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Nov 14, 1972 Season 5 Episode 9 watch on CBS (Free)

It's Christmas in Hawaii and Five-0 travels to the Big Island, where Max is forced to work with a rival medical examiner after a cowboy is poisoned. Meanwhile, McGarrett pressures Danny into stealing a Christmas tree. (TV-14 L. V)

Hawaii Five-0: Ua Hala

Feb 25, 1970 Season 2 Episode 23

Five-0 is in hot pursuit of a shooter who guns down one of their own, while another team member is forced to choose which of their kidnapped loved ones will live.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ua Hopu

Feb 19, 1970 Season 2 Episode 22

Just as McGarrett finally gets his hands on his arch nemesis Wo Fat in a special ops raid, he's blindsided when he finds that the Japanese Yakuza is hot on their trail and wants them both dead.
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Hawaii Five-0: Kalele

Jan 28, 1970 Season 2 Episode 19

When McGarrett's sister is arrested for trying to smuggle $20 million worth of conflict diamonds, he and Chief Fryer reach out to August March, an ex-con who served 30 years for diamond smuggling, to help arrange a sting operation. Award winner Ed Asner guest stars, reprising his role of "August March," an up-and-coming world-class smuggler, from the original "Hawaii Five-0" 1975 episode, "Wooden Model of a Rat."
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Hawaii Five-0: Mai Ka Wa Kahiko

Dec 31, 1969 Season 2 Episode 15

A dirty cop from Danno's past comes to the island to exact revenge on Danno and his family for ruining his life, forcing the Five-0 to find a way to help their teammate.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ka Ho'oponopono

Dec 17, 1969 Season 2 Episode 13

When the Five-0 determine that the murder of a teenage girl was a professional hit, they must first find out why she was targeted before they can find her killer.
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Hawaii Five-0: Pahele

Dec 03, 1969 Season 2 Episode 11

McGarrett and the Five-0 search for a busload of kidnapped school children as well as the people responsible.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ki'ilua

Nov 26, 1969 Season 2 Episode 10

McGarrett finds himself in need of the Five-0's help when he goes to North Korea with Jenna Kaye to deliver a ransom to rebels who are holding her fiance' hostage. Meanwhile, the Five-0 investigate the murder of an investigative reporter who seems to have ties to Jenna. Singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett guest stars as Frank Bama, a helicopter pilot and friend of Joe White's who helps the Five-0 in North Korea.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ka Iwi Kapu

Nov 05, 1969 Season 2 Episode 7

When the Five-0s investigate the murder of a young couple filming a spooky documentary about a traditional Hawaiian burial site, they are threatened by a drifter who puts a curse on Danny.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ma'ema'e

Oct 22, 1969 Season 2 Episode 5

The FIVE-0's investigation into the murder of the state's women's volleyball coach leads them to find out more bad news about Kono, and Chin Ho reconnects with his former fiance, Malia.
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Hawaii Five-0: Kame'e

Oct 08, 1969 Season 2 Episode 3

At his mentor's request, McGarrett persuades Max to redo the autopsy on a SEAL, thought to have committed suicide, in order to investigate his murder. Meanwhile, Chin Ho worries about Kono hanging out with a group of dirty ex-cops.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ha'iole (Unbreakable)

Sep 24, 1969 Season 2 Episode 1

While McGarrett sits in prison awaiting trial for the murder of the governor, Danny brings him a surprise visitor to help clear him. Meanwhile, Kono is suspended for the force, pending an internal investigation.
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