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Was the WGA Strike Good for Soaps?

All My Children courtesy ABC

The 100-day Writers Guild walkout crippled most of showbiz, but all the daytime soaps stayed in production and most of them stayed in the pink — no drastic ratings slides, no horrible creative collapses. In fact, some shows are in better shape because of the strike. Free of head writer Hogan Sheffer, Days of our Lives has regained its heart and emotional chutzpah. The reunion of Grandpa Shawn (Frank Parker) and his long-lost dying sister Colleen (Shirley Jones) left me blubbering like a fool; the subsequent plane crash where Shawn sacrificed his life for his loved ones was harrowing and poignant. It’s been a long time since Days made us care this much. The Young and the Restless has quickly and vastly improved without exec producer/head writer Lynn Marie Latham, a wildly destructive force who fired many of the show’s great longtime staffers and filled the writing team with cronies (including her husband and son). CBS will not bring her back. Best. Decision. Ever.All M... read more

Ricky Paull Goldin Scrubs In as AMC's Jake Martin

Ricky Paull Goldin by Jim Spellman/

Well that didn't take long. Ricky Paull Goldin, who it was only recently announced is exiting Guiding Light when his deal runs out later this month, has been cast on All My Children in the contract role of Dr. Jake Martin.Jake, of course, is the younger brother of Tad, and in his last two incarnations was played by Michael Lowry and J. Eddie Peck's impeccable hair. Jake's love interests have included Liza, Gillian and (of course) Greenlee.Goldin, who cut his daytime teeth on Another World back in the day, is expected to make his AMC debut by the end of April. — Matt Webb Mitovich read more

Inside Guiding Light's Extreme Makeover

Guiding Light by Robert Milazzo/PGP/CBS

Get ready for TV's newest reality show: 55-year-old Guiding Light! Starting Feb. 29, the CBS-Procter & Gamble program will abandon the timeworn way of making soaps for a radical, überauthentic approach that has much of the show shot on location in quaint little Peapack, New Jersey. The production is using the town's streets, homes, parks and businesses, as well as its outskirts. Case in point: The first episode with the new look finds heiress Lizzie Spaulding (the increasingly terrific Marcy Rylan) being dumped in the middle of the woods by her ex-lover Jonathan (Tom Pelphrey). She'll be rescued — soaked and frozen — by her current flame, Bill (Daniel Cosgrove).GL's soundstage in Manhattan also got an overhaul. Gone are the three-walled sets soaps have used since the 1950s. Now each interior locale has four walls and a ceiling, requiring that all scenes be shot by a fleet-footed crew with minicams."We're bringing the viewers right into the experience in a very int... read more

February Sweeps Preview!

Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Jay Johnson, Nadia Bjorlin by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Days of our LivesFour top characters — Philip, Shawn, Chloe and Belle — will hop a private jet to Ireland to find Belle's kidnapped daughter. And go figure: Philip adds to the stress onboard by demanding Belle choose once and for all between Shawn and him. "Could there be worse timing?" Martha Madison says with a laugh. The actress, who plays the freaked-out mom, promises a "huge reveal in Ireland that will tie up over 20 years of story and explain why the DiMeras have such a vendetta against the Bradys." And we finally learn the true identity of Belle's father, John Black (Drake Hogestyn). "It'll change everything in a big way," Madison promises. "Belle's gonna be a DiMera! Who'da thought?"All My ChildrenIt's no secret All My Children's Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) likes men — witness her 11 marriages and countless trysts — but she's never enjoyed an interracial romance. Until now. Actor Mario Van Peebles joins the show this week as Erica's new love interest, Samuel... read more

Michael Logan's Best of 2007: Supersized Edition!

Catherine Hickland by Donna Svennevik/ABC; Melody Thomas Scott courtesy CBS; Jon Hensley courtesy CBS

Best Soap: One Life to LiveIt started the year utterly crappy thanks to head writer Dena Higley, but after Erika Slezak (our hero!) royally blasted Higley on the Web, ABC fired the scribe and promoted wonder boy Ron Carlivati. Like magic, the show instantly regained its heart, its thrills, its smarts. The cast is a dream, especially Slezak, whose Viki found heaven in a Texas diner, Catherine Hickland as crazy (or is she?) Lindsay and Tuc Watkins as that gold-digging man-whore David. Once again, we're loving Life!Best Actress: The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)As the distraught mama faced with divorce and a comatose daughter, she pulled out all the stops, then pulled out a few more we never knew existed. This was deep, blistering work. Plus the lady gets extra points for acting sans makeup on high-def TV!Best Actor: As the World Turns' Jon Hensley (Holden)His quiet, no-baloney performance was a relief in a year of so much male showboating. Whether playing Holden'... read more

Dirty Sexy Daniel Cosgrove Sees the Light

Daniel Cosgrove by Robert Milazzo/PGP

What the hell is Daniel Cosgrove doing back on a daytime soap? The actor, currently recurring on Dirty Sexy Money as Karen Darling's sulky fiancé, Freddy, is returning to Guiding Light November 13 with a three-year deal. Why? He wants dirty, sexy East Coast money. A Connecticut family man, Cosgrove, 36, says he jumped at the GL offer in order to work in New York City and be with his wife and three daugh­ters. "I'm taking myself out of the L.A. game to a large degree," says the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star. "This is not the career path a lot of people would take, but reality strikes as you get older. I’m happy and at peace with this." His character, Bill (last seen in 2005), has been fired from Lewis Oil in Venezuela for shady deal­ings and will return to Springfield "with a huge chip on his shoulder," Cos­grove says. "He's become a real idiot, a rude and disre­spectful jerk." By his sec­ond episode, he’ll be in the sack with pop tart Lizzi... read more

Is Dirty Sexy Money actually ...

Question: Is Dirty Sexy Money actually shot in New York, or is it only the exterior shots, à la CSI: NY? Reason I ask is, I love seeing the New York skyline (being a New Yorker). Also, with Daniel Cosgrove, who plays Karen's fiancé, returning to his roots as Billy on Guiding Light (OK, so I'm addicted to one soap!), does that mean he's leaving his Dirty Sexy Money role? Or, since his role is small, can he be on both shows, whether or not DSM is based in the same city as Guiding Light? Answer: They fooled me, too. Dirty Sexy Money uses New York exteriors, and the pilot was shot in New York, but the show itself is filmed in Los Angeles. (Unlike the authentically homegrown Gossip Girl, which I recommend for anyone seeking a fantasy look at how the other half lives in my favorite city.) Don't know much about the fate of Daniel Cosgrove as Freddy, but it's pretty clear he's not going to have a long-term role in this family, so if he's juggling between prime time and daytime, something tell ... read more

November Sweeps Teases for World Turns and More!

Natalia Livingston and Tyler Christopher by Ron Tom/ABC

As the World Turns: And Baby Makes Five Paul (Roger Howarth) and Rosanna (Cady McClain) get hitched, but Paul may have impregnated Craig's gal Meg. Naturally, somebody will mess with the paternity test. Holden and Lily head for divorce court. Nutty moms Barbara and Iris team up for villainy. General Hospital: Murder at the Ball Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) throws a black-and-white ball climaxing in the death of a top character. The story rewinds 11 hours, then each episode moves forward one hour — à la 24 — to reveal what really happened. Who's going bye-bye? There's much buzz that it's Nik's ex-wife Emily (Emmy winner Natalia Livingston), but ABC is strictly mum. One Life to Live: What a Drag Baby snatcher Marcie (Kathy Brier) evades the law via an offbeat underground railroad that finds her performing with drag queens in Georgia and getting help from a Katrina family in New Orleans. Plus, Tuc Watkins, briefly sprung from his gay-neighbor gig on Desperate Housewives, ... read more

Guiding Light Return Is a Bad Omen!

Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick courtesy 20th Century Fox

This can't be good. Guiding Light has hired 8-year-old Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, the scary little guy from last year's remake of The Omen. He pops up Oct. 24 as Will, the adopted son of Cassie (Nicole Forester). The character was last seen in 2005 living with his birth father, Alonzo, in the principality of San Cristobel. Though Cassie thought this setup was best for Will, it turns out the kid has grown up totally withdrawn and, worse yet, has become best friends with Cassie's psychopathic ex-husband Edmund (David Andrew MacDonald), who also returns to the show this week."Will comes to live with Cassie and it's evident there's something really wrong with the boy — especially when you cross him," says GL head writer Dave Kreizman. "He's not evil, he's not the devil's spawn, but he could be dan¬gerous." That's enough for us — we're creeped out already! — Reporting by Michael Logan read more

Arielle Renwart steps in as Guiding...

Arielle Renwart steps in as Guiding Light's new Leah Bauer on May 18. The daughter of Springfield residents Rick and Mel Bauer comes home from boarding school looking a bit older. Leah was previously played by Marley Wright, the real-life child of Yvonna Kopacz (Mel).... Caitlin Van Zandt has been cast as Ashlee, a girl who helps Lizzie mess with Jonathan starting April 25.... Oh, and those new boys playing Blake's twins, Jason and Kevin Marler, are Mick Hazen and Eric Nelson. "They're beautiful kids," Liz Keifer (Blake) tells "I think the twins are supposed to be 12 or 13 now." read more

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Premise: Fictional Springfield is the home of daytime's grande dame, the only current soap rooted in the early days of the medium. It began on radio in 1937 and jumped to TV on June 30, 1952, capturing the daily travails of the Bauers, Coopers, Lewises and Spauldings, including the always vivacious character Reva (played by the award-winning Kim Zimmer), daytime's most outrageous heroine.


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