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Latest Episode: Tome-Wan [HD]

May 16, 2014 Season 2 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

Will shares his visions with Hannibal in a therapy session. Meanwhile, veiled threats come into play in Mason's session with Hannibal; Jack produces an unexpected witness from the past to help in the Hannibal case; and Hannibal's life is threatened, which forces Will to make a decision.

Hannibal: Ko No Mono

May 09, 2014 Season 2 Episode 11

Truths about a vanishing emerge. Elsewhere, Alana grows concerned about Will's mental state; Mason believes that his sister is scheming to wrest control of his power; and Hannibal discloses information about Abigail to Will.
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Apr 25, 2014 Season 2 Episode 9

The team investigates when a truck driver's body is discovered, apparently torn apart by two different species of animals working together.
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Apr 04, 2014 Season 2 Episode 6

Suspicions rise about Hannibal Lecter when he throws a dinner party while the Chesapeake Ripper is on a killing spree.
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