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1955, TV Show

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Jun 25, 1956 Season 1 Episode 39 watch on Hulu (Free)

Ted Spaeth's career as a successful architect has caused him to neglect his wife Laura and their six-year old daughter Julie.


Jun 18, 1956 Season 1 Episode 38

Asa McQueen, old prospector, discovers a large sum of money hidden on his mining claim. His resulting spending spree brings him to the attention of both the police and the criminal who hid the money there, the loot from a large-scale robbery.
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Missing Witness

Jun 11, 1956 Season 1 Episode 37

George Crenshaw has been sentenced to death for the Sunrise Park Murders. On the day his sentence is announced, Molly Weems appears at HP headquarters to state that Crenshaw is innocent, that she can identify the real Sunrise Park killer.
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Jun 05, 1956 Season 1 Episode 36

Steve Stankey, a gun-man about thirty, holds up a gas station, and while making his get-away in a taxi, shoots and kills a Highway Patrolman.
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Runaway Boy

May 28, 1956 Season 1 Episode 35

A twelve-year-old boy , Jimmy West, runs away from home because of his unreasoning fear of an operation on his eyes. The boy's physician informs Dan that an immediate operation is necessary to preserve Jimmy's sight.
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Art Robbery

May 21, 1956 Season 1 Episode 34

George Mills, business manager for art collector Carter Giles, engineers a plan to "kidnap" some valuable paintings and hold them for "ransom". Plans go awry, forcing Mills and his men to commit murder in order to escape the Highway Patrol's web.
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Dead Patrolman

May 14, 1956 Season 1 Episode 33

The patrol car of a traffic officer is found abandoned on a country road. Investigation by Dan develops that the officer had been killed by two criminals who were engaged in a stolen car racket.
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May 07, 1956 Season 1 Episode 32

While on an inspection tour of outlying patrol stations, Dan Mathews is thrown headlong into a terrifying situation - and a race against the clock.
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Blast Area Copter

Apr 30, 1956 Season 1 Episode 31

Jim Barnaby, a fugitive gunman, has taken Marge Willis captive for the use of her car.
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Hitchhiker Dies

Apr 23, 1956 Season 1 Episode 30

With inside help, a bandit robs a plant payroll office of $28,000. He makes his escape in a grey sedan.
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License Plates

Apr 16, 1956 Season 1 Episode 29

Seth Roberts, a very unpredictable bank robber was having things pretty much his own way.
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Mental Patient

Apr 09, 1956 Season 1 Episode 28

A farmer is found dead, badly beaten.
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Apr 02, 1956 Season 1 Episode 27

Eight months ago, the tiny town of Sunland Park was raided and ran-sacked by a renegade motorcycle club.
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Released Convict

Mar 26, 1956 Season 1 Episode 26

Nailor had served his time for a half a million dollars armored car robbery. The money had never been found.
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Plant Robbery

Mar 19, 1956 Season 1 Episode 25

A duplicate armored truck is used to stage one of the most daring robberies on record. Dan throws all the technical resources of the Highway Patrol into action to track down the truck.
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