Popular fantasy-action adventures of Duncan MacLeod, an immortal who battles evil forces in complicated tales mixing modern-day stories with flashbacks based on history. MacLeod was born in Scotland some 400 years ago, and faces the challenge of fending off other immortals, because `in the end, there can only be one,' and that one, the winner, takes the loser's power. Based on a 1986 film.


Guest Stars

Roger Daltrey
Fitz, Fitzcrain, Hugh Fitzcairn, Immortal
Peter Hudson
Ahriman, Demon, Horton, James Horton
David Robb
Immortal, Kalas
Roland Gift
Immortal, Xavier, Xavier St. Cloud
Valentine Pelka
Ahriman/Kronos, Koren/Kronos, Kronos
Andrew Divoff
Gang Leader, Immortal
Robert Ito
Hideo Koto, Johnny Leong
Myles Ferguson
10-year-old Immortal, Kenny
Roger Bret
Brother Andre, Priest
Andrea Roth
Suzanne Honniger
Eric McCormack
Matthew McCormack
Joe Pantoliano
1 Episode (1992)
Tim Henry
Det. Dennis Tynan
Graham McTavish
Charles Tarvise
Jeremy Beck
Young Duncan MacLeod