Fictional Springfield is the home of daytime's grande dame, the only current soap rooted in the early days of the medium. It began on radio in 1937 and jumped to TV on June 30, 1952, capturing the daily travails of the Bauers, Coopers, Lewises and Spauldings, including the always vivacious character Reva (played by the award-winning Kim Zimmer), daytime's most outrageous heroine.

Active Cast

Elizabeth Keifer Christina Blake Thorpe Marler
Ron Raines Alan Spaulding
Marj Dusay Alexandra Spaulding
Beth Chamberlin Beth Raines Spaulding Lemay Winslow
Tina Sloan Lillian Raines
Kim Zimmer Reva Shayne Lewis
Crystal Chappell Olivia Spencer
Bradley Cole Jeffrey O'Neill/Richard Winslow
Justin Deas Frank Achilles `Buzz' Cooper Sr.
Gina Tognoni Dinah Marler
John Driscoll Henry Cooper Bradshaw
Michael Dempsey Alan-Michael Spaulding
Nicole Forester Cassie Layne Winslow
Marcy Rylan Lizzie Spaulding
Yvonna Wright Mel Boudreau Bauer
Daniel Cosgrove Bill Lewis
Brian Gaskill Dylan Shayne Lewis

Former Cast

Ed Bryce Bill Bauer
James Lipton Dr. Dick Grant
James Earl Jones Dr. Jim Frazier
Billy Dee Williams Dr. Jim Frazier
Ruby Dee Martha Frazier
Cicely Tyson Martha Frazier
Kevin Bacon Tim `TJ' Werner
Sherry Stringfield Christina Blake Thorpe
Elizabeth Dennehy Christina Blake Thorpe
Keith Charles Brandon Spaulding
John Bolger Phillip Spaulding
Grant Aleksander Phillip Spaulding
Vincent Irizarry Brandon `Lujack' Spaulding Luvonaczek/Nick McHenry Spaulding
Maeve Kincaid Vanessa Chamberlain
Anna Stuart Vanessa Chamberlain
Michael Tylo Quint Chamberlain
Laura Wright Cassie Winslow
Beth Ehlers Harley Davidson Cooper
JoBeth Williams Brandy Shelooe
Tom Pelphrey Jonathan Randall
Scott Foster Sandy Foster
Doug Hutchison Sebastian Hulce