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Hidden Palms Season 1 episodes

July 4, 2007: Second Chances Season 1, Episode 8

While everyone else was huddled under their umbrellas for a fancy fireworks display, I was finally getting answers about a death that's been driving me crazy for weeks. That's right. No hot dogs and hamburgers for me. Just one crazy Maria Nolan and the truth about her son. It's really too bad that Greta was relieved about Eddie not killing himself because of her mistake and feeling comfortable enough to call Skip "Dad," when really he's at fault for this entire mess. But she doesn't know that. Johnny, it's time to buy a new computer, buddy. Yours is clearly haunted with warnings and frightening videos. At least we were able to watch exactly what happened along with Johnny, even if that leaves everyone else in the dark. Still, knowing Skip was the one who pulled the trigger doesn't make me sympathize with Maria. I know she lost her son, but she also had an affair with Skip while Greta's mom was sick and dying. Plus, her trysts with Cliff put me over the edge, so seeing Liza trip over... read more

June 27, 2007: Sex, Lies and Videotape Season 1, Episode 7

Could there be any more twists to this murder? I've never seen so much lying, cheating and video archives in my life. Liza, Liza, Liza, please tell me you have a good explanation for that video of you and Eddie fooling around on the night of his death. Please. But what's even more upsetting? The parents. The pathetic, sad, disturbed and deranged parental units churning the evidence into bits of drama soaked with guilt. Let's start with Maria Nolan. P-S-Y-C-H-O. That's right, I said it. She's obsessed with Cliff, can't take no for an answer and apparently has been hiding for the past year to keep up the appearance of a grieving mother who just lost her son to an unexpected suicide. Right. Meanwhile, we've got Greta's father, Skip, who now realizes his mug was caught on tape the night of Eddie's death, laying the gun ever so carefully in the bloody teen's hand. But did he kill him? Did he work out a plan with Maria? Where did that case report come from? On another note, Skip is altoge... read more

Dangerous Liaisons Season 1, Episode 6

Johnny confronts Cliff about Greta's bloody Halloween dress; and Nikki discovers a surprising secret about Cliff. Meanwhile, the Hardys host Tess' birthday party; and Bob gets jealous when Skip flirts with Karen because it reminds him of how he met her. read more

Mulligan Season 1, Episode 5

Liza makes a shocking discovery when she breaks into Cliff's room to find evidence that Eddie was murdered. Meanwhile, Johnny reluctantly plays in a charity golf tournament with Bob; and Greta's dad returns unexpectedly and starts wooing Tess. read more

June 20, 2007: True Is True and False Is False Season 1, Episode 4

Oh. My. God. My mouth is still hanging open from the end of that two-hour teen drama, luxury lifestyle, murder mystery extravaganza. Cliff and Mrs. Nolan?! OK, I'm trying not to reference other teen shows anymore and see this one as its own entity, but what other O.C. viewers out there thought of Julie and Luke? I will hand it to the Hidden Palms writers, though, for keeping me on the edge of my seat about Eddie. I'm getting frustrated not knowing the truth, but we did learn quite a bit more from tonight's back-to-back episodes. Let's review:• Liza and Eddie were best friends and she saw Cliff and Greta fleeing the scene of the crime that deadly Halloween night.• Greta supposedly slept with Cliff the night before Eddie's death.• Greta’s bloody angel costume has been buried under a floorboard in Cliff's closet this entire time.• Greta's father prevented the police from questioning his daughter, even though he doesn't believe it was a suicide either.• And... read more

June 13, 2007: "Some of Us Are the Demons" Season 1, Episode 3

Well, we're three weeks into this new teen drama, and tonight's episode was the one that pulled me in. Up until now, I wasn't sure I wanted to keep watching, but I see more potential for this Palm Springs crew now that I'm getting to know them a little better. Plus, Taylor Handley keeps impressing me with every episode, so he's a big part of this soapy summer indulgence for me.So, the big reveal tonight was Liza sending the instant messages and old blog videos to Johnny. Clearly she knows the truth, and I'm not surprised, considering she seems to be the eyes that witness a lot of neighborhood activity. But I'm ready to hear about the murder. Throughout the episode, my mind kept yelling, "What is the truth?!" Watching that old video of Greta and Eddie didn't really explain anything further except for the obvious fact that Greta can't let go of it all, which we already knew from her moments with Cliff.Speaking of Cliff, what is he hiding? One minute, he's the devil, the next, he's com... read more

June 6, 2007: "Enjoy the View" Season 1, Episode 2

I feel tangled in a web I can't quite figure out. The circles of flirting and warnings are making me dizzy, and most frustrating is the enigma of Eddie. What on earth was that whole computer appearance at the end? "Welcome to my world." More like, "Welcome to my room" — the familiar backdrop was pretty creepy. It was already clear he didn't kill himself before Johnny received those shady instant messages, but now I'm even more confused. Cliff's fluff talk wasn't fooling anyone and with Bob confirming that the Realtor only mentioned a death not a suicide, and Greta uttering "what we did," I can only begin to imagine what actually happened between the three of them. But there's lots more to go around than that mystery. Nikki's (Tessa Thompson) arrival was key, if only to provide a little competition to win Johnny's attention — not everything revolves around Greta. Nikki was there for maybe a minute before the two girls were staring each other down. But her appearance also op... read more

May 30, 2007: "Startin' Over's a Bitch, Ain't It?" Season 1, Episode 1

Nobody likes a stalker.OK, where are my fellow teen-drama fans? The O.C.'s gone, One Tree Hill's fourth season is coming to a close, and The Hills — although technically not a drama, but has enough in it to fall into the category — is on hiatus. Hello, I need my mindless, love-torn, unrealistic TV! The CW wasn't about to leave us hanging, though. I've got to admit, the opening of this show surprised me and yet it didn't at the same time. "Life shouldn't be so expected." Well, I didn't expect Johnny's (Taylor Handley) father to shoot himself just then, but again, how can I be that shocked, right? "C'mon, Dad, I love drunk time, but I really need to finish this." Just with that line alone, Johnny's former structured self became just a cover for someone whose parent was so out of control, the only thing that made sense was numbers. Definite answers. One year later, camera in hand, hair as messy as a wannabe rock star's (or Jesse McCartney's possible twin brother?), Johnny's i... read more

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