Harry's Law

An irascible attorney is fired and sets up her own practice in an abandoned shoe store and builds a team of unlikely colleagues.

The Rematch Trailer
01:11 — Puck (Paul McCrane) goes behind the FBI (Chris Ellis) in order to bring a kidnapped child home, but is later charged by Roseanna (Jean Smart) for aidi (more…)
Gorilla My Dreams Trailer
00:48 — Harry and Tommy fight for the rights of a gorilla that has been hidden on a hunting preserve, while Adam, Oliver, and Cassie represent a woman (Erica (more…)
Purple Hearts Trailer
01:39 — Harry represents a woman charged with the murder of her 3-day-old baby, initially using the defense of mercy killing. Tommy and Adam, meanwhile, fight (more…)
Hosanna Roseanna Trailer
01:07 — Harry, Adam, and Oliver prepare for the high-profile trial of a man (Alfred Molina) everyone believes is guilty, while simultaneously fending off a de (more…)
Bad To Worse Trailer
01:20 — Harry gets caught up in a Teacher's wrongful termination suit after he issues a failing grade over a student's opposition to the theories of Darwin, g (more…)