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Sep 12, 1972 Season 5 Episode 1 watch on CBS (Free)

The island of O'ahu goes on lockdown when Five-0 hunts a terrorist who starts using weaponized drones on civilians. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno must go for a mandated review with a psychologist, resulting in a session which looks a lot like couples therapy. (TV-14 V)

Hawaii Five-0: Oia'i'o

Mar 19, 1969 Season 1 Episode 24

When Five-0 gets too close to the truth about Wo Fat and his associates, the criminal mastermind retaliates by trying to destroy the team.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ho'ohuli Na'au

Mar 05, 1969 Season 1 Episode 22

It's the worst kind of overexposure when world-renowned photographer Renny Sinclair is murdered while on assignment in Hawaii shooting the annual swimsuit edition of a top sports magazine.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ma Ke Kahakai

Feb 19, 1969 Season 1 Episode 20

While hiking in a remote area of the jungle to see the famed petroglyphs, McGarrett and Danny instead find a homicide victim.
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Hawaii Five-0: Loa Aloha

Feb 05, 1969 Season 1 Episode 18

While Five-0 races to stop a mad bomber before he kills again, Danny gets an unexpected visit from his little brother, Matt, a fun-loving Wall Street broker. The family reunion is cut short, however, when Danny discovers the real reason that Matt is in Hawaii.
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Hawaii Five-0: E Malama

Jan 22, 1969 Season 1 Episode 16

When the sole witness in a high-profile murder case disappears, Five-0 must head into the jungle to locate and protect her from assassins who are closing in fast.
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Hawaii Five-0: He Kane Hewa'ole

Jan 08, 1969 Season 1 Episode 14

Five-0 joins the Honolulu Police Department in a high-speed police chase that ends with the driver fatally injured, and a gruesome discovery by the team. The investigation leads to an awkward reunion between Chin Ho and his ex-fiancee.
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Hawaii Five-0: Hana 'a'a Makehewa

Dec 25, 1968 Season 1 Episode 12

It's Christmas in Hawaii, but instead of celebrating, Five-0 is negotiating a hostage situation when the man who killed McGarrett's father resurfaces.
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Hawaii Five-0: HeiHei

Dec 12, 1968 Season 1 Episode 10

Five-0 is baffled when a highly skilled ring of thieves pulls off a heist of an armored car, killing two security guards but leaving the money behind. Their only lead in the case requires Danny to reluctantly ask his ex-wife for a favor.
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Hawaii Five-0: Mana'o

Nov 21, 1968 Season 1 Episode 8

A Hawaiian luau turns into a nightmare when the body of a dead cop, who turns out to be Danny's ex-partner from the Honolulu P.D., is found in the barbeque pit. Five-0's dogged investigation into the murder matches them against Internal Affairs, dirty cops and Hawaii's most powerful cocaine cartel.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ko'olauloa

Nov 07, 1968 Season 1 Episode 6

When the CEO of a hugely successful surf company is murdered, Kono revisits her past while Five-0 is thrown headlong into the varied but interconnected worlds of North Shore surfing.
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Hawaii Five-0: Lanakila

Oct 10, 1968 Season 1 Episode 4

Five-0 is tasked with tracking down a violent convict after he breaks from an Island prison in search of his stolen money and kidnaps a young couple on vacation in Waikiki. Meanwhile, McGarrett's estranged sister, Mary Ann, arrives from the mainland.
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Hawaii Five-0: Ohana

Sep 26, 1968 Season 1 Episode 2

Following the violent abduction of an ex-NSA cyber-terrorism expert in the middle of downtown Waikiki, Five-0 must race to rescue the man, and prevent a breach of national security.
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