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Drug being tested for Lewy body dementia
01:28 — Less well known than Alzheimer's disease, Lewy body dementia causes memory loss, hallucinations and other symptoms in about 1.5 million Americans, inc (more…)
Drug addict's tragedy helps save others
02:06 — When 33-year-old Charles Grugan died of a drug overdose, his family was devastated. But they found comfort knowing that he helped save other lives as (more…)
Tiny twin's family makes inspiring gift
02:00 — When Sarah Gray and her family faced the heartbreaking prospect of losing one of their newborn twin boys, they decided to take an unusual step to help (more…)
How the Teal Pumpkin Project hopes to change Halloween
01:33 — For millions of kids with food allergies, Halloween can be full of hazards. But the Teal Pumpkin Project hopes to change that. CBS News' Kenneth Crai (more…)
Hot flashes? It may be in your genes
01:22 — New research from UCLA suggests genetics may determine which women suffer from hot flashes during menopause. CBS News' Chris Martinez reports.
Judge rules girls of all ages can purchase "morning after" pill
01:11 — A New York federal judge has ruled that the government must make the so called "morning after" pill available over the counter for girls of all ages. (more…)
In a first, baby has DNA from 3 parents
01:18 — Doctors say the first baby has been born with DNA from 3 people: mother, father and an egg donor. The controversial technique was designed to prevent (more…)
Drug shows promise for hair loss condition
01:23 — Researchers say a bone marrow drug called Ruxolitinib could help patients regrow hair lost due to the autoimmune condition alopecia areata. WCBS-TV's (more…)
New study may help expectant moms feel better about morning sickness
01:24 — New research suggests women who experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy may have a lower risk of miscarriage. CBS News' Danielle Nottingham re (more…)
Doctors warn against codeine for kids
01:23 — Pediatricians say children should not be given medications with codeine for pain relief. Don Champion reports on the risks and the alternatives.
Signs of progress against childhood cancer
01:31 — Advances in treating leukemia mean it is no longer the most deadly cancer in children. CBS News' Danielle Nottingham has one little boy's story of rec (more…)
Tapping in Times Square
04:08 — Nick Ortner, best-selling author of "The Tapping Solution," claims that tapping, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), can help calm th (more…)
Study: Omega-3 fish oil may help after a heart attack
01:22 — New research suggests that taking omega-3 fish oil may help improve heart function in patients who've suffered a heart attack. Dr. Mallika Marshall re (more…)
Florida Gov.: Zika appears to be spreading here
02:13 — Florida Governor Rick Scott said Friday that mosquitoes in the state appear to have transmitted Zika virus to at least four people.
Babies learn to swim before they can walk
01:32 — Water safety instructors say babies as young as 6 months old can learn basic swimming skills that could possibly save their lives. CBS News' Marlie Ha (more…)
Simple tips for a better night's sleep
00:42 — Can't seem to get a good night's sleep? These expert tips could help.
Mask allows athletes to simulate high altitude training
01:25 — This year, one of the hottest pieces of sports equipment is a high altitude training mask. The mask makes it harder to breathe, so that athletes can (more…)
Daily light exercise could reduce risk of early death
01:12 — Researchers found that a little daily exercise can go a long way in preventing early death, reducing the risk by up to 30 percent. Also, early warning (more…)
New drug shows promise for helping Alzheimer's
01:24 — Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York are testing a new drug that they hope will slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by protecting n (more…)
Nail salons turn to safer practices
01:06 — A growing number of nail salons in the San Francisco Bay Area are adopting healthier practices and products intended to protect customers and workers (more…)
"Watchman" device reduces stroke risk
01:12 — A new FDA-approved device can help protect heart patients from stroke. CBS News' Kris Van Kleave reports on how it's changing one woman's life.
Study: 50 years of tobacco control prevented 8 million U.S. deaths
01:08 — Daily health headlines: New study examines impact of surgeon general's first smoking report, fit teens may have healthier hearts as adults, plus more (more…)
Lowering your cholesterol could help ward off Alzheimer's
01:25 — Keeping your cholesterol in check has always been considered good for your heart. Now, new research finds it could also be good for your brain. CBS Ne (more…)
Substance abuse a problem for mentally ill
01:12 — Daily health headlines: The dangers of distracted driving examined, new research on substance abuse among the mentally ill, plus more of today's top m (more…)
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