One of TV's most successful Westerns told of the hired gun Paladin, who plied his trade in 19th-century San Francisco with a calling card (`Have Gun, Will Travel...') that belied the compelling loner's cultured manner. When he wasn't eating fine food, engaged in polite conversation and dressed impeccably, he was an intimidating gunman dressed in black, striking out for the frontier and ready to kill if necessary. He was, as the theme song put it, `a knight without armor in a savage land.'

Guest Stars

Hal Needham
Bodyguard, Buddy, Cal, Cowhand, Deputy, Gandy Dancer, Lookout, Mabry, Mac, Morgan, Wiggen
Harry Carey Jr.
Ben, Bud, Burton, Gulley, Quincy, Sheriff, Sheriff Conlon, Taylor, Turner
Richard Shannon
Ben, Cass, Dr. Weiser, Gorman, Grimes, Jim, Morgan
Roy Barcroft
Cutter, Flannigan, Marshal, Montrose, Sheriff, Simon, Trueblood
Denver Pyle
Advent, Croft, McKay, Pete, Sid Morgan, Sommers
Ed Nelson
Carl, Pierre, Rack, Stacy, Will, Will Gage
George Kennedy
Big Jim, Brother Grace, Bryson, Sam Tarnitzer, Saxon
Ed Faulkner
Ben, Bodyguard, Gunslinger, Harden, Jim, McPhater
Hank Patterson
Adams, Barton, Judge, Larker
Karl Swenson
Culligan, De Witt, Sheriff, Tosheff
Ken Curtis
Curley, Laski, Monk, Strickland
Rayford Barnes
Deputy, Lenzer, Preston, Sol, Wilson
Robert Gist
Ben Tyler, Brennan, Matt, O'Shea, Sheriff
Wright King
Allesandro, Cull, Gypoo, Kilner, O'Reilly
Perry Cook
Briggs, Dobie O'Brien, Mosley, Sibley, Sugie
David White
Carey, Gen. Crommer, Mincus, Webster
Don Beddoe
Marshal, Stebbins, Tater, Wagner
Don Megowan
Ben, Gilliam, Huston, Wichita Walker
Jacqueline Scott
Amanda, Claire, Nora, Stacy Neal
Jeanette Nolan
Alice, Jeri Marcus, Ma, Sheriff
June Vincent
Maria, Martha, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Duvoisin
Leo Gordon
Harkness, McNally, Moley, Talman
Mike Kellin
Adcock, Alvah, Melamed, Siebert
Natalie Norwick
Emily, Jody, Mrs. Clemenceau, Sandy
Norma Crane
Calamity Jane, Eileen, Ella West, Lucy
Robert Karnes
Morrow, Peavey, Potter, Rancher
Brad Weston
Bobby Joe, Durbin, Esteban, Parker
Jena Engstrom
Cassandra, Girl, Maya, Sarah
Anthony Caruso
Indian, Soloman, Whitehorse
Barry Cahill
Aaron Bell, Cosnik, Guard
Barry Kelley
Danceman, Judge, Sheriff
Ben Wright
Briggs, Count, Jackson
Crahan Denton
Burnaby, Marshal Buell, Soddenberg
Grant Withers
Mulrooney, Sam, Sheriff
Harold J. Stone
Greenleaf, Holgate, Samuel Abajinian
Jack Elam
Joe, Joe Gage, Shoffner
Jacques Aubuchon
Banjo, Judge Wesson, Moriarity
Kent Smith
Louis Strome, Sutter
Lorna Thayer
Augusta, Doris, Hannah
Parley Baer
Ellsworth, Reston, Thurber
Patric Knowles
August Pireax, Phineas Fogg, Trevington
Roy Engel
Barber, Bartender, Matson
Scott Marlowe
Charley, Prince, Roy Carter
Shirley O'Hara
Duchess, Geraldine Carver, Mrs. Grey
Trevor Bardette
Carruthers, Chagra, Hensoe
William Schallert
Burchfield, Chee Yan, Firearms Salesman
Peggy Rea
Cookie, Lulu, Maggie
Vic Perrin
Bernard, Cooley, Drunk
Chet Stratton
Examiner, Harry, Secretary
Dick Rich
McCormack, Sheriff, Sheriff Tobey
Buddy Ebsen
Crane, Holden
Eleanor Audley
Cynthia Palmer, Mrs. Quincy
Hampton Fancher
Beauregard Crommer, Keith
Joe Perry
Drunk, Sheriff
John Hoyt
Dr. Stark, Stryker
Martin Gabel
Nathan Shotness, Shotness
Philip Coolidge
Aaron Murdock, Dr. Avatar
Rodolfo Acosta
Carlos Valdez, Wildhorse
Stu East
Checker, Mullaney
Jack Lord
Dave Enderby
John Carradine
Father Bartolome

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