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Heroes Episode: "Shades of Gray"

Season 3, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Sylar finally meets his father (John Glover) during an unusual reunion; Claire considers helping Doyle evade capture, despite their bitter past; the Hunter tries to expose Petrelli family secrets in hopes of usurping Nathan's operation; and Matt garners attention.
Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2009
Guest Cast John Glover
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Season 3, Episode 19
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Aired: 3/9/2009
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Heroes Episode Recap: "Cold Snap" Season 3, Episode 19

After weeks of speculation, the mysterious Rebel is finally revealed. But first, Parkman does his humble best to save Daphne from the gunshot wound still endangering her life, Angela Petrelli plays keep-away from Danko's men, Hiro and Ando become makeshift babysitters for Matt Parkman Jr. and Tracy agrees to be the bait HRG needs to draw Rebel out. Throw in some inclement weather, world travelling and (maybe) even a death or two, and we have one jam-packed hour to cover. On with the recap!

Moon Man
After being busted out of Danko's holding cell by Tracy (more on that to come), Parkman enlists the help of Mohinder to get Daphne to a hospital. That's right, the gunshot wound that happened weeks ago for us is still an issue for Daphne, who is now septic. In the ER, Parkman spins a tale about how "Janice" shot herself while duck hunting. Believing him or not, the doctor informs Matt that all gunshot wounds must be called into the police. But Parkman quickly throws that thought out of the doc's head, instead rushing Daphne to surgery with no questions asked, and allowing Parkman to stay nearby.

Things are looking up for Daphne when next we see her. She's no longer "Janice," as Parkman has now convinced the hospital staff that they are treating Gwen Stefani. Anything for a nice room, eh? But once Daphne asks Matt why he told the doctors her name was Janice, she gets some juicy details on Parkman's ex Janice. Daphne decides that she doesn't want to be slotted into his ex-wife's space, and refuses to believe that Matt's spirit walk — which she boils down to Parkman "getting baked in the desert" — is able to predict a future that involves Matt and Daphne together. So, feeling great after her surgery, she bolts off to Paris.

Somehow, Parkman is right there behind her, much faster than usual. How'd he do it? He flew. Say what? Parkman shows off his new skills, flying Daphne around the City of Lights and giving her a bird's-eye view of her favorite city. "You can let me go," Daphne says, which alarms Matt. You see, just as our collective head-scratching reaches its limit, Daphne understands that Parkman is putting all of these images into her brain from her death bed. He's offering her the storybook ending to their romance he so desperately wanted. While it's sad to see Daphne flat-lining as Parkman holds her hand, she does get her final wish: "Fly me to the moon," she says, and Matt happily obliges.

I'm sensitive to the Daphne fans who must be agonizing in seeing her killed off yet again, but thank God that last scene was all in her head. My jaw was on the floor — not in the good way — when Parkman started flying, so I'm relieved it was all a ruse. RIP, Daphne.

Hiro and Ando are dumbfounded — and Hiro just seems scared — by the baby they discovered at the end of the last episode. They eventually deduce that the baby is indeed Parkman's son, but quickly learn that he is special: He makes items (TVs, toys, etc.) work with the touch of a finger. The party is interrupted when Janice (speak of the devil!) comes home. In a scene straight out of ET, Hiro and Ando try (unsuccessfully) to hide among the stuffed animals in the closet. When they're discovered, Janice informs the boys that her baby began displaying his abilities after the eclipse, just like Matt Sr.

Hiro and Ando warn Janice that the government is coming for her baby, but they're too late, as a pair of agents is already knocking at the door. Though she agrees to go downtown and cooperate, she lies about baby Parkman, causing the death squad to search the house. Ando gets a shot to show off his powers, but is quickly knocked out, leaving Hiro to fend for himself and the baby. Just as things get tense, Hiro — almost accidentally — stops time. Baby Parkman made Hiro work again! However, he can no longer teleport. (Thanks for sticking to your word, writers!) So, Hiro rolls Ando to safety in a wheelbarrow for 12 miles before unfreezing time. Now that time is once again on their side, Hiro says they must find Matt Sr.

Though much of this plot was played for laughs (I particularly liked Hiro expecting the baby to shake his rattle as a form of communication and the line "We're here to change the world, not diapers"), there was a tender moment when Hiro relived watching his mother die in his arms. As he reminded us, the event happened only recently for him, perhaps making him the "Cold Daddy" Ando learned so much about from Dr. Phil.

Dodging in the Rain
HRG warns Angela that he had to give her up in order to secure more of Danko's trust, and in turn, Mama Petrelli should avoid going home. But, as Angela foresees in a vision, nowhere is safe, as Danko's men ambush her limo, forcing her to take to the rainy streets of Manhattan. Angela turns to her old friend Millie (Swoosie Kurtz) for help, and all she really has to offer is a big helping of shut up and move on. "Just because a road is unfurling in front of you, it doesn't mean you have to take it," Millie says. But she eventually relents, giving Angela the cash she has on her to aid in her disappearing act.

Unfortunately, Danko's men track Angela down again, and when she takes refuge inside the elevator of the closest building, the entire task force moves in. (Seriously, that many guys in black uniforms with guns running down the street in NYC wouldn't cause a little reaction?) Just as they override the elevator and bring Angela back down to be captured, a thud is heard on the roof of the car. The doors open to reveal Angela arm-in-arm with Peter, who then flies her to safety inside the head of the Statue of Liberty. (Ghostbusters II, anyone?) "What do you want to do now?" Peter asks.

Rebel Rousing
After Sylar someone leaves Eric Doyle (literally) gift-wrapped in Danko's apartment, he returns to Building 26 with new intensity. He even lures Mohinder into his room full of nose-tubed heroes (note that the door said Human Resources. Ha!) to check on Daphne. Of course, he really just wanted to take Mohinder down, which he does rather quickly. Danko lies and brags to HRG about bringing in Doyle. To return the favor, HRG — as Angela had instructed — offers to bring in Rebel, the thorn in Danko's side. His plan: Let Tracy Strauss go and hope she leads them to Rebel. Danko doesn't like the idea, but when Rebel shuts down Building 26's security and frees Tracy, he lets it play out.

Though she frees Parkman and Mohinder, Tracy steps out on her own. HRG tracks her down, and suggests that being alone is no good for her. He tells her to lead him to Rebel, and in exchange, he will let her go back to some semblance of life as a free woman. He other alternative: "a big fat fade to black," HRG says. So Tracy hits the ATM, which Rebel hacks to give her some cash and information about where to go. She heads to Union Station, and who should she meet there? Micah Sanders, aka Rebel. Immediately regretting that she has put Micah in danger, she confesses that she is bait and Micah uses his powers to get them out to the parking garage safely.

The two argue about honor, trustworthiness, politics and Che Guevara (all of which seems a little heady for a kid Micah's age, even though it seems he's gone through a Walt-on-Lost­-type growth spurt). Micah reveals that he thought he knew Tracy because she looked like his mom, but she is nothing like her. Though she agrees, Tracy finally decides to do something heroic: She urges Micah to keep fighting in his rebellion, and has him activate the sprinklers. She turns the entire garage into one big block of ice, allowing Micah to escape. In so doing, however, she sacrifices herself, as Danko arrives on the scene and blows the ice sculpture of Tracy to smithereens. HRG can only shake his head and worry about his broken promise. But what about that one piece of ice that blinks and sheds a tear? Is Tracy still alive? (Even if she's a goner, let's not forget Ali Larter could still be called on to play Barbara, the third triplet.)

I like Micah, and I don't mind that he's Rebel. However, I wish that the reveal had happened sooner since they went with the obvious choice. (Commenters here have been calling it for weeks.) I also find it a little tough to believe that this young'un is organizing this huge rebellion, even with his extraordinary abilities. But the show has once again made me look forward to the next episode, which it hasn't done often in recent months. I look forward to how all this plays out.

What did you think of the episode? Was the reveal of Rebel's identity what you expected? Are you satisfied with the choice? Were you sad to see Daphne go (again)? Share your thoughts below and check back next week for more.

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After weeks of speculation, the mysterious Rebel is finally revealed. But first, Parkman does his humble best to save Daphne from the gunshot wound still endangering her life, Angela Petrelli plays keep away from Danko's men, Hiro and Ando become makeshift babysitters for Matt Parkman Jr. and Tracy agrees to be the bait HRG needs to draw Rebel out. Throw in some inclement weather, world travelling and (maybe) even a death or two, and we have one jam-packed hour to cover. read more

Were you surprised Heroes brought back Micah as Rebel?

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