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Prison Break DVD News, Season 2 Preview!

Wentworth  Miller and Dominic Purcell, Prison Break

Fans of Fox's Prison Break can revisit Michael's bold breakout via the Season 1 DVD set, in stores today and featuring commentary from creator Paul T. Scheuring and from some of the series' cast and crew, and extras such as an inside look at "the inside" of Fox River. TVGuide.com seized this opportunity to talk with Scheuring about prime time's great escape and the can't-miss manhunt ahead for Season 2. TVGuide.com: As you watched Season 1 again and recorded your commentary, did you come to any new realizations — other than that [co-commentator] read more


It looks like Chris O'Donnell — apparently not put off by Head Cases' grim fate — will next call Grey's Anatomy's Seattle Grace home. For more on that story, as well as an Alias update, the truth behind that wild rumor of a Lost uncasting, and so much more, click on over to today's bakery-fresh Ask Ausiello. read more

Just saw your website for the ...

Question: Just saw your website for the first time. Gosh, you are an egomaniac! I always wondered. Answer: What's that you ask, Marissa? What are my picks for the 10 worst shows of 2005? I thought you'd never ask! 1. 2005 MTV Video Music Awards: A three-hour pile of overproduced horse poop. Note to viewers: Next time the VMA host feels the need to repeatedly tell you that "anything can happen," trust me: Nothing will.2. The War at Home: Turns out War is hell and horribly written.3. The West Wing (debate episode): Just like a real presidential debate, only duller.4. Saturday Night Live: The women still rock, but the rest of the show feels about as desperate as one of Horatio Sanz's midskit giggle fits.5. Queer as Folk ser read more

The Odd Couple
Vice meets nice in courtroom drama

There oughta be a law. That's an understandable reaction to learning that this season would bring us two new buddy shows about quirkily mismatched lawyers. At least Fox's irritating Head Cases was canceled after just two episodes. Still on the docket is WB's Just Legal (Mondays, 9 pm/ET), which mostly overcomes its contrived premise and clichéd courtroom theatrics with well-played characters you might actually root for. Don Johnson, whose bad-boy persona served him well through Miami Vice and Nash Bridges, makes the most of his latest ne'er-do-well role: washed-up beachfront lawyer Grant Cooper, an alcoholic pariah who finds his way back to marginal self-respect by partnering with idealistic teen prodigy David "Skip" Ross ( read more


Adam Goldberg and Chris O'Donnell

As we predicted, Fox's much-maligned legal dramedy Head Cases has become the first casualty of the new fall season. The network announced late yesterday that it has pulled the plug after just two low-rated airings. Original episodes of Nanny 911 will fill the Wednesday/9-10 pm time slot starting next week. Now let's all pause to mourn Chris O'Donnell's latest comeback attempt. read more

I watched the premiere of ...

Question: I watched the premiere of Head Cases and thought it was brilliant — similar to Boston Legal, but with more depth. However, I was disappointed to see that it didn't do too well in the ratings. Do you think this show has a chance of sticking around? Answer: In short, no. (As it turns out, the show was canceled after Wednesday's toxic second broadcast.) But then, I'm not giving it the benefit of the doubt. I hated it. In the Fall Preview issue, I describe the show as being "like a bad episode of a lesser David E. Kelley series." I found Chris O'Donnell dull and Adam Goldberg incredibly obnoxious. When a show lacks buzz as well as ratings, it's probably doomed. (A similar but less-annoying lawyer-buddy dramedy, Just Legal, got better reviews for WB, but I'll be surprised if it survives, either. Its opening ratings were subpar, in part because, to me at least, it feels like it's on the wrong network.) [Editor's Note: If you missed Monday's column, you'll find it here.] read more

Today's column was written by Ben Katner


Martha Stewart

To borrow a phrase from the domestic diva herself, it appears The Apprentice: Martha Stewart is having a little trouble fitting into NBC's Wednesday lineup. The much-hyped spin-off debuted with a measly 7.6 million viewers and ranked a distant No. 2 behind ABC's Lost clips special. Speaking of Lost, a whopping 23 million viewers followed Jack and Co. into the hatch (Hi, Desmond!), and most of them — 16.8 million to be exact — stuck around at 10 pm for the series premiere of Invasion. And over on Fox, Head Cases completely lost it in its second week, drawing just over 3 million viewers. On the bright side, I'm so gonna win TV Guide's "Which show will get axed first?" office pool. Just kidding. There's no office pool. Gambling is illegal. (Tee-hee.) read more

Call me crazy, but I love series...

Call me crazy, but I love series premieres. There's always so much hope. So much promise. Then, of course, you have to actually watch the episode. This one's OK, but far from perfect — I'm not totally sold on this Odd Couple concept. Jason Payne (Chris O'Donnell) goes into a full-on nervous breakdown after his wife (Krista Allen) throws him out for not being there for her or their son. Russell Shultz (Adam Goldberg) suffers from some sort of inexplicable rage disorder. The two lawyers end up working together. Why? I'm really not so sure. The doctor at the hospital says it's a sponsor-type thing, but the reasoning is really kind of weak. And then there's the fact that O'Donnell's character seems like he went from zero to breakdown in record speed, but whatever. It's good to see the former Boy Wonder spending some quality time with us in TV Land. And it's always good to see Goldberg in one of those seriously off-kilter roles we've read more

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