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Latest Episode: Lucy and Harry's Memoirs

Mar 05, 1973 Season 5 Episode 24 watch on Hulu (Free)

Lucy and Harry re-live some of their funniest experiences on “Here’s Lucy”.

Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Who's Apron Strings

Feb 21, 1972 Season 4 Episode 24

Kim finally cuts Lucy’s apron strings and then learns what it’s like to be a single girl living alone.
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With Viv As a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?

Feb 14, 1972 Season 4 Episode 23

Vivian Vance visits Lucy and the friends become bitter enemies as Viv takes over Lucy’s job.
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Lucy's Punctured Romance

Feb 07, 1972 Season 4 Episode 22

Lucy’s romance is punctured by Kim and Uncle Harry who, because of his false rumor by the local milkman, attempts to save Lucy from a mis-marriage. Bob Cummings guest stars.
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Lucy Sublets the Office

Jan 31, 1972 Season 4 Episode 21

Lucy is appointed an office manager in order to qualify Harry for a federal loan. Lucy as part of her program rents the office to a toy salesman.
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Kim Moves Out

Jan 24, 1972 Season 4 Episode 20

Kim moves out of the house and into an apartment found by Lucy - - immediately next door. Lucy just won’t allow Kim to become an independent young woman.
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Lucy's Replacement

Jan 17, 1972 Season 4 Episode 19

Lucy is forced to leave her job and find work in a secretarial pool when Uncle Harry replaces her with a computer.
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Lucy and the Chinese Curse

Jan 10, 1972 Season 4 Episode 18

Lucy finds a curse on her head after she bravely saves the life of a Chinese laundryman.
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Lucy and the Little Old Lady

Jan 03, 1972 Season 4 Episode 17

Lucy invites Helen Hayes to stay at her house until the “little old lady” can get some needed funds.
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Lucy's Bonus Bounces

Dec 27, 1971 Season 4 Episode 16

Upon the word of a psychiatrist friend, Uncle Harry gives Lucy a $50 a week raise, then Lucy’s bonus bounces.
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Lucy's Lucky Day

Dec 20, 1971 Season 4 Episode 15

Lucy wins a chimpanzee and can earn $1,000 if she teaches it a trick within a week.
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Lucy and Candid Camera

Dec 13, 1971 Season 4 Episode 14

Lucy robs a bank and a fur salon thinking it’s part of a television game stunt.
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Lucy in the Jungle

Dec 06, 1971 Season 4 Episode 13

Lucy, her daughter Kim and Uncle Harry try jungle living as an escape from pressures of the city.
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Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night-Night

Nov 29, 1971 Season 4 Episode 12

Lucy becomes David Frost’s traveling companion and manages to confuse the TV star’s life beyond comprehension.
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Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea

Nov 22, 1971 Season 4 Episode 11

Ginger Rogers experiences the perplexities of a lifetime while sipping tea with Lucy. All Ginger wanted to do was to reclaim her purse.
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Why Don't You Calm Down, Dan Dailey

Nov 15, 1971 Season 4 Episode 10

Lucy takes a job with Dan Dailey as his secretary and proceeds to drive him to insanity. Dan begins a love interest in Lucy to get her to quit.
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Lucy and the Celebrities

Nov 08, 1971 Season 4 Episode 9

Lucy hires mimic Rich Little to imitate Jack Benny, John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart in an advertising campaign for the Unique Employment Agency….resulting in a $10 million dollar suit.
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Lucy and Her All-Nun Band

Nov 01, 1971 Season 4 Episode 8

Lucille Ball becomes a saxophonist in an all-nun band when the regular sister becomes ill.
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Someone's On the Ski Lift With Dinah

Oct 25, 1971 Season 4 Episode 7

Lucy gets the same ski lift chair with her favorite star, Dinah Shore, and just about ruins Dinah’s alpine vacation.
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Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars

Oct 18, 1971 Season 4 Episode 6

Lucy and her daughter Kim resort to printing counterfeit bills and moonlighting in a Carnival to show stingy boss Uncle Harry that he should give her a raise.
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Lucy and the Astronauts

Oct 11, 1971 Season 4 Episode 5

Lucy is locked in a quarantine chamber with newly-returned astronauts, and the spacemen aren’t prepared for the chaos caused by Lucy.
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Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage

Oct 04, 1971 Season 4 Episode 4

Lucy gets involved as a decent citizen then totally confounds Detective Mannix who has been hired to protect Lucy from criminals.
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Lucy and the Italian Bombshell

Sep 27, 1971 Season 4 Episode 3

Uncle Harry meets his fiancee for whom he has waited for 30 years since their serious romance in Italy during WWII.
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Lucy and the Mountain Climber

Sep 20, 1971 Season 4 Episode 2

Lucy enters a mountain climbing contest in an effort to keep her job.
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Lucy and Flip Go Legit

Sep 13, 1971 Season 4 Episode 1

Lucy convinces Flip Wilson to co-star in Uncle Harry’s neighborhood theater production of “Gone With the Wind”.
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