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Heroes Episode: "Exposed"

Season 3, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: Matt and Peter go to Building 26 to locate Daphne and the files detailing the government's plans for people with abilities; Claire receives unexpected help getting Alex out of the city; Sylar uncovers memories of his father that reveal info about his mom; and the Hunter pursues his own agenda.
Original Air Date: Mar 2, 2009
Guest Cast Justin Baldoni: Alex Dan Byrd: Luke
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Season 3, Episode 18
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Aired: 3/2/2009
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Heroes Episode Recap: "Shades of Gray" Season 3, Episode 18

Heroes' season of daddy issues continues as Sylar finally tracks down his pops (guest star John Glover) and Claire turns to both of her fathers for help. Plus, the baby of one of our heroes is also in grave danger. Meanwhile, Nathan, Danko, Angela and HRG continue their convoluted battle for power, which ultimately uncovers a dangerous secret or two. Let's dig in.

'Da bomb
Picking up where we left off, a drugged Parkman is spotted standing in front of the Capitol building with a bomb strapped to his chest. Danko plays dumb, but Nathan gets to the scene in time to get close to Parkman and explain. He asks Parkman to use his power to read the nearby bomb techs' minds for info on how to dismantle the bomb. Danko has another plan, however — he wants to trigger the charges, killing Matt and Nathan to scare the country into handling the program his way. Luckily, the computer controlling the bomb goes offline (thanks, Rebel!), buying Matt some extra time, which he desperately needs in his drugged state. Red wire? Black wire? Who knows, but Nathan finally dismantles the thing just before Danko gets his computers back online and triggers the switch. Nathan takes the opportunity to bring Parkman in, laying him out cold. Crisis averted, for now.

Danko vs. Nathan
Knowing that Danko was behind the Parkman-as-terrorist plot, Nathan sets forward in removing Danko from his team. Danko throws around his presidential connections, but when Nathan doesn't back down, Danko shows his ace in the hole: the recording of Tracy yelling "You're one of us, Nathan!" Of course, that in itself proves nothing, but it's enough to make Danko look deeper into the Petrelli closet for Nathan's skeletons. Naurally, Nathan goes to Tracy to keep her quiet, and when questioned, she comes through. Though she reveals a "lousy" past relationship with Nathan (which he lied about), she plays dumb when Danko asks about abilities.

Danko turns his investigation up a notch, and goes straight to Mama Petrelli, courtesy of a (planned) suggestion by HRG. Though he's looking for Angela to fess up that both of her sons have genetically inherited abilities (and according to the last volume, Nathan actually doesn't), Angela instead turns the tables. She brings up Danko's past in Angola, and the many civilian lives lost thanks to him. He backs down at the mere mention of his own shocking survival, tucking his tail and running away from his fight with the "very resourceful" Angela.

Back at Building 26, Nathan informs Danko that the president has signed off on releasing him from the project and urges any of Danko's men who so choose to go along with him. Still convinced he's right about Nathan, he pulls a gun on him, asking why he's never shown a moment of fear when dealing with those with abilities. He opens fire — not to wound, but to shatter the glass window behind Nathan — and pushes Nathan through the window. And then, he sees what he was waiting for: Nathan suspending himself in midair before flying away. Crisis alert, back to code red.

The most dangerous game
At long last Sylar comes face-to-face with his mother-murdering taxidermist father, but who could have predicted that Samson Gray would be a chain-smoking cancer patient sucking oxygen from a tank on his hip? Sylar certainly seems disappointed by his dad's challenge: "Either you kill me or the cancer does." It goes from bad to worse when Samson informs Sylar that life never gives you what you want. In this case, he couldn't be more correct.

So rather than whacking Samson, Sylar helps him kill and stuff a rabbit. Thrilling, right? Well, Papa Gray does impart some life lessons to his son, regarding the power that they share. He suggests that power is worthless if you're unsatisfied with life, and that Sylar is only satisfied when he's hunting prey. Samson baits Sylar, asking why he has run from Danko's agents instead of wiping them out as he can. The answer, he reasons, is that Sylar is only interested in weak, small game.

But when Sylar cuts himself and heals, it is Samson who begins to hunt. With his hunger suddenly rejuvenated, he pins Sylar to the wall with a few arrows and his mysterious whistling paralysis power. With his sudden new lease on life, Samson shows Sylar what he's really capable of, and then, Sylar does the same. He overcomes the paralysis, removes the arrows, puts Samson in a choke hold with his oxygen tubing and reveals that a real hunter should know when his prey is playing possum. Samson begs for Sylar's power, noting that it won't kill Sylar to give it up. But seeing Samson become immortal is not on Sylar's agenda, and he carries out his mission to kill his father by leaving him behind to die a natural, slow and painful death. "You're just small game," Sylar says as he walks away, souvenir rabbit in hand.

No longer running from Danko's agents, Sylar goes hunting the most dangerous game — Danko himself. We see the skull-splitter lying in wait for "The Hunter," but we'll have to wait for the next episode to see how that little meeting plays out.

"Back-to-life Barbie"
Anyone think it's coincidence that on Barbie's 50th birthday, the classic doll's name is invoked about six times by Eric Doyle? Doyle, of course, is referring to Claire, who come to see upon Rebel's advisement. Doyle pleads with Claire to help him, but she can't get past her own fear of the man Doyle used to be, especially when the Puppetmaster becomes a little ticked that Claire Bear has a free pass from the agents hunting him. "So you would turn your back on your own kind?" he asks, laying the guilt on thick, before finally leaving to defend himself (But not before promising that he's not the man he used to be.)

Sandra tells Claire she can't have psychopaths dropping in all the time, so Claire decides to apply for Aquaman Alex's old job at comic shop — a place she reasons Rebel can send people in need of help without involving her family. She knows nothing about comics, but since the owner is convinced that Claire's looks will greatly improve sales, he hires her on the spot, even though she can't answer one question: What kind of hero are you? She even turns to HRG for advice, but because she says she doesn't know, he can only say the same. Looks like HRG just might actually let Claire do some growing up on her own for a change.

Turns out, Claire is the kind of hero who helps Doyle, as she rescues him from two agents who have him cornered. With the help of Rebel, she creates him a whole new identity and sends him on his merry way. "Did you mean all that stuff you said about how you changed?" Claire asks Doyle, fearing the answer that his twisted smile gives as he walks away. Back at home, Rebel informs Claire via text message that her free pass is up. But when the agents storm her room, she is nowhere to be found, thanks to bio dad Nathan, who holds his daughter as they hover outside her window.

Oh, baby!
Finally we get an awkward scene thrown into the final minutes. Hiro and Ando have tracked down the address they were given by Rebel in India, and they've come to save "Matt Parkman." Turns out, they have come to relieve a teen babysitter, who is caring for a Matt Parkman who is still in (soiled) diapers. Whaaa?

Other thoughts:
• This was Bryan Fuller's first episode back as consulting producer. Did you feel a difference? The promos for the next episode promise a Season 1-type experience. Will the show deliver?

• Based on said previews, se can assume the baby in Hiro's possession is Matt and Janice's baby, who we never heard of after Season 1. Bringing back some of those old characters may indeed make the episode "classic," as the promos promised.

• I suppose we're to presume that after seeing Nathan fly, Danko schmoozed the president, regaining his power. Who else ordered the agents to take Claire in? And perhaps HRG gave Nathan the heads up?

• It feels like ages since we've been subjected to Mohinder's rambling monologues at the end of an episode, but this one fit quite nicely, given all the family issues that the episode dealt with.

• I particularly loved the double way the episode title plays. It's most certainly a reference to Samson and Gabriel Gray, and the shades of his father that Sylar represents. But it also plays into the show's other theme of moral gray area: Claire's soul-searching is just the latest in a long sting of characters who have to question whether they're doing what's right.

What did you guys think of the episode? Did Old Man Gray deliver what you had hoped? Do you think Sylar is going to get the best of Danko? How awesome is Angela Petrelli? What are you expecting from the "classic" episode in two weeks? Share your thoughts below and check back next time for more!

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Heroes' season of daddy issues continues as Sylar finally tracks down his pops (guest star John Glover) and Claire turns to both of her fathers for help. Plus, the baby of one of our heroes is also in grave danger. Meanwhile, Nathan, Danko, Angela and HRG continue their convoluted battle for power, which ultimately uncovers a dangerous secret or two. Let's dig in.

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