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Latest Episode: Disappearing Dragons

Oct 03, 1984 Season 2 Episode 80 watch on Hulu (Free)

Dragons are disappearing from Dragon Mountain, and Granamyr asks He-Man for aid in finding out where they have all gone.

The Ice Age Cometh

Sep 29, 1984 Season 2 Episode 78

Skeletor's minion, Icer, takes control of the Eternian Weather Station and threatens to bring a huge glacier down on the Royal Palace
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Origin of the Sorceress

Sep 27, 1984 Season 2 Episode 76

As result of an assault on Eternia by the ancient wizard Morgoth the Sorceress reveals her past to He-Man, including the events that caused her to become the guardian of Castle Grayskull
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To Save the Creatures

Dec 07, 1984 Season 2 Episode 64

On a search for Bigtooth Furlongs, Prince Adam discovers that Maddok, a villain-in-training, Maddok, has power over animals, putting everyone’s safety and Beast Man’s job in jeopardy.
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The Ancient Mirror of Avathar

Dec 05, 1984 Season 2 Episode 62

Prince Adam, Melaktha and Moss Man travel to Avathar Island in search of the Ancient Mirror of Avathar, which is expected provide them with knowledge.
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Capture the Comet Keeper

Dec 04, 1984 Season 2 Episode 61

Skeletor imprisons Zagraz, the keeper of the comets, and tries to convince him to form an alliance. However, once he removes Zagraz from his mountain, the comets spin out of control, putting all of Eternia at risk!
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The Toy Maker

Nov 30, 1984 Season 2 Episode 59

Skeletor orders the Toy Maker to send his toys into the Royal Palace by impressing Orko. Once the toys are inside the castle, they grow in size and over-power Man-At-Arms.
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Mistaken Identity

Nov 29, 1984 Season 2 Episode 58

When Farin, an impetuous young man, claims to be He-Man in order to impress his girlfriend, Modulok overhears the story and takes him captive. Now the true He-Man and his friends must save Farin before Modulok ends his life.
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The Magic Falls

Nov 27, 1984 Season 2 Episode 56

Skeletor plans to sneak a disguised Kobra Khan into the Royal Palace on Eternia Day but first he kidnaps Orko and drains his powers so that he can not identify the villian.
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Orko's Return

Nov 22, 1984 Season 2 Episode 53

Beast Man and Trap Jaw set out on their own and create an impenetrable fortress grown from magical seeds. They then kidnap Orko and hold him hostage in exchange for all of Eternia’s Photanium.
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Beauty and the Beast

Nov 21, 1984 Season 2 Episode 52

Teela and Orko are kidnapped by Skeletor and transported to the kingdom of Moragore to be held captive by the disfigured prince known as the Monster of Moragore.
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Battle of the Dragons

Nov 16, 1984 Season 2 Episode 49

After the evil dragon Morningstar uses magic to extinguish dragon Granamyr’s flame and greatly weaken him, he convinces the injured dragon that humans were responsible for the act.
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Happy Birthday Roboto

Nov 15, 1984 Season 2 Episode 48

Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms rescue the robotic alien, Roboto, from his ship that crash-landed and make the repairs to restore his life. Roboto serves as an ally to the Royal Palace…until Modulok captures him and reprograms him for evil.
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Orko's New Friend

Nov 09, 1984 Season 2 Episode 47

Squonge, friend of Orko, is known for his tall tales. When Squonge discovers that the Slave Master is hiding in the nearby forest and has kidnapped Orko, will anyone at Royal Palace believe his story?
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The Problem With Power

Nov 10, 1984 Season 2 Episode 44

After Skeletor tricks He-Man into thinking he has killed a man He-Man relinquishes his Sword of Power by throwing it into the abyss. With the most powerful man in the universe gone, who will save Eternia from Skeletor and his Goblin Warriors?
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