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Dec 07, 1984 Season 2 Episode 130 watch on Hulu (Free)

In an attempt to calm a young boy’s fear, Fisto tells the story of how he went from villain to hero with the help of a young girl named Rayna and her brave companions.

To Save the Creatures

Dec 06, 1984 Season 2 Episode 64

On a search for Bigtooth Furlongs, Prince Adam discovers that Maddok, a villain-in-training, Maddok, has power over animals, putting everyone’s safety and Beast Man’s job in jeopardy.
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The Games

Dec 05, 1984 Season 2 Episode 63

The Bendari, an alien race from a world with no evil, come to Eternia wanting to pit their greatest representatives of good and evil against one another. As Adam is training, Fisto is selected to face Skeletor’s enhanced henchman, Spikor.
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The Ancient Mirror of Avathar

Dec 04, 1984 Season 2 Episode 62

Prince Adam, Melaktha and Moss Man travel to Avathar Island in search of the Ancient Mirror of Avathar, which is expected provide them with knowledge.
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The Bargain With Evil

Nov 30, 1984 Season 2 Episode 60

In order to free her father from the Realm of Evil, Lady Arvela promises to bring the Starchild before Angast, ruler of the realm.
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Mistaken Identity

Nov 28, 1984 Season 2 Episode 58

When Farin, an impetuous young man, claims to be He-Man in order to impress his girlfriend, Modulok overhears the story and takes him captive. Now the true He-Man and his friends must save Farin before Modulok ends his life.
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The Magic Falls

Nov 26, 1984 Season 2 Episode 56

Skeletor plans to sneak a disguised Kobra Khan into the Royal Palace on Eternia Day but first he kidnaps Orko and drains his powers so that he can not identify the villian.
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Visitors from Earth

Nov 22, 1984 Season 2 Episode 54

Two astronauts from Earth are accidentally sucked through a vortex and end up in Eternia. While Major Andrea Steele explains her cause to Queen Marlena at the Royal Palace her partner Colonel Mark Blaze lands at Snake Mountain.
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Happy Birthday Roboto

Nov 14, 1984 Season 2 Episode 48

Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms rescue the robotic alien, Roboto, from his ship that crash-landed and make the repairs to restore his life. Roboto serves as an ally to the Royal Palace…until Modulok captures him and reprograms him for evil.
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The Eternia Flower

Nov 13, 1984 Season 2 Episode 46

A young man named Jonno steals the Wind Raider and disappears on the day he is to be named “Boy of the Year” by King Randor. It is soon discovered that the evil Count Marzo is controlling the boy with a highly addictive flower called the Black Nightmare.
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The Problem With Power

Nov 09, 1984 Season 2 Episode 44

After Skeletor tricks He-Man into thinking he has killed a man He-Man relinquishes his Sword of Power by throwing it into the abyss. With the most powerful man in the universe gone, who will save Eternia from Skeletor and his Goblin Warriors?
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Teela's Triumph

Nov 07, 1984 Season 2 Episode 43

Skeletor transports both He-Man and the Sorceress to another dimension and in doing so, Castle Grayskull is left unguarded. Teela faces her greatest challenge as she is called upon by the Spirit of Grayskull to take her mother’s place.
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The Gambler

Nov 06, 1984 Season 2 Episode 42

During the launch of Eternia’s newest energy source, the Coridite Reactor, a Widget named Smudge is tricked into gambling away some of the Coridite that powers the machine.
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The Secret Of The Grayskull

Nov 01, 1984 Season 2 Episode 39

Skeletor sends fiery-spider fireworks towards the Royal Palace, and while the Heroic Warriors deal with this threat, Orko receives a scolding from Man-At-Arms causing the little Trollan to leave.
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Greatest Show On Eternia

Oct 30, 1984 Season 2 Episode 37

Crackers the Clown's circus comes to the Royal Palace to perform for the people of the Royal Palace, much to the chagrin of Skeletor.
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