Two and a Half Men

A hit sitcom built on often-raunchy material, starring Charlie Sheen and, later, Ashton Kutcher begins with the premise of a Malibu bachelor (Sheen) whose life is disrupted when his brother and 10-year-old nephew move in with him. In the ninth season, Kutcher replaces Sheen, playing a billionaire with a broken heart. Briskly written and performed, the s (more…)

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Sun Jan 21 1:00am
It Never Rains in Hooterville(Season 4, Episode 18) NIK

When Jake takes down his Harry Potter posters and replaces them with pictures of women, Alan feels like he's losing his little boy and has a midlife crisis. Rodney: Frankie Jay Allison. Detective: Ben Hermes. Kandi: April Bowlby.

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Sun Jan 21 1:32am
Smooth as a Ken Doll(Season 4, Episode 19) NIK

As Judith and Herb's wedding day nears, Charlie befriends Herb's sister. Myra: Judy Greer. Bethany: Sara Erikson. Herb: Ryan Stiles.

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Mon Jan 22 1:00am
Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot(Season 4, Episode 20) NIK

Judith's wedding approaches and Alan prepares Jake for the event. Meanwhile, Charlie continues his romance with Myra (Judy Greer), Herb's sister. Shannon: Deirdre Lovejoy. Tailor: Avner Garbi. Minister: Bob Rumnock.

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Mon Jan 22 1:32am
Tucked, Taped and Gorgeous(Season 4, Episode 21) NIK

Alan befriends a single gay father (Matt Roth), which prompts Alan and Charlie to reexamine their sexual identities. Meanwhile, Jake develops a crush on the man's daughter (Kay Panabaker). Dr. Freeman: Jayne Lynch.

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Mon Jan 22 2:30pm
Gumby with a Pokey(Season 7, Episode 21) PAR

While Alan and Jake are away on a road trip, Charlie is visited by the ghosts of his former girlfriends. ZZ Top make a cameo appearance.

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Mon Jan 22 3:00pm
This Is Not Gonna End Well(Season 7, Episode 22) PAR

In the seventh-season finale, Charlie's license is suspended and Jake becomes his driver; and Alan plans to attend Chelsea's birthday party, which doesn't please Charlie.

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Mon Jan 22 3:30pm
Three Girls and a Guy Named Bud(Season 8, Episode 1) PAR

In the eighth-season opener, Jake goes to live with his mom and Herb when he finds out that his dad is dating Eldridge's mom; and Charlie thinks it's time to cut back on his drinking.

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Mon Jan 22 4:00pm
A Bottle of Wine and a Jackhammer(Season 8, Episode 2) PAR

Lyndsey asks Alan to move in with her, and an overjoyed Charlie tries to persuade Alan to accept the offer.

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Mon Jan 22 4:00pm
That's Not What They Call It in Amsterdam(Season 10, Episode 5) IFC

Walden begins dating Rose—who was in Paris the day Charlie died—much to Alan's dismay.

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Mon Jan 22 4:30pm
A Pudding-Filled Cactus(Season 8, Episode 3) PAR

Alan moves in with Lyndsey, but he continues his affair with Melissa, whom he meets at Charlie's house.

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Mon Jan 22 4:30pm
Ferrets, Attack!(Season 10, Episode 6) IFC

Walden has a romantic dilemma involving a choice between Rose and Zoey.

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Mon Jan 22 5:00pm
Hookers, Hookers, Hookers(Season 8, Episode 4) PAR

When Alan burns down Lyndsey's home, Lyndsey and Eldridge move into Charlie's house.

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Mon Jan 22 5:00pm
Avoid the Chinese Mustard(Season 10, Episode 7) IFC

Walden hires an actress to be his girlfriend when he tires of the ups and downs of traditional relationships. Meanwhile, Missi and Jake make plans for a rendezvous at the beach house.

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Mon Jan 22 5:30pm
The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel(Season 8, Episode 5) PAR

Alan pretends to be Charlie for a night, while Charlie is away getting cosmetic surgery.

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Mon Jan 22 5:30pm
Something My Gynecologist Said(Season 10, Episode 8) IFC

Alan has a surprising inspiration when he mulls making a commitment to Lyndsey; Walden enjoys the attention of a wealthy older woman.

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Mon Jan 22 6:00pm
I Scream When I Pee(Season 10, Episode 9) IFC

Alan is surprised that his second ex-wife, Kandi, wants him back in her life. Meanwhile, Walden tries to make Berta's birthday special when she would rather not acknowledge it.

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Mon Jan 22 6:30pm
One Nut Johnson(Season 10, Episode 10) IFC

Alan helps Walden develop an alias to find a woman who doesn't just love him for his money.

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Mon Jan 22 7:00pm
Give Santa a Tail-Hole(Season 10, Episode 11) IFC

Alan is alone for Christmas, while Walden continues to play his poorer alter ego.

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Mon Jan 22 7:30pm
Welcome to Alancrest(Season 10, Episode 12) IFC

Alan makes an investment in Kate's fashion line—using Walden's money. Meanwhile, Walden's double life as a poor man begins to wear on him.

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Mon Jan 22 8:00pm
Grab a Feather and Get in Line(Season 10, Episode 13) IFC

Walden is ready to tell Kate the truth about his identity when he and Alan go to her fashion show in New York.

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Mon Jan 22 8:30pm
Run, Steven Staven! Run!(Season 10, Episode 14) IFC

Lyndsey is miffed when Alan won't give her a key to the beach house, so she decides to go on a date with a gynecologist. Meanwhile, Alan, Walden, Herb and Billy trade tales of their romantic woes.

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Mon Jan 22 9:00pm
Paint It, Pierce It or Plug It(Season 10, Episode 15) IFC

Alan is alarmed when Jake brings his thirtysomething girlfriend home for a visit; Walden tries to keep a secret from Alan.

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Mon Jan 22 9:30pm
Advantage: Fat, Flying Baby(Season 10, Episode 16) IFC

Walden pleads with Kate to give their romance another shot when he's lonely on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Alan's holiday with Lyndsey doesn't proceed as he'd hoped.

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Mon Jan 22 10:00pm
Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries(Season 10, Episode 17) IFC

Walden runs into his ex-wife, Bridget, at a singles event, and their conversation turns to reconciliation, but Alan worries that they're no longer compatible.

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  • Premiered: September 22, 2003
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: A hit sitcom built on often-raunchy material, starring Charlie Sheen and, later, Ashton Kutcher begins with the premise of a Malibu bachelor (Sheen) whose life is disrupted when his brother and 10-year-old nephew move in with him. In the ninth season, Kutc… (more)

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