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New drug shows promise for helping Alzheimer's
01:24 — Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York are testing a new drug that they hope will slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by protecting n (more…)
New warning for men who eat non-organic produce
00:53 — A new study says that men who eat organic produce have better sperm counts than those who eat non-organic fruits and vegetables high in pesticide resi (more…)
Study: Age does not affect male fertility
01:10 — British researchers have discovered that the age of men does not affect their fertility. Also, a report linking kids with ADHD to substance abuse. Ale (more…)
Talking to kids about Newtown shooting
01:36 — As the nation tries to comprehend the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., parents are struggling with how to discuss the killings with their children. CBS News (more…)
Hypochondria: Why medical students (and many others) worry about conditions they don't really have
04:26 — Doctors see it all the time -- and sometimes experience it too. Hypochondria is when you're convinced you have a serious illness but actually don't. C (more…)
A mother's story of Down syndrome
04:10 — Marguerite Reardon was stunned when she learned from an early prenatal blood test that the baby she was carrying would have Down syndrome. She tells C (more…)
New blood test for food allergies developed
00:52 — Researchers say that a new blood test can predict people at risk of severe food allergies faster and more safely than other tests. Also, new guidance (more…)
Having trouble juggling work and exercise?
01:36 — Millions of Americans spend the day parked behind a desk. Treadmill desks are catching on around the workplace. Alexis Christoforous reports.
FDA to ban trans fats
01:01 — The FDA announced plans to take trans fats entirely out of America's diet, saying the heart-clogging fat is not safe. The agency will take public feed (more…)
NYC Mayor Bloomberg applauds FDA trans fats ban
02:28 — New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg led his city in becoming the first to ban trans fats in 2006. He spoke with CBS News' Michelle Miller about the (more…)
Girl who got double lung transplant going home
01:13 — Sarah Murnaghan, the 11-year-old Philadelphia girl who took on national transplant rules, is off oxygen and has been discharged from the hospital. KYW (more…)
Why don't ballerinas get dizzy?
01:25 — The brains of ballet dancers may hold the key to treating dizziness. Researchers say ballet dancers' brains can actually adapt to years of spinning an (more…)
Vermont town hit hard by heroin epidemic
01:52 — America's growing heroin problem is hitting home in communities across the country, but Rutland, Vermont, has struggled more than most. CBS News' Kenn (more…)
The Food Babe: Fighting for a healthier America
05:43 — Web sensation Vani Hari, aka "The Food Babe," is on a mission to hold the food industry accountable, but critics accuse her of using fear tactics. She (more…)
Spooky beauty treatment: Vampire facials
01:26 — The growing trend of vampire facials is not just a Halloween treat. The procedure promises to regenerate the skin using the patient's own blood. CBS N (more…)
Fireworks accidents on the rise
01:09 — The Consumer Product Safety Commission held a demonstration this morning showing how much damage fireworks can do. The group says thousands of people (more…)
Potential breakthrough in preeclampsia detection could be life-saving
01:09 — Researchers in Britain say they have developed a test that may accurately predict preeclampsia, a complication during pregnancy that can be life-threa (more…)
Black market kidney trade a complex ethical dilemma
05:57 — Buying and selling kidneys for transplant may help save lives, but at what cost? A new HBO documentary, "Tales from the Organ Trade," explores the glo (more…)
Drinking diet soda linked to belly fat
00:52 — Doctors in Texas have released a new warning for older Americans who drink diet soda. And, the possible impact of exercise on tumors. Eboni Williams h (more…)
What keeps Debi Mazar up at night?
03:43 — The star of "Entourage" and TV Land's new series "Younger" says her crazy, over-scheduled life makes it hard to get a good night's sleep. She tells CB (more…)
Kids with autism more likely to have stomach woes: Study
01:09 — Daily health headlines: Study shows kids with autism eight times more likely to have stomach woes, speaking a second language may delay dementia, plus (more…)
How a teen's nosebleed saved her parents' lives
01:42 — A Texas teenager's nosebleed led to a diagnosis of kidney disease, which caused both of her parents to get tested as potential organ donors. Although (more…)
Robot disinfects hospital room with a zap
01:45 — The CDC has reported that one out of every 20 patients will contract an infection while in the hospital. At the Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colo., (more…)
Walk your way to better health
01:11 — The U.S. Surgeon General is launching a campaign to get Americans to walk more, an easy step to improve fitness and health. CBS News' Weijia Jiang rep (more…)
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