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I'm not even going to attempt ...

Question: I'm not even going to attempt to argue with Julie H.'s recent statement that drugs, alcohol and sex play a part in most high school experiences, considering that none of those things had to do with mine (and I'm 23), but I do want to address the somewhat roller-coaster trend of these teen dramas. I personally loved The O.C., so when I heard about Gossip Girl, I thought it would be a comparable replacement. When I watched the premiere, I (and after reading reviews, it seems that I am the only one) was severely disappointed. It was boring, predictable, at times unbelievable and insulting. After a benchmark-in-the-teen-drama-sector show like The O.C., and after failed attempt after failed attempt at remaking it (Life As We Know It, Summerland, Hidden Palms), what can these shows do to surprise us? I realize that a show about a bunch of poor kids with parents who love them would probably not even show at upfronts, but can't we move in that "normal" direction? Answer: Stephanie, do I ... read more

What's the deal with the CW's ...

Question: What's the deal with the CW's Hidden Palms? The network website still says we can catch it on Wednesdays and on the fall 2007 lineup (Reba and 7th Heaven are still there, too), but many say Hidden Palms was given the ax. Is this true? Why doesn't the CW say so on its site? And why did the network air two new back-to-back episodes each Wednesday night, especially on a holiday like July 4, when they knew nobody would be home? Why not spread it out? I was on vacation those two weeks, so I caught the first three episodes, then left and came back to read in the paper that now I have no Hidden Palms to watch. What's the real story behind it all? The CW is not telling its viewers a thing. Answer: You're going to have to look far and wide on a network's official website to ever see the word "burn-off," which is all that Hidden Palms ever was. The ratings were so dismal that the CW eventually doubled up on the episodes to get to the end as quickly as possible. To my knowledge, the ... read more

Exclusive: Smallville Snags Hidden Hunk

Michael Cassidy by Frank Ockenfels/The CW

Stop the presses — Smallville has found its new "Daily Planet" editor!Sources confirm that Michael Cassidy (Hidden Palms, The O.C.) has scored the top job, replacing Carrie Fisher's barely visible Pauline Kahn. Cassidy will appear in at least six episodes and, as I reported in early June, his character is being groomed as a love interest for Lois Lane. Curiously, the role originally called for a thirtysomething actor. Cassidy, however, is a ripe 24. Wonder what that's about. Feel free to post your theories (and/or general reaction to the casting of Cassidy) in the super convenient comment section below. read more

Ratings: Shaq's Bigger Challenge, Closer and More

Amber Heard by Frank Ockenfels/The CW

Ratings bits from...WednesdayFox's last-minute swap of Adam Sandler's Anger Management (in place of the final two episodes of Drive) delivered 3.13 million total viewers — or 1.5 mil fewer than tuned in for Drive's previous (April 23) broadcast. The Nathan Fillion-driven series instead will bow out Friday the 13th. Real nice.... Hidden Palms dropped 500K week-to-week to say a most unfortunate farewell to just 971,000 viewers.TuesdayOn the Lot left another 130 thou on the cutting-room floor, delivering 2.16 mil.... Shaq's Big Challenge (5.03 mil) fattened up its premiere-week numbers by 600,000.MondayTNT's The Closer (7.19 mil) was up 11 percent from the week prior, and bested the 9 pm competition on both ABC and NBC. The season-to-date is up nine percent versus its sophomore run.... Heartland drew 3.45 mil, up 15 percent.POLL: Which from our list of returning drama series are you most looking forward to? Vote here (bottom right). read more

July 4, 2007: Second Chances

While everyone else was huddled under their umbrellas for a fancy fireworks display, I was finally getting answers about a death that's been driving me crazy for weeks. That's right. No hot dogs and hamburgers for me. Just one crazy Maria Nolan and the truth about her son. It's really too bad that Greta was relieved about Eddie not killing himself because of her mistake and feeling comfortable enough to call Skip "Dad," when really he's at fault for this entire mess. But she doesn't know that. Johnny, it's time to buy a new computer, buddy. Yours is clearly haunted with warnings and frightening videos. At least we were able to watch exactly what happened along with Johnny, even if that leaves everyone else in the dark. Still, knowing Skip was the one who pulled the trigger doesn't make me sympathize with Maria. I know she lost her son, but she also had an affair with Skip while Greta's mom was sick and dying. Plus, her trysts with Cliff put me over the edge, so seeing Liza trip over... read more

June 27, 2007: Sex, Lies and Videotape

Could there be any more twists to this murder? I've never seen so much lying, cheating and video archives in my life. Liza, Liza, Liza, please tell me you have a good explanation for that video of you and Eddie fooling around on the night of his death. Please. But what's even more upsetting? The parents. The pathetic, sad, disturbed and deranged parental units churning the evidence into bits of drama soaked with guilt. Let's start with Maria Nolan. P-S-Y-C-H-O. That's right, I said it. She's obsessed with Cliff, can't take no for an answer and apparently has been hiding for the past year to keep up the appearance of a grieving mother who just lost her son to an unexpected suicide. Right. Meanwhile, we've got Greta's father, Skip, who now realizes his mug was caught on tape the night of Eddie's death, laying the gun ever so carefully in the bloody teen's hand. But did he kill him? Did he work out a plan with Maria? Where did that case report come from? On another note, Skip is altoge... read more

June 20, 2007: True Is True and False Is False

Oh. My. God. My mouth is still hanging open from the end of that two-hour teen drama, luxury lifestyle, murder mystery extravaganza. Cliff and Mrs. Nolan?! OK, I'm trying not to reference other teen shows anymore and see this one as its own entity, but what other O.C. viewers out there thought of Julie and Luke? I will hand it to the Hidden Palms writers, though, for keeping me on the edge of my seat about Eddie. I'm getting frustrated not knowing the truth, but we did learn quite a bit more from tonight's back-to-back episodes. Let's review:• Liza and Eddie were best friends and she saw Cliff and Greta fleeing the scene of the crime that deadly Halloween night.• Greta supposedly slept with Cliff the night before Eddie's death.• Greta’s bloody angel costume has been buried under a floorboard in Cliff's closet this entire time.• Greta's father prevented the police from questioning his daughter, even though he doesn't believe it was a suicide either.• And... read more

And Things Start to Heat Up....

Hello, all you Hidden Palms fans! My, but you are an exclusive lot. Perhaps a tad too exclusive. That might be why the network is now showing two episodes (that’s right, two original episodes back-to-back!) this Wednesday and next Wednesday, in the hopes that they can ignite Hidden Palms fever by the time our finale airs on July 4. (Cue fireworks here.)That being said, I deeply appreciate all your comments and votes of confidence and will continue to blog no matter what. Or at least until TV Guide tells me to stop. Which might happen on July 5. We’ll see. Anyway, let’s talk about our two upcoming episodes. I think you will enjoy them for the following reasons:1. The mystery surrounding Eddie’s death deepens.2. The adults start to become more of a factor in the developing events. Trust me, this is a good thing. Kids misbehaving is one thing, but when the adults go naughty, it’s a hoot!So, here's the scoop:• Cliff finally has it out with his mom’s sl... read more

June 13, 2007: "Some of Us Are the Demons"

Well, we're three weeks into this new teen drama, and tonight's episode was the one that pulled me in. Up until now, I wasn't sure I wanted to keep watching, but I see more potential for this Palm Springs crew now that I'm getting to know them a little better. Plus, Taylor Handley keeps impressing me with every episode, so he's a big part of this soapy summer indulgence for me.So, the big reveal tonight was Liza sending the instant messages and old blog videos to Johnny. Clearly she knows the truth, and I'm not surprised, considering she seems to be the eyes that witness a lot of neighborhood activity. But I'm ready to hear about the murder. Throughout the episode, my mind kept yelling, "What is the truth?!" Watching that old video of Greta and Eddie didn't really explain anything further except for the obvious fact that Greta can't let go of it all, which we already knew from her moments with Cliff.Speaking of Cliff, what is he hiding? One minute, he's the devil, the next, he's com... read more

Party Hardy!

Hello, good people! By that I mean those of you who are showing up and watching The CW's Hidden Palms. The rest of you, why aren’t you watching?!OK, let’s get to it, shall we? This week’s episode is entitled "Party Hardy," and I think you can figure out that this includes a party at the Hardy household. That’s all the clues you get from me.Let’s take a quick recap before we go any further. Johnny is getting e-mails from a dead guy. Amber just continues to look hot and she also has a history with the dead guy. And Cliff is still the neighborhood creep/interesting guy. By the way, Cliff starts to mix it up with his mom’s sleazy boyfriend this week. Don’t miss that!I love the fact that the show is able to start dealing with character and relationships now that all the set-ups have been addressed. This is the inherent challenge of any new TV show. Getting to the meat of the matter after you have explained who everybody is and what their deal is. In th... read more

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