Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

1995, TV Show

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Latest Episode: A Wicked Good Time

Nov 15, 1999 Season 6 Episode 7 watch on (Subscription)

When Hercules and Iolaus visit a village, a witch persuades town leaders that Hercules is a warlock and Ceska may hold the key to Hercules's fate.

City of the Dead

Nov 08, 1999 Season 6 Episode 6

Hercules and Iolaus travel to Egypt as ambassadors for Greece and find themselves in the middle of a battle between members of the royal family.
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Hercules, Tramps & Thieves

Nov 01, 1999 Season 6 Episode 5

A trip to Greece for the opening of a bank turns sour for Autolycus when he runs into his ex-wife, Luscious, then lands in jail, accused of robbery.
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Darkness Visible

May 05, 1999 Season 6 Episode 4

Hercules and Iolaus travel to Dacia to help Hercules's old friend Vlad fight the vampires that have been attacking his people.
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Rebel with a Cause

Oct 11, 1999 Season 6 Episode 3

After Creon takes Oedipus's throne, Hercules helps restore Oedipus's daughter, Princess Antigone, to her rightful place as ruler of Thebes.
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Love, Amazon Style

Dec 06, 1999 Season 6 Episode 2

After a breakup with Hephaestus, Aphrodite accidentally casts a spell on the Amazons, causing them to obey orders from Deimos.
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Be Deviled

Sep 25, 1999 Season 6 Episode 1

A woman who looks just like Hercules's ex-wife, Serena, persuades Hercules to help her capture Xerxos. But her hidden agenda puts Hercules in danger.
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