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Dec 10, 2014 Season 13 Episode 14 watch on Fox (Free)

The contestants will prepare gourmet dishes for glampers.

The Winner Is Chosen

Sep 19, 2011 Season 9 Episode 16

It's the epic battle you've been waiting for. The Season 9 winner is chosen! Who will win Hell's Kitchen and claim the head chef position at BLT Steak in New York City, and a salary of a quarter million dollars?
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5 Chefs Compete Again

Sep 12, 2011 Season 9 Episode 14

You thought you'd seen this chef at their worst, but you ain't seen nothing yet. Can anyone stop the diva chef from hell? Or will this chef take the entire kitchen down with her?
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5 Chefs Compete

Sep 05, 2011 Season 9 Episode 13

It's down to the final five, but the celebration is short-lived when Chef Ramsay shocks the chefs by testing them against five of Hell's Kitchen's greatest.
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6 Chefs Compete

Aug 29, 2011 Season 9 Episode 12

The restaurant is closed for a very special event and Chef Ramsay wants a perfect evening for his V.I.P. guests. With the coveted black jackets going to the survivors, the chefs will stop at nothing to make it to the final five.
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7 Chefs Compete

Aug 22, 2011 Season 9 Episode 11

Chef Ramsay is fed up, and what he does next will shock everyone. It's unlike anything ever seen on Hell's Kitchen.
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8 Chefs Compete

Aug 22, 2011 Season 9 Episode 10

Two chefs go at it again and awake a sleeping giant, but does that help or hurt the red team? As for the blue team, will they rise to the occasion? Or crash and burn?
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9 Chefs Compete

Aug 15, 2011 Season 9 Episode 9

There's romance in the dining room, but Hell's Kitchen sweethearts are in their worst fight yet. Then, at dinner service, one chef deigns to challenge Chef Ramsay. Uh Oh! This doesn't look good, someone maybe leaving Hell's Kitchen for good!
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10 Chefs Compete

Aug 09, 2011 Season 9 Episode 8

The pressure is on as celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck visits Hell's Kitchen. The chefs are clearly on edge, and Chef Ramsay's honesty is more brutal than ever. While one chef dares to challenge Ramsay, others continue to turn on their teammates.
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11 Chefs Compete

Aug 08, 2011 Season 9 Episode 7

It's a battle of survival as the pressure to impress Chef Ramsay breaks the chefs in ways they have never been broken before.
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12 Chefs Compete

Aug 02, 2011 Season 9 Episode 6

Hell's Kitchen will be hosting a high school reunion. Will a feud between two chefs get them thrown into detention? This is a trip down memory lane that no one will want to remember.
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13 Chefs Compete

Aug 01, 2011 Season 9 Episode 5

It is one chef versus everybody else. But what will happen when the red team's nice girl flips her bitch switch and dares to go toe-to-toe with the queen of mean?
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14 Chefs Compete

Jul 26, 2011 Season 9 Episode 4

There is fighting on the blue team. There is fighting on the red team. But when a chef crosses the line and dares to fight with the sous chefs, Chef Ramsay has the final word.
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15 Chefs Compete

Jul 25, 2011 Season 9 Episode 3

The chefs come face-to-face with their worst fears. Despite children being in the dining room, it's the chefs who are acting like infants.
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16 Chefs Compete

Jul 19, 2011 Season 9 Episode 2

The competition heats up as the 16 contestants have a rude awakening that is followed by a feud on the red team, then at dinner service one chef does something so shocking it threatens to destroy the blue team for good.
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18 Chefs Compete

Jul 18, 2011 Season 9 Episode 1

Season 9 introduces 18 new contestants from all across America who will attempt to impress Chef Ramsay with their signature dishes. This season's winner will become the head chef of BLT Steak in New York City, and a salary of a quarter million dollars.
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