Fri Sep 4 11:00am
Bad Blood(Season 3, Episode 6) truTV

An employee breaks a flat-screen TV; a couple bring in numerous items to sell; and Ashley disrespects Seth in front of the staff.

Fri Sep 4 11:30am
Les' Revenge(Season 3, Episode 7) truTV

Seth spends the store's money on an impulse purchase, and Les isn't pleased; Rich ejects an annoying customer; and Les invests in a piece of Detroit history brought in by a customer.

Fri Sep 4 12:00pm
Aftermath(Season 5, Episode 1) truTV

In the fifth-season premiere, the shop's success has prompted Les to open a new store, which Seth and Ashley are against. Meanwhile, a man tries to pawn his glass eye and another guy wants to sell a 1971 Army truck.

Fri Sep 4 12:30pm
Final Decision(Season 5, Episode 2) truTV

Les decides whether to buy a new pawn shop; Seth and a customer go head-to-head on a vintage bubble-hockey game; and Ashley gets caught in the middle of a battle between two customers.

Fri Sep 4 1:00pm
Stolen Gold?(Season 5, Episode 3) truTV

Les settles in to the new store and is surprised to find a cache of jewels in the desk of an old employee, who shows up later wanting to reclaim his goods.

Fri Sep 4 1:30pm
Banned for Life(Season 5, Episode 4) truTV

Seth learns a costly lesson about fine crystal jewelry, and a customer seeks to purchase expensive earrings under the condition he gets his ears pierced in the store. Later, a confrontation is touched off by a customer who returns for his video-game system (more…)

Fri Sep 4 2:00pm
Rematch: Ashley vs. Tressa(Season 5, Episode 5) truTV

Tressa shows up at an inopportune time hoping to sell the expensive watch that led to her firing. When she starts hurling insults, Les has to keep a ticked-off Ashley from clocking her.

Fri Sep 4 2:30pm
Mo' Money, Mo' Problems(Season 5, Episode 6) truTV

When Les sends a group of employees to the new store, Seth and his crew are left overworked and inundated with angry customers, which results in a showdown between father and son.

Fri Sep 4 3:00pm
Les Hunts a Thief(Season 5, Episode 7) truTV

One of the back rooms is broken into and Les launches an investigation. Elsewhere, a customer hopes to pawn a guitar signed by Kid Rock and Rich discovers the instrument has more value than realized.

Fri Sep 4 3:30pm
Full Metal Panic(Season 5, Episode 8) truTV

Les and Seth are apoplectic after discovering that, for the first time in their history, loans are down. Later, when they find out why, the head of someone close to them will roll. Meanwhile, a woman proffers some home-grown, pharmaceutical-grade goods.

Fri Sep 4 4:00pm
Dirty Tape(Season 5, Episode 9) truTV

A problem customer brings Ashley out from behind the security glass; some rare Nirvana memorabilia piques Rich and Seth's interest. Later, a customer who was robbed in the pawnshop demands to see the security tapes, but the Golds refuse and a confrontation (more…)

Fri Sep 4 4:30pm
Only in Detroit(Season 5, Episode 10) truTV

Seth is blindsided when an ex-NHL star stops by the shop with a friend and, against Ashley's wishes, he offers the athlete a job. Elsewhere, Ashley faces off with a customer whose insults turn personal; Les contemplates buying a vintage fortune-telling mac (more…)

Fri Sep 4 5:00pm
Blackout(Season 5, Episode 11) truTV

A storm threatens to knock out power at the store, where Seth tries to formulate a plan to handle the on-site cash reserves while his father maintains that everything will simply be fine.

Fri Sep 4 5:30pm
Gold Battle Begins(Season 5, Episode 12) truTV

Seth and Les have a confrontation over their personal business styles, which intensifies after problems in the warehouse arise.

Fri Sep 4 6:00pm
Gold Day in Hell(Season 5, Episode 13) truTV

Seth's plan to change the business structure is derailed when Les goes behind his back to confront the employees face-to-face, resulting in a confrontation between father and son.

Fri Sep 4 6:30pm
Millionaire Mayhem(Season 5, Episode 17) truTV

A highly lucrative sale opportunity is presented to Les and Seth, requiring their immediate and full attention. When Ashley's selfish behavior threatens the deal, Seth loses it.

Fri Sep 11 3:00pm
Hot Rods, Raging Tempers(Season 3, Episode 1) truTV

A customer with a sketchy sales past comes in with a valuable sports car; Ashley deals with a woman and her so-called rare music box; Seth and Ashley confront an unruly customer.

Fri Sep 11 3:30pm
Whack Job(Season 3, Episode 2) truTV

The Golds surprise a customer who wants to sell his deceased wife's diamond ring; a feud erupts after Ashley interrupts Les during a tough negotiation.

Fri Sep 11 4:00pm
Acid Test(Season 3, Episode 3) truTV

Les considers buying a coat allegedly made of rare monkey fur; Seth aims to make a pricey purchase that he thinks can save the store money.

Fri Sep 11 4:30pm
Gold War(Season 3, Episode 4) truTV

An elderly woman is upset with Seth when her fur coat is ripped; Les negotiates for a vintage gum-ball machine; and Seth and Ashley fight about lazy workers.

Fri Sep 11 5:00pm
Urban Hillbilly(Season 5, Episode 18) truTV

An urban hillbilly sells unusual items to finance a farm; Seth's eye for authenticity proves handy when a customer peddles suspect music memorabilia. Later, the grateful hillbilly returns to show his thanks, but one of his farm animals gets loose in the st (more…)

Fri Sep 11 5:30pm
Poachers!(Season 5, Episode 19) truTV

Les tries to catch competitors poaching customers on his property; a man finds out that his diamond-encrusted watch is worthless.

Fri Sep 11 6:00pm
Ashley's Breakdown(Season 5, Episode 20) truTV

Seth finds a hidden room filled with merchandise that his employees were unable to sell; Ashley gets into it with a customer over a diamond necklace. Later, Seth is irate over Ashley's purchase of a worthless roulette table.

Fri Sep 11 6:30pm
Ashley's Aftermath(Season 5, Episode 21) truTV

Ashley's return leads to Seth getting put in his place; a customer who's been robbed tries to sell her last remaining valuable. Later, Les tries to get the kids back on track.

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  • Premiered: December 21, 2009
  • Rating: TV-14
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  • Premise: The goings-on at a family-run Detroit pawn shop are documented. (more)

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