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June 6, 2007: "Enjoy the View"

I feel tangled in a web I can't quite figure out. The circles of flirting and warnings are making me dizzy, and most frustrating is the enigma of Eddie. What on earth was that whole computer appearance at the end? "Welcome to my world." More like, "Welcome to my room" — the familiar backdrop was pretty creepy. It was already clear he didn't kill himself before Johnny received those shady instant messages, but now I'm even more confused. Cliff's fluff talk wasn't fooling anyone and with Bob confirming that the Realtor only mentioned a death not a suicide, and Greta uttering "what we did," I can only begin to imagine what actually happened between the three of them. But there's lots more to go around than that mystery. Nikki's (Tessa Thompson) arrival was key, if only to provide a little competition to win Johnny's attention — not everything revolves around Greta. Nikki was there for maybe a minute before the two girls were staring each other down. But her appearance also op... read more

Everyone Still Out There?

Hello, folks!!First of all, thank you for the positive comments. I hope to continue the dialogue and answer any questions you might have as the Hidden Palms story unfolds. Sooooo... how about that pilot?! Johnny’s in re-hab and all is not good at home and mom married too fast and the kids in the neighborhood are weird (Cliff) and/or sexy (Greta) or sexy and weird (Liza, aka garage girl) and the boy who used to live in Johnny’s room is dead. OK? Up to speed???Oh, and now’s probably a good time to mention the amazing music. The show’s got a smokin' soundtrack that sounds fabulous with everything going on. Makes everything really come together nicely. Job well done to the people behind the sound! So in the upcoming episode much more is revealed. In general, we start to get more into the lives of these people and deeper into their relationships both new and old.For instance:1. Johnny finds out something about the house they just moved into that will get the volume r... read more

Who's Who in the Steamy-hot Hidden Palms

Amber Heard and Taylor Handley, Hidden Palms

Hot, rich kids with equally attractive parents, a sexy California setting, and a new guy who doesn't quite fit in. Sound familiar? "Of course we're getting all The O.C. comparisons," says Kevin Williamson, the creator of the CW's brand-new Hidden Palms (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET), who was also the brains behind Dawson's Creek. "But we were just trying to make something fun and juicy, a guilty pleasure." There's Johnny, who moves to Palm Springs with his mom and her new husband after his dad's suicide and his own brief stint in rehab. He's befriended by slick Cliff and falls for gorgeous Greta, whose former boyfriend supposedly killed himself in what is now Johnny's bedroom. But if you ask science geek Liza, it was more like murder. Hooked yet? Johnny, " read more

Safety Dance: SYTYCD Ratings Put Fox's Mind at Ease

High kicks, contortions and the effervescent Cat Deeley, too? How could Fox's So You Think You Can Dance not smoke the competition Wednesday night with 9.1 million viewers!In other ratings news, ABC's kooky celeb-imposter show, The Next Best Thing, got off to a surprisingly good start, with 7.7 million viewers. Too bad that when the new drama Traveler came on at 10, 1.5 million of those viewers had gone bye-bye. Maybe they just haven't seen a good enough picture of Matthew Bomer yet? Also of note, the CW shouldn't have hidden Hidden Palms so well. The Oliver-centric new Kevin Williamson soap arrived DOA. Its only hope: I have a soap-addict friend who insists that it's so good, it's going to catch on. Of course, he's also waiting for Bare Essence to be renewed. read more

May 30, 2007: "Startin' Over's a Bitch, Ain't It?"

Nobody likes a stalker.OK, where are my fellow teen-drama fans? The O.C.'s gone, One Tree Hill's fourth season is coming to a close, and The Hills — although technically not a drama, but has enough in it to fall into the category — is on hiatus. Hello, I need my mindless, love-torn, unrealistic TV! The CW wasn't about to leave us hanging, though. I've got to admit, the opening of this show surprised me and yet it didn't at the same time. "Life shouldn't be so expected." Well, I didn't expect Johnny's (Taylor Handley) father to shoot himself just then, but again, how can I be that shocked, right? "C'mon, Dad, I love drunk time, but I really need to finish this." Just with that line alone, Johnny's former structured self became just a cover for someone whose parent was so out of control, the only thing that made sense was numbers. Definite answers. One year later, camera in hand, hair as messy as a wannabe rock star's (or Jesse McCartney's possible twin brother?), Johnny's i... read more

The Pilot

Hello, again! I thought that since the show was premiering this week, it might be time to share some stories about shooting it. We all arrived at a fabulous hotel in Palm Springs called The Parker and started in on the various activities one does before starting to shoot something. You know, this one has to get his/her hair cut (that is always me), this one needs to consult with wardrobe and that one needs to talk to the director about their "character." That’s something that usually sends most directors running for the hills, by the way. As is very often the case with most projects, there was not really a lot of time to get to know everybody. There was a very nice meet and greet dinner, but a lot of us were still very much strangers during the first few days of shooting which can lead to some strange interchanges. For example, on the very first day of shooting, Gail O’Grady and I were scheduled to shoot a scene in which her son (my step-son), Johnny, catches us making ... read more

This Is the Week!

Hello there, good people, and thanks for checking out the blog! I have gotten a few comments and I just want to say that I appreciate the compliments both on the blog and on my previous work. It means a lot to me that people out there have followed my career. But more than that, I want to say your budding enthusiasm for Hidden Palms is fully justified. I think you guys are gonna love it! My first blog was a little indulgent insofar as it chronicled my personal experiences associated with getting to work on Hidden Palms. So now I’m going to be a little more generous and talk about the basic premise of the show, the experience of shooting the pilot and, of course, my fellow cast-mates. So let the dirt-slinging begin! So some of you have asked about the premise of Hidden Palms. It’s a classic coming-of-age story, unique to our times and distinctive in that it comes wrapped in the particularly arch intelligence of a Kevin Williamson project. Those of you who have never seen o... read more

Hidden Palms: The O.C. Meets Hitchcock

It doesn't take long before Palm Springs' newest teen hunk on the block realizes, "This place has a severe tonal problem." That's what happens when you try to combine Hitchcockian mystery, O.C.-style rich-kid melodrama and Dynasty-era satirical soap. Hidden Palms, a slick but derivative vessel of campy intrigue from Dawson's Creek creator Kevin Williamson, is being dumped unceremoniously into network TV's early off-season (premiering Wednesday, May 30, at 8 pm/ET). Overwritten and underacted (by the kids anyway), it strings out its weekly climactic shockers — some of them truly unnerving — with artery-hardening blobs of moldy adolescent whining. If angst were sunblock, the kids on this show would never have to worry about getting burned by the hot desert sun. That's especially true of the show's hero, Johnny (Taylor Handley), fresh from rehab at 16 (as if), a con read more

Hey, Everyone!

Hello there! My name is D.W. Moffett (but maybe you already figured that oneout), and I have been given the distinct privilege of blogging here at TVGuide.com about my new show Hidden Palms, as well as a few other projects I have under way. I am very much looking forward to this experience as being a two-way street, with a significant part of my content coming in response to your comments and questions. So bring it on! Are you ready? Here we go....The folks here at TVGuide.com have asked that I initially give you a little idea of what Hidden Palms is about... you know, its tone, the cast and all the vicious, horrible things actors do to each other when... no wait. Wrong magazine. But I am going to spice things up a bit when the time comes and the hat fits and all that, so keep your eyes open.Seriously, though, my first contact with Hidden Palms was a script that appeared on my doorstep followed shortly by a phone call from my agent that went something like this:Hello?Hi, D.W., it's ... read more

Endings, Beginnings and Favorites

It's that time of year... casts are crossing their fingers to see if they're needed for another season, finales are looming with some questions answered and others trailing off into frustrating cliff-hangers, and a whole new cycle of shows promises to debut, return and get audiences to let go of present story lines and latch onto new ones. Here are the shows on my list:Finales I can't wait to see include Heroes (will New York actually explode?), Jericho (will Hawkins come clean?), Lost (does Locke return from his disappearance with the Others?), Gilmore Girls (even though I did not like the spoiler report from Ausiello), Brothers & Sisters (arguably the best new family drama out there) and Grey's Anatomy (who becomes chief? Who sleeps with George next?).Shows I'm anxious to dive into once again: Run's House (one of the few, if only, MTV shows I think portrays actual Hollywood reality), Entourage (poor Ari), My Boys (why do we have to wait until July?!) and Project Runway (Tim Gu... read more

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Premise: An idyllic desert community holds dark secrets that teen Johnny Miller uncovers after moving there with his newly remarried mother and stepfather.


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