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2011, TV Show

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Latest Episode: House of Pain / Antique Spirits

Jun 05, 2013 Season 3 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

John Zaffis and his team travel to Pensacola, Florida to look into alleged activity at an old Victorian house where famous socialite Wallis Simpson once lived.

Slaughterhouse Ghosts / Supernatural Sword

Jul 06, 2011 Season 1 Episode 6

A Connecticut woman fears her horses and livelihood are at stake due to a haunting in her century-old barn. Michelle has experienced loud banging noises, scratching coming from inside the walls and unexplained injuries to her horses. Collectibles in the barn include a farming scythe and gargoyles. But during their investigation, Zaffis and his team uncover something far more disturbing that may tie in with the barn's violent history. Then, a North Carolina man reports being tossed to the ground by unseen spirits in his rural home. John Zaffis and his team investigate several odd relics potentially related to the negative energy: crystals, antique swords, and a hearse. The case takes an unexpected turn when Zaffis experiences a 'first' in his 37-year career.
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Uncivil Spirit / Revolutionary Ghost

Jun 29, 2011 Season 1 Episode 5

Uncivil Spirit: Zaffis and company travel to Sharpsburg, Maryland -- the site of the bloody Civil War battle of Antietam -- to help out a single mom. The trouble started after her ex-husband found a civil war-era bullet while mowing the lawn.
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The Sanitarium / The Firehouse Phantom

Jun 22, 2011 Season 1 Episode 4

The Sanitarium: A landlady in Stratford, Connecticut calls John and his team after her tenants report being attacked by an invisible assailant. The crew examines family heirlooms and uncovers the property's shady past. When the batteries in their equipment inexplicably drain, they are lead to a crawl space in the basement-- and a discovery that hints at a terrible truth. Firehouse Phantom: John Zaffis and his team are called to investigate an alleged haunting at a firehouse museum in Pueblo, Colorado. Reports include whispering, voices and, most disturbing-- two fire trucks that apparently drive on their own. The curators are worried for public safety and urgently need John's help. The crew detects high electromagnetic fields -- which can indicate the presence of spirits -- coming from an antique cabinet. What they discover inside is surprising even to a ghost hunting vet like Zaffis.
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Burning Spirits / Ghosts of the West

Jun 15, 2011 Season 1 Episode 3

The owner of a Sandia Park, NM barroom fears for the safety of her patrons and employees, due to alleged paranormal phenomena. Embers in an indoor fire pit mysteriously combust, light fixtures swing back and forth and a shadow purportedly darts by the woman's bathroom. Most ominously, noxious fumes are seeping into the kitchen despite repeated checks for gas leaks. Zaffis and his crew investigate a myriad of Native American artifacts that may have been disturbed by modern development. Meanwhile, a surprising discovery in an attic crawl space yields clues regarding the source of the alleged haunting. A Cimarron, NM hotel is famous for the violent behavior of 19th Century guests like Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody and Black Jack Ketchum. At least 26 people were killed in various shoot-em-ups at the saloon. Now the hotel's owners claim the place is haunted. Reported activity includes whispering and an unseen force that has reportedly thrown guests down the front stairs. According to legend, Room 18 is especially nasty because it's where gunslinger TJ Wright was cut down following a poker game. Zaffis and the crew delve into the mysteries of old west, and test whether hotel artifacts may have retained spirit energy.
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My Mother's Ghost / Paranormal Predator

Jun 08, 2011 Season 1 Episode 2

A California woman wracked by family tragedy is experiencing unwanted visitations at night. Charlotte says she's felt a tugging on her leg, and has seen a shadow pass through her hallway. But her biggest concern is her young son, whom she claims talks to an invisible entity. Zaffis and the team rule out several heirlooms as the source of the alleged haunting. But when they attempt to collect electronic voice phenomena- they wind up recording a message with shocking resonance to the client. Chad is an avid hunter who's comfortable with guns and even landed a shark or two. But unexplained noises, a face in the closet, and a dragging sound are too much for Chad's girlfriend and young son. Zaffis and Co. investigate several curious collectibles including a Vietnam era bayonet knife, big game taxidermy, shark jaws and even and old cane.
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Haunted Bayou/Library Ghost [HD]

Jun 01, 2011 Season 1 Episode 1

A Lake Charles, Louisiana landlord is losing tenants who've fled due to alleged paranormal phenomena - which includes shadows and the sighting of an old hag in a bedroom closet. The Public Library in Deep River, Connecticut is plagued by alleged spirits that are terrifying the staff and patrons alike. Reported activity includes sporadic chattering, shadow movements and an old typewriter that seems to type by itself.
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