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Hardcore Pawn Season 6 episodes

To Catch a Thief, Part 2 Season 6, Episode 26

Conclusion. The Golds set up a sting in order to catch a thief in their midst, but come to suspect the culprit could have an accomplice. Later, a customer wants to sell a vintage police car. read more

To Catch a Thief, Part 1 Season 6, Episode 25

Part 1 of 2. The Golds become suspicious when jewelry is found strewn on the floor two different times, so they set a trap to snare the culprit responsible. Later, an unruly customer threatens Les, and when security can't handle the job the Detroit PD is called; and Seth wonders if they can sell a pair of sneakers worn by Shaquille O'Neal, which are taking up a lot of space on the sports shelf. read more

Les' Mojo Season 6, Episode 24

Les' ability to close on business transactions comes into question, never more so than when an incredible opportunity presents itself and his children wonder if he'll be able to seal the deal. read more

Watch Out Season 6, Episode 23

Seth worries that the deal Les got on an expensive watch is too good to be true and that the timepiece is actually a fake, so Les does some Internet sleuthing and doesn't much like what he learns. Later, Ashley is bugged about a creepy, crawly pawn; and Seth goes cruising in a pimped-out golf cart. read more

Junkyard Intervention Season 6, Episode 22

A warehouse overflowing with broken electronics prompts Seth to go behind his father's back and order a dumpster in which to deposit the junk; and Ashley has a run-in with a woman whose pawn experience isn't to her liking. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be a lawyer tries to unload some jewels that may be fake. read more

Unforgiven Season 6, Episode 21

Rich commits a faux pas at the jewelry counter; and Ashley is irked when someone doesn't mind their Ps and Qs in the pawn queue. Meanwhile, a cowboy brings in a horse. read more

Motor City Dream Cruise Season 6, Episode 20

At Detroit's annual Dream Cruise, the Golds hope to cash in on automotive merchandise, but when Les passes on an offer for a historic Chevy sign, Seth goes behind his back and purchases it. read more

Ashley's Bad Day Season 6, Episode 19

Ashley's sassy attitude is costing the store business, so Les and Seth try to figure out what's bugging her; and a serial-killer groupie brings in some macabre items. Later, Rich gets to demonstrate his drum skills when a customer brings in a set. read more

Vintage Victory Season 6, Episode 18

Les and Ashley debate the value of an old bike, while Seth has his hands full with a troublesome Jersey guy. Later, a woman wants more TV than she can handle. read more

Family Matters Season 6, Episode 17

Ashley deals with some mother-daughter drama at the pawn window, and things threaten to get out of hand, while roommates get into an ugly dispute on the floor. read more

Shell Game Season 6, Episode 16

Les is put out when he discovers hustlers scamming customers in his own parking lot and moves to put an immediate stop to the rip-offs; a young fashionista is steamed when Seth turns down her goods; and an Xbox hotshot makes the showroom floor his own personal video arcade. read more

Pay to Play Season 6, Episode 15

Questions arise about the authenticity of a rare guitar, necessitating a gut decision from Seth and Les; Ashley and a customer go toe-to-toe with weapons; and a famous wrestler makes an interesting proposition. read more

Aftermath Season 6, Episode 14

In the aftermath of Seth trying to sell the business out from under his father, an unforgiving Les goes incommunicado and locks himself in the office. Later, a fight on the floor spills into the parking lot and threatens to get out of control. read more

Oh Yes He Did Season 6, Episode 13

Seth encounters some bumps in his plan to sell the pawn shop; the kids find themselves in an interesting situation when they meet with a buyer. read more

Oh No He Didn't Season 6, Episode 12

The other store is sinking financially, so the kids approach Les about selling it. Les quickly shuts the idea down, prompting Seth to go behind his back with a secret plan. read more

Seth's Big Bet Season 6, Episode 11

Ashley challenges Seth to a most unusual competition. read more

Lawyer Up Son Season 6, Episode 10

A fake receipt triggers a battle royal with a customer who returns to the store with a lawyer. read more

Burmese or Busted? Season 6, Episode 9

Les receives a jar that could be worth a lot of money, but Angela is not convinced of its value; a customer brings in some family jewels and receives the shock of her life. read more

Les Spending Spree Season 6, Episode 8

Seth and Ashley are concerned about the supply of seemingly worthless items Les has been buying and stashing in the back room. read more

Cold Blooded Robbery Season 6, Episode 7

Ashley wants to hire overnight security after a customer is found chilling out in the refrigerator, but Les pulls the plug on the plan. read more

Motor Mouth Season 6, Episode 6

A fast-talking customer catches Les off guard and he's tempted to break with store policy. read more

Tripped Out Cash Season 6, Episode 5

Les makes a deal for some rare rock memorabilia and squares off against a potential buyer; a woman catches her boyfriend trying to pawn her ring. read more

Amy Got Back Season 6, Episode 4

Seth is shocked when Les rehires a flaky former employee who he claims took advantage of them. read more

Million Dollar Story Season 6, Episode 3

Some savvy salesmen spin a sensational story that Les just might buy into; pie-eyed patrons barter for big bucks; and later, Les makes a surprising discovery that catches everyone's attention. read more

The Shocker Season 6, Episode 2

Ashley doesn't buy into Seth's new money scheme which, if it works, could mean big bucks for the store; and employees get quite a shock when a customer brings in a vintage electric chair. read more

Rich Returns? Season 6, Episode 1

Season 6 begins with the return of the banished Rich, who hopes to regain Les' trust. When Rich eyeballs a load of stolen goods, he sees a way back into the boss's good graces. Meanwhile, Seth continues his efforts to take over the store, all under Ashley's watchful and disapproving eye. read more

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Premise: The goings-on at a family-run Detroit pawn shop are documented.


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