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B.L. Stryker and Other Announced Releases

B.L. Stryker - The Complete First Season courtesy Arts Alliance America

New releases announced today, January 21:TV Guide Presents...B.L. Stryker - The Complete 1st Season will be coming out February 26 Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen - Season 1 will be coming out April 8 Visit TVShowsOnDVD.com for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

Chaos Theory: Fox Reshuffles the Poststrike Deck

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz by Kwaku Alston/FOX

As if the implications of the writers’ strike weren’t already giving us migraines, along comes Fox to make our heads explode with its latest incomprehensible schedule announcement, covering the strike-impacted midseason from January to April (consider most everything you read from here on subject to change). The first piece of bad news was expected: The seventh season of 24 is being postponed indefinitely, until Fox can ensure the entire season can run intact and uninterrupted. Who knows when that will be? Another blow: Fox is finally living up to its threat to move Bones to Fridays, effective Jan. 4, where it will be paired with repeats of House (the Fox equivalent of Law & Order, considering how often the hit medical drama will be peppered throughout the network’s new and unimproved lineup).To try to help make sense of it all, let’s look at the schedule night by night:Monday: With 24 out of the picture, the new big-ticket midseason item is now the action-pa... read more

Hell's Kitchen Cooks Up Video-game Version

Hell's Kitchen chef, Gordan Ramsay by Kharen Hill/Fox

As a teen, I always felt like Burgertime needed more swearing. Video-game developer Ludia is working on a multiplatform adaptation of Fox's Hell's Kitchen, with hotheaded Gordon Ramsay lending his likeness to the title. According to Variety, the Hell's Kitchen game will attempt to duplicate the "kitchen boot camp" aspect of the show, have Ramsay popping up intermittently to deride your dishes, and also offer printable recipes (if not expletives). read more

I decided to give Fox's ...

Question: I decided to give Fox's Kitchen Nightmares a try. I knew coming into the show that Gordon Ramsay's conversations were going to be mostly shrouded in bleeps, but after watching the show, I think that more words were bleeped out than actually made it through. I understand that we want to keep reality shows, well, real. But I think TV in general needs to come up with a better solution. The music/radio industry, for example, kindly removes the words as if they were never there. Yet on TV, we get this loud, obnoxious sound that can be heard above all other noises in the house, as if to draw attention to the fact that something bad has just been said. Do you think that the TV industry will ever do away with the bleeps and just have a muted line instead? Or at the very least, make that stupid "beep" about a quarter of the volume that we are currently subjected to? Answer: So it's the bleeps you're objecting to, not Ramsay's profligate swearing? Clearly, he and Fox and most of ... read more

I know you're a big fan of So ...

Sabra Johnson is crowned the winner of So You Think You Can Dance

Question: I know you're a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance and was wondering if you think Fox will eventually decide to move the show to the regular season instead of the summer. Do you think that would be a good idea? I know summer is becoming more competitive and networks like to have original programming then, but the show has become so popular, it almost doesn't make sense to "waste" it during months when ratings are less important. Plus, it would be great if such a move raised the show's profile (after all, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars both started during the summer and became even bigger once they went to the regular season) and I can see SYTYCD finally solving Fox's problem of how to schedule the Idol-less fall. But I would hate for Fox to abuse the show the same way NBC did when they tried to replicate the summer success of Last Comic Standing by throwing together that hasty and ill-advised third season a couple of falls ago. So what do you think — would a move ... read more

Ratings: Hell's Kitchen Finale Is Very Well Done

Chef Ramsay, Rock and Bonnie by Greg Gayne/Fox

This Monday's ratings recap:• Part 1 of So You Think You Can Dance's three-part finale drew 7.84 million total viewers, a 200K increase from the show's most recent outing.• The audience for ABC's Fat March (4.9 mil) bulked up by some 520 thou.• And last but far from least, the season finale of Hell's Kitchen delivered 9.82 million customers, a 1.08 mil week-to-week surge and the series' largest audience ever. read more

"Tempers Flare Between Competitors"

First of all, I can’t believe this season of Hell's Kitchen has already come to a close — it seems like just yesterday Melissa’s hair was dipping into her food, Cowboy Aaron was having a nervous breakdown, and Rock was yelling at…well, pretty much everyone. I can’t imagine how stressful this final competition must have been for Rock and Bonnie, especially to have their fate lie somewhat in their ex-competitors’ hands. While everyone claimed to be loyal to their chef, it’s obvious some people (er, Julia) were still jealous they didn’t make it to the finale. In past seasons, I seem to remember the restaurant design being a major part of the finale. Tonight I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see each side of the restaurant’s transformation. Sure, they touched on it here and there, but it was hard to get a good idea of which way each room was headed until they were finally revealed. I’m a big believer that a restaurant’s... read more

I've been watching TV for so ...

Question: I've been watching TV for so long, I remember when test patterns were "must-watch TV." Critics fondly reminisce about the golden years, and there were some truly great years. But am I wrong to think that we are now in the platinum age of television? As this past winter season wound down, this DVR viewer was bummed by the thought of a long summer season of reality shows, relieved only by Rescue Me. To my surprise (and here's a plug for TV Guide), I learned about some of the new series that would be flung all over the cable globe: Mad Men, The Bronx Is Burning, Damages, Kill Point (episodes piling up as I try to catch up with other shows) and now I hear buzz about The Company. Add to that So You Think You Can Dance (far superior to American Idol), Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen, and my personal addiction The Daily Show, and I just can't find enough hours to watch. So my question is: Why don't the networks just give up the full season philosophy (usually thrown in with repeats or as ... read more

"The Final Two Chefs Compete"

I have to say, to promote tonight’s episode as "the beginning of the end" makes it seem a lot more exciting than it actually was. It seemed to me that tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen] was a lot of fluff — a waste of an hour that could have been more wisely invested in a longer season finale. It was just hard to get into the competitive spirit when we knew no one would be leaving Hell’s Kitchen. But if Rock thinks "homegirl can beat him" next week, he should think twice. While I am fairly certain that Rock has this competition in the bag, Bonnie continually surprises me. And at the Green Valley Resort & Spa cook-off, Bonnie really made a reputation for herself amongst Vegas’ elite. But I’m getting ahead of myself....What really confused me tonight was the restaurant design challenge. Usually this is a whole-night affair (which I’m hoping it will be next week), but tonight we merely saw the very beginning of the design process. We did get a hint t... read more

"The Contestants' Mothers Vote"

Tonight’s episode is that one episode in every reality show that reaches a critical moment where the person eliminated is truly the biggest loser of the season. To come this far, to suffer through all those late nights and to hear yourself called “donkey” more times than you can count, and still not make it to the finals? That has got to be brutal. I loved seeing everyone’s mothers visit Hell's Kitchen this week, especially Chef Ramsay's! It’s easy to sometimes forget he’s human, and seeing his mother in the flesh was a good reminder. It was also a great morale booster for the chefs to have their mothers there. In this episode especially, the pressure was on and it was nice to see some relief from it, if even for a moment! And lucky Jen got to spend the whole day with her mother. Did it bother anyone else that when she got the $1,000 shopping spree, she didn’t buy anything for poor Rock and Bonnie, at home slaving away cleaning the dorms? I seem to... read more

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Premise: Reality fare in which renowned chef Gordon Ramsay tutors---and taunts---aspiring restaurateurs who are competing for the chance to launch their own eatery. Based on a British series of the same name.



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