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First Look: Who's Sous In the New Hell's Kitchen!

Fox has revealed to TVGuide.com its recipe for the third season of Hell's Kitchen, the reality competition in which a (non-baker's) dozen would-be restaurateurs endure host Gordon Ramsay's verbal flambés all in the name of emerging as the last chef cooking. This time around, the winner will be garnished with the title of head chef at the Terra Rossa Restaurant in the Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, as well as the most savory $250,000 that comes with it. Without further adieu, here's your first look at who's on the menu:• Aaron, age 48, a retirement home chef from Palos Verdes, California• Brad, 25, a sous chef from Scottsdale, Arizona• Eddie, 28, a grill cook from Atlanta, Georgia• Josh, 26, a junior sous chef from Miami Beach, Florida• Rock, 30, an executive chef from Spotsylvania, Virginia• Vinnie, 29, a night club chef from Milltown, New Jersey• Bonnie, 26, a nanny/personal chef from Los Angeles• Jen, 26, a past... read more

Fox Raises Hell's Sooner, Sits Standoff

According to a fresh release from Fox, Season 3 of Hell's Kitchen will premiere three weeks sooner than planned, on Monday, June 4, at 9 pm/ET. For a lead-in, the Gordon Ramsay-fronted competition will have Steven Spielberg's On the Lot, which will regularly air Mondays at 8 starting June 4. The freshman rom-dram Standoff, meanwhile, which was to resurface April 6, has had its return pushed back to Friday, June 8, at 9 pm. read more

Lot it Be: Fox Announces Premieres, Returns

A few premiere and return dates from Fox:The Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg-produced reality competition, On the Lot, kicks off May 16, then moves to a Monday/Tuesday schedule starting May 28. Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance begins May 24. Hell's Kitchen returns for a third helping on June 25. And the sophomore season of The Loop premieres June 10. read more

Regarding the recent Hell's ...

Question: Regarding the recent Hell's Kitchen rant: I admit that I could never get into Hell's Kitchen because of Gordon Ramsay's attitude, although I now suspect Fox and the producers are more at fault than the star. Not sure if you've seen Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America, but it shows a totally different side to the jerk and is a much better show. It sends the chef to a different failing restaurant each week and shows him trying to turn things around, mostly by helping the chefs regain their passion for cooking. He still curses like a sailor and can be biting, but mostly you realize that he actually wants to help these places become popular. He can be very kind, like in a recent episode when he helped a chef with an alcohol problem. After watching some of Kitchen Nightmares I find myself a Gordon Ramsay fan, although I still can't bring myself to sit through an episode of Hell's Kitchen. If Fox would let Ramsay bring to Hell's Kitchen some of the Tim Gunn-esque mentoring ... read more

This season I've watched ...

Question: This season I've watched Hell's Kitchen on and off, hoping it would improve as it went on, but that never happened. Now that the season is thankfully coming to an end, I have a few questions and gripes. There are some things that I just don't understand about this show and Gordon Ramsay. Why would Chef Ramsay risk his reputation and a lot of money by turning over such an expensive restaurant to be run by any of those inept people who are barely qualified to run a Taco Bell? My second problem is with the chef himself: I realize that a lot of the insults are done for the sake of ratings, but if he acts like that toward his employees, don't you think he would have a few lawsuits by now? There are laws protecting employees from such verbal abuse in the U.S., and I assume that the U.K. must have similar regulations, although I have never heard of any charges filed against him. Last year's show had real talent, and while he was still obnoxious, he wasn't quite so over-the-top and ... read more

I just started watching ...

Question: I just started watching Hell's Kitchen and was wondering how this restaurant (if it is real) can stay open. It takes hours for the food to come to the table, and the chef is yelling and cursing at the top of his lungs for all to hear, and then he shuts down the kitchen, so customers leave without their dinner. Who would continue to go to a restaurant like that? Are the patrons real or actors? Do they know this is a reality show in progress? Are they warned in advance that they may or may not be served? Answer: There's nothing real about the Hell's Kitchen restaurant. It's all made for TV, and the customers are in on it. According to Fox, before production starts, a hotline number is set up to take reservations, and the customers know what they're signing up for: a chance to be on TV, and anyone with reality-TV savvy knows the bigger a stink you make when things start to go badly, the more opportunity you have for face time. Everything about the show this season makes me want ... read more

I have started watching ...

Question: I have started watching Hell's Kitchen, and I have to say I am hooked. What are your thoughts on the show? I find it fascinating to watch these chefs try to cook food and fail miserably. It's neat to see Gordon Ramsay actually in there observing the contestants as they do their tasks. And the swearing makes it even more fun to watch. I hope it stays. Answer: You have just described all the reasons I hate the show this season. Ramsay's shrieking has grown tiresome to me, and this cast of unappealing incompetents is a turnoff. But as is the case with most reality-TV shows, this one's a guilty pleasure at best, so one man's addiction is another's poison. Given the current summer reality glut, I have to be choosy. And I choose not to watch this one. As I mentioned last week, the unappetizing ineptitude of Hell's Kitchen makes me miss Bravo's superior-in-every-way Top Chef, where the cooking actually looked good and most of the contestants possessed personality as well as talent ... read more

Summer TV is always bad, but ...

Question: Summer TV is always bad, but this year I find myself watching virtually nothing. OK, I have used the rerun schedule to catch a few eps of My Name Is Earl (but not if I already saw them), and I have rewatched some Grey's Anatomy episodes, but otherwise I watch nothing. I can't face Gilmore Girls reruns this year. Somehow Lost reruns don't cut it. I'd rather pull my fingernails out one by one than watch moronic reality shows. I don't have cable. Am I doomed until September? Is there anything out there on broadcast TV that is worth watching? Answer: Oh, David, this is so sad. I'm actually having a pretty good TV summer, but only because of the variety of cable choices, from Rescue Me on FX and The Closer on TNT to Hustle on AMC to HBO's Deadwood-Entourage combo on Sundays, with a chaser of The 4400 the same night. And in July there's the delightful new comedy-mystery read more

Can't Stand the Heat? Get Out of Hell's Kitchen!

Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen

Super-mean superchef Gordon Ramsay turns up the heat again as host of Fox's Hell's Kitchen (premiering tonight at 8 pm/ET), in which cafeteria cooks, prison chefs, pizza makers and deli workers toss their pots and pans into the ring, this time with their eyes on a bigger and better prize —an executive-chef gig at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas.

Seeing as, judging by the premiere episode, Ramsay is his same gruff self, what is new for this second helping? For one thing, the dozen would-be restaurateurs are split into men's and women's teams. "It's the most amazing sort of scenario," says Ramsay, "because it raised the bar in terms of competitiveness. The guys hate losing against girls in a way that m read more

A New Star Is on Food Network's Menu

Marc Summers hosts The Next Food Network Star.

Food Network is looking for its next star with a second round of (c'mon, guess the title...) The Next Food Network Star, premiering March 19 at 9 pm/ET. Again hosting the so-much-more-than-a-cook-off is Marc Summers, whom you either know from his "scintillating snack-making secret spilling" on Unwrapped or from his former gig on Nickelodeon's Double Dare. TVGuide.com chatted with Summers about the hunt for another Star — and not just because this writer  (plug-plug) appears on the April 16 episode. TVGuide.com: Well, I just finished watching the Season 2 premiere....Marc Summers: For my money, the big difference this year is that the show moves a lot quicker&n read more

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Premise: Reality fare in which renowned chef Gordon Ramsay tutors---and taunts---aspiring restaurateurs who are competing for the chance to launch their own eatery. Based on a British series of the same name.



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