Sat Dec 5 12:00pm
Les Sells Out(Season 7, Episode 9) truTV

Les makes a bet with Seth and Ashley and goes on a selling streak. Meanwhile, Ashley becomes a barber for a day; and people preparing for the apocalypse stock up on supplies.

I’ll Watch64 Watching
Sat Dec 5 12:30pm
You Bet Your Butt(Season 7, Episode 10) truTV

A wager is made between Seth and Ashley; a vintage relic from Detroit is brought into the shop; Byron throws out a rowdy customer.

I’ll Watch50 Watching
Sat Dec 5 1:00pm
Homefront Heat(Season 7, Episode 11) truTV

Ashley's left out of a deal and she's furious, and soon the family squabble affects business; a customer has a mysterious bag.

I’ll Watch44 Watching
Sat Dec 5 1:30pm
Strike Out(Season 7, Episode 12) truTV

Seth and Ashley bicker over some baseball merchandise, forcing Les to step in and mediate.

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Sat Dec 5 2:00pm
Les Goes Down(Season 7, Episode 13) truTV

Customers brawl in the parking lot before the store opens; Les needs Seth and Ashley's help, but they're preoccupied with their quarreling.

I’ll Watch125 Watching
Sat Dec 5 2:30pm
The Return of the King(Season 7, Episode 14) truTV

Les recuperates and Seth and Ashley try comanaging the shop, but problems arise, forcing Les to put just one of them in charge; the eccentric owner of a vintage Thunderbird causes a stir.

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Fri Dec 11 11:00am
Seth's Return(Season 8, Episode 1) truTV

In the eighth-season opener, Les worries about Seth's loyalty and suspects he's dealing with a competitor; a skeleton rock band frightens Ashley; and Les makes an offer on an old Dick Tracy radio watch.

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Fri Dec 11 11:30am
Fishing for Trouble(Season 8, Episode 2) truTV

A huge fishing lure entices Les and Ashley, but Seth has doubts about whether it will sell; Byron is pushed beyond his limits; and Les clashes with a hot-tempered customer.

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Fri Dec 11 12:00pm
Scent of Decption(Season 8, Episode 3) truTV

Ashley smells marijuana in the warehouse, so Seth proposes that the employees be drug tested while Les tries using bribery to uncover the culprit; Les rides a three-wheeled motorbike; a piece of art that may be Picasso's arrives in the store.

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Fri Dec 11 12:30pm
Growing Pains(Season 8, Episode 4) truTV

Les makes a deal for brand-new merchandise; Seth rides a barstool racer while Bobby J rides a bull; and a flamboyant customer meets with Les.

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Fri Dec 11 1:00pm
Drama Online, Part 1(Season 8, Episode 6) truTV

Part 1 of 2. Les has Ashley help Seth with online sales, and soon an item of Seth's goes missing after she mistakenly puts it up for sale; Les acquires some petrified animal anatomy; and a nervous customer gets assistance while negotiating a deal.

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Fri Dec 11 1:30pm
Drama Online, Part 2(Season 8, Episode 7) truTV

Conclusion. Ashley's hastiness causes a shipment to get ruined; Seth rides in a hovercraft; and Les tries to make a deal with Muhammad Ali Jr.

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Fri Dec 11 2:00pm
Daddy Daughter Dance(Season 8, Episode 5) truTV

Ashley competes against Les in a sales competition; Bobby J goes on a perilous ride; and Seth handles some spooky merchandise.

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Fri Dec 11 2:30pm
Drama Online, Part 2(Season 8, Episode 7) truTV

Conclusion. Ashley's hastiness causes a shipment to get ruined; Seth rides in a hovercraft; and Les tries to make a deal with Muhammad Ali Jr.

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Fri Dec 11 3:00pm
Seth's Gamble Part 2(Season 8, Episode 10) truTV

Conclusion. Seth rushes to make a deadline set by his dad; an Oldsmobile Starfire convertible piques Les' interest; a woman selling a fur disagrees with Ashley about what type of fur it is.

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Fri Dec 11 3:30pm
Seth's Soft Side(Season 8, Episode 8) truTV

Seth gets sentimental about a prized guitar; Les does a deal with his look-alike; and a customer tries to use a suspicious coin to purchase an expensive watch.

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Fri Dec 11 4:00pm
Guards Go Home(Season 8, Episode 11) truTV

The Golds try to operate without security guards, which Ashley thinks is a bad idea. Also: A Cadillac gives off an unpleasant odor; and a pair of binoculars are linked to history.

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Fri Dec 11 4:30pm
Busted Deal(Season 8, Episode 12) truTV

Les orders a load of TVs and clashes with Seth and Ashley; Ashley incurs Les' wrath by going to her father to correct the deal; Les holds an ace in the hole while fawning over Detroit Tigers memorabilia and a miniature classic car.

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