Tongue-in-cheek derring-do about the mythical strongman and his quest to battle evil while avenging the death of his wife and children. Filmed in New Zealand, the hit syndicated series was introduced in 1994 with five two-hour TV movies and inspired the wildly popular `Xena: Warrior Princess.' It also was the source for `Young Hercules,' a live-action series for children on Fox.


Guest Stars

Kevin Smith
Ares, Brown, Iphicles
Gina Torres
Nebula, Nebula `2'
Jason, King Jason
Beraeus, Deimos, Strife
Lucy Lawless
Lyla, Xena, Xena II
Kirin, Serena, Serena/Hind
Alcmeme, Alcmene, Hercules' Mother
Cabiri, Frigga, Mnemosyne
Ajax, Gekkus, Odin
Count Von Verminhaven, Kernunnos, Magistrate
Callisto, Liz Friedman
Jordis, Pylon, Triton
Farmer, Jacobus, Palamedes, Pandion
Mabon, Macareus
Danielle Cormack
Amazon Ephiny, Ephiny, Marie
Ruun, Young Iolaus
Glenn Shadix
Typhon, Typhoon
Gabrielle, Gabrielle II, Sunny
Joxer, Joxer II, Kurtzman
Breanna, Evanthea, Moria
Leah, Young Alcmene
Bronagh, Meniskos
Zarathrustra, Zarathustra
Butcher, Quallus
Karl Urban
Caesar, Cupid
Dirce, Princess
Menelaus, Thoas
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Elora, Katrina
Atlas, Garas
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Daedalus, Hector
Jakar, Trinculos
Enforcer, Enforcer I
Aurora, Lucenne
Acteon, Alexandros
Old Merlin, Seer
Brontus, Danaeus
Falafel, Falafel `2'
Centaur, Deric
Archer No. 1, Head Archer
Perdix, Swillus
Kazon, Pentheus
1 Episode (1999)
Farmer's Wife
1 Episode (1999)
Archangel Michael
1 Episode (1999)
1 Episode (1999)
Archer No. 2
Little Titus
King Arthur
Young Merlin