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Latest Episode: Lucy and Harry's Memoirs

Mar 05, 1973 Season 5 Episode 24 watch on Hulu (Free)

Lucy and Harry re-live some of their funniest experiences on “Here’s Lucy”.

Lucy's Goes Hawaiian, Part 2

Feb 22, 1971 Season 3 Episode 24

Lucy must organize a shipboard talent show on last minute notice, and puts together an inventive revue.
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Lucy's Goes Hawaiian, Part 1

Feb 15, 1971 Season 3 Episode 23

Lucy invites herself aboard the luxurious Hawaii-bound S.S. Lurline passenger liner as assistant to the cruise director - Uncle Harry, and finds herself in competition for the attentions of the captain with passenger/friend Vivian Vance.
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Lucy and Carol Burnett

Feb 08, 1971 Season 3 Episode 22

Lucy and Carol Burnett, both out of work, create the Unemployed Follies to earn a few extra bucks.
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Lucy and Aladdin's Lamp

Feb 01, 1971 Season 3 Episode 21

Lucy and Kim discover an Aladdin's lamp in a garage sale and it seems to make their wishes come true.
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Lucy's House Guest, Harry

Jan 25, 1971 Season 3 Episode 20

Uncle Harry moves into Lucy's home, refuses to help in the slightest way and practices his weird health faddism.
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Lucy and the Raffle

Jan 18, 1971 Season 3 Episode 19

Kim wins a sports car in a raffle and in turn must raffle it off to pay the tax. The whole affair is against the law and Lucy defends the two of them in court.
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Lucy and the 20-20 Vision

Jan 11, 1971 Season 3 Episode 18

Uncle Harry sporting new glasses, sees that Lucy has been cheating him on her time cards and orders her to work the weekend while he takes Kim & Craig to Mexico.
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Lucy's Vacation

Jan 04, 1971 Season 3 Episode 17

Lucy plots to get two weeks vacation from Uncle Harry who refuses to grant it because Lucy has used up that time on coffee breaks and long lunch hours.
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Lucy Stops a Marriage

Dec 28, 1970 Season 3 Episode 16

Uncle Harry loses $100,000 when Lucy alienates a rich benefactress.
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Lucy and Ma Parker

Dec 21, 1970 Season 3 Episode 15

Lucy and her children portray real mobsters in order to assist police in the capture of some dangerous big-time criminals.
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Lucy, Part-Time Wife

Dec 14, 1970 Season 3 Episode 14

Lucy masquerades as Uncle Harry's pregnant wife to deceive a woman whom Harry expects wants to marry him.
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Lucy Loses Her Cool

Dec 07, 1970 Season 3 Episode 13

Lucy becomes the victim of a TV stunt introduced by Art Linkletter and plotted by her children, her best friend and Uncle Harry.
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Lucy and Rudy Vallee

Nov 30, 1970 Season 3 Episode 12

Lucy attempts to modernize Rudy Vallee's musical presentation and in doing so transforms the crooner into a Rock 'n Roll sensation.
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Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography

Nov 23, 1970 Season 3 Episode 11

Lucy & Jack Benny clown the story of Benny's life from his childhood to the present day.
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Lucy, the Diamond Cutter

Nov 16, 1970 Season 3 Episode 10

A skilled Dutch diamond cutter uses Lucy's home as a secret workshop while attempting to split the famed Kasbah diamond.
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Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price

Nov 09, 1970 Season 3 Episode 9

Lucy winds up in a horror chamber at the home of Vincent Price after she takes an oil painting there for the actor's expert appraisal.
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Lucy's Wedding Party

Nov 02, 1970 Season 3 Episode 8

Lucy uses Uncle Harry's home for a Greek Wedding Party thinking he's gone out of town for the weekend, then tries to convince Harry that it's a surprise birthday party for him.
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Lucy, the American Mother

Oct 26, 1970 Season 3 Episode 7

Lucy is the subject of a revealing documentary filmed by her son Craig, and later by Uncle Harry who sees investment/profit in the venture.
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Lucy, the Coed

Oct 19, 1970 Season 3 Episode 6

Lucy and her children are recruited by Uncle Harry to star in his college reunion revue when he is unable to contact theatrically inclined alumni.
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Lucy the Crusader

Oct 12, 1970 Season 3 Episode 5

Lucy Organizes a committee of irate purchasers to protest at the company's annual stockholder's meeting.
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Lucy and the Drum Contest

Oct 05, 1970 Season 3 Episode 4

Craig makes the finals of a local drum contest only to let his needy competitor take the honors and win a new set of drums.
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Lucy and Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sep 28, 1970 Season 3 Episode 3

Lucy nurses Sammy Davis, Jr. after he suffers recurring socks in the nose. Her ubiquitous presence almost halts production of his latest movie.
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Lucy the Skydiver

Sep 21, 1970 Season 3 Episode 2

Lucy's children take up motorcycling, so Lucy takes up skydiving in the hopes they'll give up their dangerous sports.
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Lucy Meets the Burtons

Sep 14, 1970 Season 3 Episode 1

Lucy mistakes actor Richard Burton for a plumber when he dons overalls to evade a throng of women while on his way to have Elizabeth Taylor's 69 carat ring re-sized. Lucy finds the ring in Burton's discarded overalls, tries it on and can't get it off!
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