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Cartwheels, tag banned at recess
01:31 — Playing football, soccer, tag and even doing cartwheels have been banned at a middle school in Long Island. The school's superintendent is hoping the (more…)
Husband of Ebola patient says she is improving
01:11 — David Writebol, speaking by phone from Liberia, said his wife Nancy is in good spirits while being treated for the Ebola virus at Emory University Hos (more…)
Practicing parkour can make you fearless
03:08 — "Ninja" and "Modern Tarzan" are two parkour superstars who explain that the sport can make you stronger and more confident in all aspects of life. The (more…)
Early signs of Alzheimer's detected
01:01 — People whose parents both had Alzheimer's may show early signs in brain scans, new research on ADHD meds, and more health news.
Music lessons during childhood may lead to brain benefits
01:07 — Daily health headlines: Music lessons when young could have benefits later in life, a new warning for testosterone therapy warning, plus more of today (more…)
Flu vaccine skin patch could someday replace shots
01:21 — Researchers have developed a painless skin patch for administering the flu vaccine, and testing shows it works as well as a traditional flu shot. CBS (more…)
Why you should add whole grains to your diet
01:11 — A new study finds people who eat at least three servings a day of whole grains have a lower risk of death from heart disease, stroke and cancer. CBS N (more…)
Promising new HIV therapy tested
01:03 — Researchers from Rockefeller University found that a new antibody therapy for HIV patients reduced the amount of the virus in the blood. Also, a new m (more…)
Glenn Close among attendees at W.H. mental health conference
01:36 — Academy Award winner Glenn Close was at the White House talking about the need to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. The conference is part (more…)
One woman's gift kicks off 12-patient, 6-way kidney transplant
02:05 — An extraordinary two-day chain of operations is getting underway at a San Francisco hospital to provide kidney transplants for 6 people in need. KPIX (more…)
Program helps cancer patients freeze eggs
01:34 — Some doctors recommend egg freezing for young women battling cancer because treatment can lead to infertility. But insurance companies don't usually (more…)
Shortage of primary care doctors could threaten care
01:41 — A medical school in Connecticut is doing its best to reverse a shortage of doctors in some critical fields. CBS News' Kenneth Craig reports.
Common misconceptions about flu treatments
03:06 — As flu season begins to ramp up many people who start to experience symptoms rush out to their doctor and beg for antibiotics, but as Dr. Jon LaPook e (more…)
New study on link between asthma and heart attacks
01:09 — A new study looks at the link between asthma attacks and heart attacks. Eboni Williams has that and more of the day's top health stories.
Nurse who was stabbed at hospital speaks out
01:33 — Massachusetts nurse Elise Wilson is pushing for new legal protections for health care workers after she was attacked on the job. Beth Germano of CBS B (more…)
Patient in NYC hospital being tested for Ebola
01:23 — Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City is treating a man suffering from Ebola-like symptoms. The man had recently traveled from West Africa, where the (more…)
New drug shows promise for helping Alzheimer's
01:24 — Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York are testing a new drug that they hope will slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by protecting n (more…)
New warning for men who eat non-organic produce
00:53 — A new study says that men who eat organic produce have better sperm counts than those who eat non-organic fruits and vegetables high in pesticide resi (more…)
Study: Age does not affect male fertility
01:10 — British researchers have discovered that the age of men does not affect their fertility. Also, a report linking kids with ADHD to substance abuse. Ale (more…)
Talking to kids about Newtown shooting
01:36 — As the nation tries to comprehend the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., parents are struggling with how to discuss the killings with their children. CBS News (more…)
Hypochondria: Why medical students (and many others) worry about conditions they don't really have
04:26 — Doctors see it all the time -- and sometimes experience it too. Hypochondria is when you're convinced you have a serious illness but actually don't. C (more…)
A mother's story of Down syndrome
04:10 — Marguerite Reardon was stunned when she learned from an early prenatal blood test that the baby she was carrying would have Down syndrome. She tells C (more…)
New blood test for food allergies developed
00:52 — Researchers say that a new blood test can predict people at risk of severe food allergies faster and more safely than other tests. Also, new guidance (more…)
Having trouble juggling work and exercise?
01:36 — Millions of Americans spend the day parked behind a desk. Treadmill desks are catching on around the workplace. Alexis Christoforous reports.
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