Hardcore Pawn

2009, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Cousin Competition

Jun 04, 2014 Season 9 Episode 2 watch on (Paid)

When Les takes his niece Karen under his wing to help out at the jewelry counter, Ashley doesn't hide her jealousy well.

Drop the Bomb [HD]

Sep 27, 2011 Season 4 Episode 12

Les hatches a plan to celebrate the store's 30th Anniversary.
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Seth vs Rich [HD]

Sep 13, 2011 Season 4 Episode 11

Ashley faces danger head-on when a riled-up customer refuses to leave the store.
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New Hire. Now Fire!

Sep 06, 2011 Season 4 Episode 10

Seth takes his biggest stand to date when a ‘roid-raging meathead threatens his father’s safety. Ashley surprises everyone with a new hire -- who turns out to be a crook. A confrontation erupts and Seth steps in to protect his sister and the family business.
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Ashley vs. Rich

Aug 30, 2011 Season 4 Episode 9

Rich invades Ashley's territory in the jewelry and loan department. Seth negotiates for high-value jewels and freaks when he sees a customer's domestic abuse. Les eyes a rare piece of memorabilia from the Aliens movie. Rich crosses the line and sends Ashley through the roof.
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All in the Family

Aug 16, 2011 Season 4 Episode 8

Tensions between Ashley and Seth run high, but when a customer demands drug money they are forced to cooperate. An Elvis record may command major cash, but will Les and Rich spend too much? The gloves come off when a customer threatens to attack Les.
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Turf Wars

Aug 02, 2011 Season 4 Episode 7

With the store officially divided, Seth and Ashley fight to defend their turf. A fake ID puts Les in a dangerous situation. A man with some gear for sale humiliates his son in front of the Golds and turns a business deal into a brawl.?
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Blood Lines

Jul 26, 2011 Season 4 Episode 6

Ashley blows everyone away with her negotiating skills reigniting her feud with Seth.? When a shark suit sale goes wrong, Les is threatened. When sibling rivalry reaches a high, Les is forced to make a decision that will change the way AJL does business forever.
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Les Loses It

Jul 19, 2011 Season 4 Episode 5

Seth plays hardball when a trove of vintage sports cards comes in. The Golds freak when a customer reveals where jewelry she’s selling was pierced. Later, a drunk customer gets belligerent and Les explodes. Can security calm things down or will Les go too far?
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Les Walks Out

Jul 05, 2011 Season 4 Episode 4

With Les gone, Ashley plots Seth’s demise. A disagreement over the worth of some jewelry leads to a standoff. The Golds consider a piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia. Seth dangles an enticing deal in front of the seller, but is one of them getting screwed?
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Fire Bomb

Jun 28, 2011 Season 4 Episode 3

Find out how the Golds really feel when a customer tries to rip off the store in this special behind the scenes episode of Hardcore Pawn. Later, the Golds have the chance to buy a genuine Olympic torch. Will they win this deal, or will victory elude them? Plus, a raging car fire in the parking lot threatens to catch the power lines, but things take a turn for the worse when the family learns someone may be inside the car.
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Return of the Queen?

Jun 21, 2011 Season 4 Episode 2

Les snaps when a customer threatens to throw down over a broken necklace. The Golds are offered Saddam Hussein’s personal possessions, but are they real or fake? Les calls a family talk. Will Ashley return to the business or will Seth stand in the way?
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Life After Death

Jun 21, 2011 Season 4 Episode 1

Remember when Ashley quit the business? Seth and Les do. Look back with them, and see how Seth dealt with the pressure of being an only child at AJL. Later, a rare Mustang has the Gold men, Les and Seth, very interested. Will they pony up or watch this dream car drive away?
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