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An Invisible Thread Season 3, Episode 25

Nathan takes on Sylar in order to shield the president in the third-season finale. Elsewhere, Hiro discovers unexpected side effects from recovering his ability, and Matt takes extreme measures to protect his family. read more

Heroes Episode Recap: "An Invisible Thread" Season 3, Episode 24

As the "Fugitives" volume ends, Heroes finds its super-powered protagonists doing everything they can — and often shouldn't — do to stop one evil or another. Nathan goes toe-to-toe with Sylar to keep him from carrying out a plan to impersonate the president using his shape-shifting ability. Hiro insists on stopping time to infiltrate and shut down Building 26, even though his health is greatly compromised by doing so. Parkman, Angela and HRG do the unthinkable all in the name of their perceived greater good. Throw in a death (sort of), a return, Mohinder flailing uselessly and a huge bonfire, and you have one jam-packed finale. Let's get to it.

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Heroes Episode Recap: "I Am Sylar" Season 3, Episode 23

Ah, self-discovery. This episode of Heroes finds several characters pondering who they are and what their next move should be. Sylar shape-shifts himself into a ball of emotional mess which he longer identifies with, Hiro finally accepts that two heads are better than one on his path of heroic destiny, and Parkman decides being a part of his son's life is about more than changing diapers. Plus, Nathan tries his best to stop the program he initiated and Sylar does his best Norman Bates! Huh, you ask? Read on for the details.

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Heroes Episode Recap: "1961" Season 3, Episode 22

Through a series of flashbacks, this episode of Heroes reveals just why Angela Petrelli has her entire family digging up skeletons in the desert. In addition to revealing her connection to Coyote Sands, her flashbacks to her teen years in 1961 also establish how and why the Company was formed, just how involved Mohinder's father was in Project Icarus and why Mama Petrelli was always stealing people's socks! Throw in a few familiar faces (well, names, since the actors are all different), lots of shouting, and a a special ability right out of X-Men, and you've got "1961" in a nutshell. On with the recap!

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Turn and Face the Strange" Season 3, Episode 21

All roads lead to Coyote Sands. Or at least a few of the paths our heroes walk do. While Mama Petrelli organizes a family reunion at this mysterious locale, Mohinder finds clues to its history from an old file that belonged to his father. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando run into problems as they try to stage a family reunion of their own between Matt Parkman and his infant son. And while Danko tries to keep himself and a loved one out of Parkman's crosshairs, he also has to stay one step ahead of HRG who suspects Sylar's death isn't on the up-and-up. On with the recap!

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Into Asylum" Season 3, Episode 20

In this episode of Heroes, Danko's manhunt has forced our super-powered friends to take refuge: Nathan and Claire head south of the border to hide out (and drink a lot of tequila) and Peter and Angela hole up in a church. Meanwhile, Sylar gets closer to Danko, who begins to use one of HRG's methods in his own selfish ways. Does Danko know what he's doing? Let's find out!

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Cold Snap" Season 3, Episode 19

After weeks of speculation, the mysterious Rebel is finally revealed. But first, Parkman does his humble best to save Daphne from the gunshot wound still endangering her life, Angela Petrelli plays keep away from Danko's men, Hiro and Ando become makeshift babysitters for Matt Parkman Jr. and Tracy agrees to be the bait HRG needs to draw Rebel out. Throw in some inclement weather, world travelling and (maybe) even a death or two, and we have one jam-packed hour to cover. read more

Heroes Episode Recap: "Shades of Gray" Season 3, Episode 18

Heroes' season of daddy issues continues as Sylar finally tracks down his pops (guest star John Glover) and Claire turns to both of her fathers for help. Plus, the baby of one of our heroes is also in grave danger. Meanwhile, Nathan, Danko, Angela and HRG continue their convoluted battle for power, which ultimately uncovers a dangerous secret or two. Let's dig in.

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Exposed" Season 3, Episode 17

This episode's title is perhaps the most fitting one yet in this volume. Claire's attempt to hide Aquaman Alex, Nathan's plot to collect "terrorist" heroes, Matt's vulnerabilities and pieces of Sylar's past are all exposed over the course of the hour. Still, some things remain hidden, including Rebel's identity and where exactly Angela's loyalty lies. So which heroes' exposure led to greener pastures, and whose brought only more problems? Let's find out!

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Heroes Episode Recap: "Cold Wars" Season 3, Episode 16

After a week of promos promising some real answers about whose side HRG is on, did this episode deliver? Before we can find out, Matt repeatedly dives into Noah's mind, pulling out pieces of the puzzle that both reveal HRG's motivations and give Parkman & Co. some vital information about the people who are hunting them. But what other secrets did HRG have crawling around in that brain of his? Find out after the jump. read more

Heroes Episode Recap: "Building 26" Season 3, Episode 15

This episode of Heroes saw characters use other heroes in order to further their own goals: Claire turns her back on Noah to protect a new friend, one of Nathan's men stages Tracy's breakout to keep the government's support for their project, and Sylar continues his song and dance with his protégé to get more information about his father. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando play wedding crashers in India. (Rule No. 73 is... oh, wait...) On with the recap!

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A Clear and Present Danger Season 3, Episode 14

The newly powerless Hiro resolves to help Ando become a true superhero. Elsewhere, Suresh, Peter, Daphne and Matt return to their regular lives, but Claire's quest for normalcy is cut short after she discovers a new plot by Nathan; and Sylar looks for his real parents. read more

Dual Season 3, Episode 13

Peter and Nathan face off after the battle with their father; Sylar detains Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela at Primatech, and Mohinder may hold the key to rescuing Hiro. read more

Our Father Season 3, Episode 12

Hiro and Claire go back in time to the moment Noah took Claire from Kaito Nakamura; Sylar interferes with Peter and the Haitian's attempt to defeat Arthur; and Suresh makes major progress with the formula. read more

The Eclipse Season 3, Episode 11

Conclusion. Elle and Sylar face Noah, who's out for revenge; Peter and Nathan help the Haitian with his brother (Demetrius Grosse); and Ando, Sam and Frack try to restore Hiro's memory using a comic book. read more

The Eclipse Season 3, Episode 10

Part 1 of 2. Arthur sends Sylar and Elle after Claire; Matt, Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to uncover her secret; Nathan and Peter search for the Haitian in hopes that he can stop their father. Seth Green and Breckin Meyer guest star. read more

It's Coming Season 3, Episode 9

Arthur sends Knox and Flint after Peter and Claire; Nathan learns the truth about his father; Sylar confronts Elle at Pinehurst; Suresh experiments with his new formula; and Matt tries to revive Angela. read more

Villains Season 3, Episode 8

Hiro follows Arthur in the past to uncover what drove him to create Pinehearst; Meredith's brother disrupts her new life and training under the tutelage of Thompson (Eric Roberts); and Elle and Noah's persistence prevents Sylar from stopping his quest. read more

Eris Quod Sum Season 3, Episode 7

Elle comes to Claire for help; Angela asks Sylar to save Peter from Pinehurst; Arthur gives Daphne a murderous mission; and Hiro ponders Usutu's advice for facing his opponents. read more

Dying of the Light Season 3, Episode 6

Knox and Daphne give Hiro a mission to find the precog; Claire and Sandra plan to rescue Meredith; Nathan and Tracy seek help from Suresh to find the origin of their abilities; and Sylar and Peter look for the cause of Angela's vegetative state. read more

Angels and Monsters Season 3, Episode 5

Claire hunts a Level 5 escapee who can create black holes; Linderman asks Daphne to recruit Hiro, who has trouble wrangling Adam; Maya discovers Suresh's transformation; Nathan helps Tracy find answers; and Peter's violent urges escalate. read more

I Am Become Death Season 3, Episode 4

Peter takes on a dark power in a gamble to prevent the future; Hiro and Ando are at odds while stuck in Level 5; Tracy looks for answers about her strange ability; and Suresh becomes impulsive. read more

One of Us, One of Them Season 3, Episode 3

Angela recruits Noah Bennet and his new partner to diffuse a hostage situation at a bank; Peter tries to blend in while trapped inside an escapee's body; Hiro and Ando have a run-in with the Haitian; and Claire seeks advice from Meredith. read more

The Butterfly Effect Season 3, Episode 2

Angela confronts Peter; Sylar attacks the Company's main facility; Claire has a revelation about her powers; a group of dangerous criminals escape during a battle with Elle; Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to Paris; Matt seeks help from a guide (Ntare Mwine); Suresh is pleased with the recent developments in his life. read more

The Second Coming Season 3, Episode 1

Nathan's shooter is revealed. Elsewhere, Sylar visits Claire; Hiro and Ando guard a dangerous family secret and fret over the bleak future involving a dubious woman (Brea Grant); and Suresh makes an important breakthrough. read more

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Premise: A drama delving into the lives of people from around the world who have superpowers, which they use to prevent a catastrophic future.



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