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Heroes Season 4 episodes

Brave New World Season 4, Episode 19

In the Season 4 finale, Peter joins forces with an unlikely ally to rescue Emma. Elsewhere, Noah and Claire fight for survival while trapped underground with depleting oxygen; Hiro reviews his past choices and takes action to stop a catastrophe. read more

The Wall Season 4, Episode 18

Peter's visions of Emma in peril lead him to try to save Sylar; Samuel tells Claire about her father's past in order to further manipulate her; and Lauren makes a risky move to help bring down Samuel. read more

The Art of Deception Season 4, Episode 17

Noah, Lauren and Suresh take action against the Carnival; Sylar turns to Matt for help understanding his longing for a human connection; and Peter cautions Emma about Samuel's true intentions. read more

Pass/Fail Season 4, Episode 16

Hiro grapples with past decisions as his brain tumor worsens; Sylar turns to Claire for answers about why he's changed; and Samuel's attempt to impress Vanessa doesn't go as planned. read more

Close to You Season 4, Episode 15

Noah and Matt come up with a plan to take down Samuel using his long-lost love (Kate Vernon), but Samuel has his own plans for the woman. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando try to save Dr. Suresh; and Peter introduces Emma to his mom, a meeting that leads to bleak visions of the future. read more

Let It Bleed Season 4, Episode 14

Edgar tries to kill Noah; Peter struggles to accept Nathan's death; and Sylar returns to the Carnival. read more

Upon This Rock Season 4, Episode 13

Claire becomes suspicious of Samuel as she learns more about the Carnival; Hiro launches a rescue mission but has trouble communicating with Ando about it. read more

Heroes Episode Discussion: "Upon This Rock;" "Let It Bleed" Season 4, Episode 12

In this two-hour episode of Heroes Claire becomes suspicious of Samuel's true intentions for the carnival. Meanwhile, Samuel reaches out to Emma, who uses her power to lure in someone Samuel needs for his mission. Plus, Ando decodes Hiro's jumbled messages as the duo sets out to save Mohinder from a psychiatric hospital, Sylar faces his fear of being alone and sets out after Claire and Peter is forced to deal with his grief over Nathan's death.

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Heroes Episode Recap: "The Fifth Stage" Season 4, Episode 11

In this episode of Heroes, Claire and Gretchen take a tour of Samuel's carnival to get a closer look at what the carny leader is offering. Meanwhile, HRG tries to track Claire down while also confessing his interest in rekindling the flirtations between him and Lauren that she had "Haitian-ed" in the past. And Peter, who sets out on a mission to bring Nathan back, puts a serious beating on Sylar (with a nail gun!). Would Peter be able to save Nathan? Of course not, but let's find out how everything played out anyway.

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Thanksgiving" Season 4, Episode 10

In this episode of Heroes, families gathered 'round the table to give thanks, but, because it's a TV show about people with abilities, all the meals ended somewhat disastrously. HRG made his first attempt at hosting Turkey Day extra difficult by inviting his ex-wife, her new flame, and HRG's old partner Lauren. The carny band's twisted feast quickly got off track when Hiro and Lydia took a trip back in time, and Mama Petrelli spilled her dirty little secrets about Nathan's death before the first course was served.  So was the show as sweet as pumpkin pie? Let's find out.

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Brother's Keeper" Season 4, Episode 9

In this episode of Heroes, Samuel sets out to fulfill his potential after discovering his dangerous power. Elsewhere, Tracy has trouble controlling her ability; and Sylar and Matt keep up their battle.

I apologize for being unable to post a recap last week, and other unavoidable issues will delay this week's recap as well. I will post my thoughts as soon as possible, but please use the space after the jump to begin discussing the episode read more

Once Upon a Time in Texas Season 4, Episode 8

Hiro has another chance to save Charlie (Jayma Mays) when he travels three years into the past, where he also encounters Samuel. Elsewhere, Noah's history with his partner (Elisabeth Röhm) is uncovered. read more

Heroes Episode Recap: "Once Upon a Time in Texas" Season 4, Episode 7

In this episode of Heroes, Hiro travels three years into the past for his long-awaited reunion with lost love Charlie. Not only must Hiro once again prevent Sylar from splitting Charlie's skull, but he must also heal the blood clot in her head. While in the past, Hiro receives guidance from carnival leader Samuel about how to tie up all possible loose ends without drastically altering the future. But, of course, Samuel's intentions are not exactly what they seem. Elsewhere in the past, we meet Lauren, one of HRG's old partners who is as interested in bedding Noah as she is in bagging and tagging baddies. So do Hiro and Charlie get their happy ending? Let's find out. read more

Heroes Episode Recap: "Strange Attractors" Season 4, Episode 6

In this episode of Heroes, Matt goes to drastic measures to rid his mind of Sylar's presence once and for all. Meanwhile, HRG calls in Tracy to help him bust healer/killer Jeremy Greer out of a Georgia sheriff's station. Tracy, however, receives an equally enticing offer from carnival leader Samuel. And when Claire and Gretchen take part in a slaughterhouse scavenger hunt for sorority Hell Week, the girls soon learn that they could end up being slaughtered. Let's get to it.

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Tabula Rasa" Season 4, Episode 5

In this episode of Heroes, Samuel welcomes Sylar to "the family" by leading him on a journey of self-discovery that Samuel hopes will return Sylar to his killing ways. Meanwhile, Peter sets out with HRG to find someone who can heal Hiro's brain tumor. And while Peter's away, Hiro puts on a magic show to help Emma see the brighter side of her ability.
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Heroes Episode Recap: "Hysterical Blindness" Season 4, Episode 4

In this episode of Heroes, Claire and Gretchen get involved with sorority rush and, like, totally make out. Meanwhile, Peter and Emma make a deeper connection after he saves her from a near-death accident, unintentionally absorbing her power in the process. And as Samuel sets out to find a new family member, the newly resurrected Sylar takes a trip downtown with a Baltimore cop (Ernie Hudson). Unfortunately for Sylar, he has no idea who he is, but when it starts to become clear, he becomes a fugitive once more. And all fugitives love Ferris wheels! How does Sylar end up at the circus? Let's find out. read more

Heroes Episode Recap: "Acceptance" Season 4, Episode 3

In this episode of Heroes, Nathan struggles to remember his past, but when he finally does, the memories aren't so pleasant. Meanwhile, Hiro continues to work on his bucket list, HRG gets a pep talk from Claire, and Tracy realizes she doesn't necessarily have the same goals as she did before her splashy transformation. Plus: Someone takes two bullets to the chest and another character is reborn. Let's get to it... read more

Heroes Episode Recap: "Ink" Season 4, Episode 2

In this episode of Heroes, Claire decides to stop being trapped in a life of lies and shares her biggest secret with her pushy friend, Gretchen. Meanwhile, Sylar continues to wreak havoc inside the brain of Matt Parkman, and Peter has a run-in with mysterious circus leader Samuel. Plus: We meet Emma, a deaf young woman who sees sound and has a knack for the cello. What does it all mean? Let's find out.

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Orientation Season 4, Episode 1

Claire garners unwanted attention at college in the fourth-season premiere. Elsewhere, Hiro and Ando start a "dial-a-hero" business; and Angela worries Nathan will discover his real identity. read more

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