand, Worker #1
Laurel Lockhart
Bonnie Harper, Mrs. Carter
Maggie Brown
Mother #1, Mrs. Bowman
Margaret Wheeler
Mrs. Davis, Old Woman in Limo
Peggy Doyle
Judge DeWitt, Winnie
Russ Marin
Calvin Beckwith, Congressman Kelly
Eddie Albert
Corky McCorkindale
Geoffrey Lewis
Honest Eddy Barton
Josh Brolin
Josh Bryant
Robert Culp
Ronald James
Robin Strasser
Kathleen Reynolds
Roy Thinnes
Howard Sellers
Shannen Doherty
Shelley Fowler
Shannon Tweed
Nina Van Slyke
Kellie Martin
Lisa Ratchett
John McCook
Todd Jeffries
Large Woman #1
Lang Yun
Truong Lan Minh
Leon Fan
Vietnamese Kid #1
Peter Jolly
Ambulance Attendant
Ed White
Munchy President