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Latest Episode: Hell's Kitchen: 4 Chefs Compete

Saturday, July 19, 2014 Season 12 Episode 19 watch on VUDU (Paid)

The final four finalists are treated to a surprise when their loved ones visit HELL'S KITCHEN, but family time comes to an end when Chef Ramsay announces the classic "Taste It Now Make It Challenge." Relying only on their palates and one sample plate of Chef Ramsay's complex seafood entrée, the contestants must recreate the dish and correctly identify its protein, garnish and purée. After dinner, Chef Ramsay makes one of the most difficult decisions yet, when he sends two of the four chefs home.

Hell's Kitchen: 7 Chefs Compete Again

Jun 28, 2014 Season 12 Episode 16

After spending time with three former HELL'S KITCHEN contestants, this season's remaining seven contestants prepare for a dinner service with special guests from Oxfam America, including Minnie Driver. Later, during the dinner service, two contestants struggle with their stations. Find out which contestant can't take the heat and who earns their black jackets.
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Hell's Kitchen: 7 Chefs Compete

Jun 21, 2014 Season 12 Episode 15

With seven contestants remaining, Chef Ramsay puts the Red and Blue teams to the test in the grocery store. Each team must purchase ingredients under a small budget, in hopes of producing three entrees with the highest dollar value. For the next challenge, Chef Ramsay welcomes three former HELL'S KITCHEN winners to judge each contestant's entrée. This time, each person is competing individually for the chance at the black jacket and immunity from elimination.
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Hell's Kitchen: 11 Chefs Compete

May 17, 2014 Season 12 Episode 10

After a dramatic elimination, Chef Ramsay starts the day with a surprise field trip to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, welcoming them into a kitchen that one day could be theirs. Later, the Red and Blue teams must prepare the restaurant's inspired meals.
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Hell's Kitchen: 16 Chefs Compete

Apr 12, 2014 Season 12 Episode 5

Chef Ramsay puts the contestants to the ultimate memory test when he challenges the red and blue teams to match side dishes with four different types of protein. Later, the contestants get an early wake-up call to prepare a breakfast reception for the first-ever HELL'S KITCHEN wedding.
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Hell's Kitchen: 18 Chefs Compete

Mar 28, 2014 Season 12 Episode 3

Chef Ramsay teaches the chefs a lesson in teamwork when he puts them through a physical challenge involving pigs and potatoes, but the competition really heats up when the team competition continues in the kitchen. Later, a disorganized dinner service disappoints Chef Ramsay.
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