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1968, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Lucy and Harry's Memoirs

Mar 05, 1973 Season 5 Episode 24 watch on

Lucy and Harry re-live some of their funniest experiences on “Here’s Lucy”.

Lucy Goes to Prison

Jan 22, 1973 Season 5 Episode 18

Lucy goes to prison to obtain information from absent-minded robber Elsa Lanchester.
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Lucy and Her Genuine Twimby

Jan 15, 1973 Season 5 Episode 17

Lucy buys a reproduction of a famous antique chair, unaware it’s worth more than $5,000. Robert Cummings guests as the convincing antique dealer who tries to get it back.
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Lucy Goes On Her Last Blind Date

Jan 08, 1973 Season 5 Episode 16

Under coercion from Harry, Lucy goes on a blind date with his cousin from Indiana (Don Knotts).
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Lucy and Dirty Gertie

Nov 13, 1972 Season 5 Episode 10

Lucy portrays a gin-infested apple peddler in cooperating with the police to capture a suspected bank robber.
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A Home Is Not an Office

Oct 02, 1972 Season 5 Episode 4

Needing Lucy’s inimitable services at his office, Harry transforms Lucy’s living room into an office, much against the protestations of Lucy, still recuperating from her broken leg.
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Lucy and Eva Gabor Are Hospital Roomies

Sep 18, 1972 Season 5 Episode 2

Lucy learns what it’s like to room with a celebrity when Eva Gabor becomes her hospital roommate. Lucy is suffering a broken leg, Eva a mysterious foot injury.
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