Tue Aug 11 6:00am
The Sanitarium; Firehouse Phantom(Season 1, Episode 4) Syfy

The team visits a Stratford, Conn., property where a landlady claims that an invisible entity attacked her tenants. Also: A firehouse museum is probed in Pueblo, Colo.

Tue Aug 11 7:00am
Uncivil Spirit; Revolutionary Ghost(Season 1, Episode 5) Syfy

A Civil War-era bullet may be causing problems for a mother in Sharpsburg, Md., a college student claims to have encountered the ghost of a British soldier from the Revolutionary War.

Tue Aug 11 8:00am
Slaughterhouse Ghosts; Supernatural Sword(Season 1, Episode 6) Syfy

A century-old barn in Connecticut may harbor haunted collectibles; relics in a North Carolina home may have had a negative impact on the homeowner.

Wed Aug 12 6:00am
Haunted Mansion; Ghost Mill(Season 2, Episode 1) Syfy

A woman's Kentucky home and a silo in Ohio are visited in the Season 2 premiere.

Wed Aug 12 7:00am
Haunted Inn; Long Live the Kings(Season 2, Episode 2) Syfy

A New York bed-and-breakfast and a Florida home are visited.

Wed Aug 12 8:00am
Haunted Villa; Spirit Springs(Season 2, Episode 3) Syfy

Claims of paranormal activity are probed in New York and Virginia.

Tue Aug 18 6:30am
Priest Gun; Haunted Asylum(Season 2, Episode 4) Syfy

A Michigan home and a former asylum in Virginia are visited.

Tue Aug 18 7:30am
Haunted Rectory; Grand Midway Ghosts(Season 2, Episode 5) Syfy

Purported poltergeist activity is probed at Pennsylvania's Grand Midway Hotel.