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Happy Endings Season 2 episodes

Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral) Season 2, Episode 21

In the second-season finale, the gang attend yet another wedding (this time a same-sex union), where Penny's upset about not having a date and Brad has a tough time breaking important news to Jane. Meanwhile, Max tries to muster up the courage to hit the stage and get into the groove with his old all-male Madonna cover band. read more

Big White Lies Season 2, Episode 20

Penny tells a little white lie to get out of reuniting with a pesky childhood friend, and soon the entire gang is caught up in a frenzy of fibbing, with each seemingly innocent untruth growing bigger than the one before. Meanwhile, Max and Dave's robust love life is grating on their lonely landlord, who is looking for a way to evict them—until he takes a liking to Alex. read more

You Snooze, You Bruise Season 2, Episode 19

Not everything is jim-dandy at Dave's gym after he becomes the target of a bully, so onetime bully Alex coaches him on how to work out his problems with the tough guy. Meanwhile, residents don't take kindly to condo-association president Jane and her controlling ways and mount a campaign to replace her. read more

Party of Six Season 2, Episode 18

Since Penny's birthday celebrations have a history of being cursed, her friends search for a special restaurant—one that hasn't banned any of them and where they hopefully won't run into any exes. read more

The Kerkovich Way Season 2, Episode 17

Alex and Jane try to convince Dave that he's wrong about an event that may have occurred. Meanwhile, Penny and Max go all out to beat an irritatingly perfect couple in an annual run and scavenger hunt. read more

Cocktails & Dreams Season 2, Episode 16

Dave's food truck becomes the trendy hot spot in town thanks to its new liquor license, but Dave's upset because his friends have stopped coming around. He thinks it's because they're jealous of his newfound fame, but the real reason is that his new signature drink is leaving them with erotic dreams in which he's the star. Colin Hanks costars as himself. read more

The Butterfly Effect Effect Season 2, Episode 15

Punxsutawney Phil may signal winter's end, but this group of friends can set their calendars by the "spring smackdown": Jane and Brad's annual domestic dispute. It's also the sign for Max to come out of his long winter's hibernation. read more

Everybody Loves Grant Season 2, Episode 14

Max's new beau is a hit with everyone, save for Dave, who sets out to prove he's equally cool, while Max worries that he himself can't measure up to his "perfect" guy. read more

The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacre Season 2, Episode 13

Valentine's Day isn't all hearts and flowers for the gang as Penny wants to break up with her boyfriend, Dave fears his girlfriend is getting ready to dump him and Brad's plans for a perfect outing with Jane take a hit because of dental problems. Meanwhile, Alex, the gang's expert on the holiday, searches for a party in a questionable neighborhood, and Max gets a surprise when his limo occupants include the guy he broke up with the previous Valentine's Day. read more

Makin' Changes! Season 2, Episode 12

After a discussion with Jane, Penny decides to stop adapting her lifestyle to the guys she dates and instead elects to change them to focus more on her needs. Her first project is a thirtysomething immature slacker who still acts like a teen. Meanwhile, Brad overhears Penny bragging how she made him over when they first started going out and he reverts back to his college-years self; and Max and Alex collar Dave and try to get him to stop wearing V-neck T-shirts. read more

Meat the Parrots Season 2, Episode 11

Dave's father (Michael McKean) visits and brings along his new girlfriend (Megan Mullally), who happens to be Penny's mother. Penny is happy for her mum, but Dave is less than thrilled with the news. Elsewhere, to keep her company at the shop, Alex buys a chatty parrot, but the bird's naughty mouth ruffles some feathers; and Alex suspects the Chinese restaurant next door is a front for a brothel. read more

The Shrink, the Dare, Her Date and Her Brother Season 2, Episode 10

Dave has a tough time wrapping his head around the fact that Penny is dating his psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Jane's efforts to get Alex and Brad to bond get a boost when they discover they have a mutual appreciation for the same film genre. And vain Jane and vain Max get into another one of their wacky competitions, which entails seeing who can go the longest wearing an unflattering outfit. read more

Grinches Be Crazy Season 2, Episode 9

A cash-strapped Max agrees to play Santa for Penny's charity function. Meanwhile, Jane is anything but jolly when she realizes she accidentally gave her housekeeper a far more generous Christmas tip than she intended. read more

Full Court Dress Season 2, Episode 8

Jane would like a new dress for a charity event, but is wary of Alex's offer to design one for her; Penny steps in to help a panicked Max when he babysits his niece and nephew. Meanwhile, Dave and Brad befriend their offbeat mailman (Rob Riggle). read more

The Code War Season 2, Episode 7

Max's high-school girlfriend moves back to town and has a profound effect on some of the gang. Meanwhile, Jane discovers Brad has a "work wife" at the office and decides she's entitled to a "work husband." read more

Lying Around Season 2, Episode 6

Brad sneaks off on a secret staycation at a plush hotel in the city in order to dodge a visit from Jane's sorority sister. Meanwhile, Alex's new boyfriend takes dating to a new level; and Max and Dave shoot a commercial for a lunch truck. Brent Musburger and Fred Savage (who directed the episode) have cameos as themselves. read more

Spooky Endings Season 2, Episode 5

Jane and Brad spend a spooky evening house-sitting for suburban friends, while the rest of the gang celebrate Halloween at a warehouse party. read more

Secrets and Limos Season 2, Episode 4

Jane talks the gang into creating vision boards to help them better realise their dreams. Meanwhile, Brad's relationship with his humourless boss hits a bump in the road, until the man, a serious automobile buff, takes a shine to Max's limo. And a reluctant Dave balks at introducing his new girlfriend to his friends. read more

Yesandwitch Season 2, Episode 3

Penny's extremely optimistic mum (Megan Mullally) arrives in town for a singing job at a trade show, and the gang get a kick out of the life-of-the-party lady. But Penny discovers her mother's hiding something from her and decides that little Miss Sunshine needs to get her head out of the clouds. read more

Baby Steps Season 2, Episode 2

Alex's store becomes a hot new hangout for teenage girls who've totally and inappropriately co-opted the cute slogans on the T-shirts she designed for a line of baby clothes. Meanwhile, Jane, who donated an egg in college, goes on a quest to find the now-11-year-old daughter she believes is out there. read more

Blax, Snake, Home Season 2, Episode 1

In the Series 2 premiere, Penny ponies up to buy her first home, which she hopes will be just the thing to turn her life around. Meanwhile, it's the one-year anniversary of Alex and Dave's aborted wedding and Jane thinks the two exes should engage in an honest dialogue about the non-event. read more

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Premise: A sitcom about the complications arising among friends of a seemingly perfect couple who break up.



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