Happy Days

1974, TV Show

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Latest Episode: School Dazed

Jul 12, 1984 Season 11 Episode 20 watch on Hulu (Free)

A troubled student overdoses on pills while staying overnight at Joanie's.

The People vs. the Fonz

Jan 17, 1984 Season 11 Episode 11

The Fonz pleads "The Fifth" when he's accused of hitting a student.
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Kiss Me Teach

Jan 10, 1984 Season 11 Episode 10

An amorous student wreaks havoc on Joanie's first teaching assignment.
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You Get What You Pay for

Dec 13, 1983 Season 11 Episode 9

Howard hires Fonzie's rowdy students to build an additional bathroom.
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Where the Guys Are

Oct 18, 1983 Season 11 Episode 3

The guys take the Fonz to a singles resort after his breakup with Ashley.
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