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Dec 05, 2005 Season 3 Episode 13 watch on A&E (Free)

Victoria prepares a special meal as the whole Gotti clan gathers to reminisce about the last few years of their lives. Reality series about well-known novelist Victoria Gotti and her struggle to raise three teenage sons as a divorced mother. We follow Victoria while she balances work, the dating scene, and the demands of three sons--Frankie, Carmine, and John Jr.

The Eyes Have It

Dec 05, 2005 Season 3 Episode 12

Victoria buys Robert an eye-opening birthday gift, and he repays her generosity by driving her nuts. And speaking of driving, Victoria decides to keep a closer eye on Carmine and John by installing a tracking device in their cars without their knowledge.
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A Tan for All Seasons

Nov 14, 2005 Season 3 Episode 11

As the opening of Frankie's tanning salon approaches, Victoria begins to worry that maybe the stress of being a business owner is too much for her youngest son. And this time she doesn't have time to step in and save the day -- she's got her hands full taking care of the two Rottweiler puppies Frank and Carmine have brought home against her wishes.
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Risky Business

Nov 28, 2005 Season 3 Episode 10

Everyone's an entrepreneur, as Frankie decides to open a tanning salon and Victoria tries to get her own magazine off the ground. Too bad for the both of them, Frankie's in over his head. And if he can't step up and pull it together, Victoria's going to have to do both their jobs.
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All the Right Moves

Oct 24, 2005 Season 3 Episode 9

Victoria gets fed up with the constant stream of unwanted visitors coming to the house, so she decides to move -- again. Meanwhile, John is trying to decide where to go to college -- or if he should go to college at all -- so Victoria and Uncle Pete hatch a scheme to keep him close to home.
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A Death in the Family

Oct 17, 2005 Season 3 Episode 8

The Gottis return home from Italy and get some sad news: their dog Sebastian is dead. While Victoria--who suspects foul play--decides to give her dog the grandest burial possible, the boys and Robert get tattoos in the dog's honor.
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Mutiny on the Gotti

Oct 10, 2005 Season 3 Episode 7

In Italy, Victoria charters a boat to take her family to the fabulous island of Capri in high style. Unfortunately, she puts Robert in charge, and ends up with a dinky dingy instead of a fabulous yacht. As usual, Victoria has to take matters into her own hands, while at the same time she fights a running battle with Luigi over his mooching. And Carmine, who wanted to go to Capri in the first place, ditches the trip entirely, while John finds himself on the strange position of defending Luigi.
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Horsing Around

Sep 26, 2005 Season 3 Episode 6

The Gottis heads off to Siena to see the Palio, a huge horse race through the streets of the town. Unfortunately, tempers are strained when Victoria and the boys argue over Mike, their bodyguard, who quit in a huff the night before. And now she's got to chaperone her boys through the confusing, crowded horse race. It's a long difficult day for the family, but they finally come together and begin to enjoy themselves at the ceremonial Palio dinner, where Victoria realizes that she came on vacation to spend time with her sons, anyway...and that she's still got Pete and Luigi to help her keep an eye on them.
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Recipe for Disaster

Sep 19, 2005 Season 3 Episode 5

Victoria might be on vacation, but she still has to work on her cookbook. To pick up some tips for her next book, she takes a cooking class from some Tuscan chefs. While she's finding out that she knows as much as these so called masters, Pete and Luigi take the boys out fishing with the idea that whatever they catch, they'll eat. Unfortunately, they come up empty-handed, and are forced to join Victoria for dinner. They're cranky and hungry, and she has to cook up a storm to provide for her family, but a raucous and uproarious dinner raises everyone's spirits, particularly when the talk turns to razzing Luigi and Robert -- an activity the Gotti boys always enjoy.
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Rome, If You Want To

Sep 12, 2005 Season 3 Episode 4

Still in Rome, Victoria tries to introduce the boys to Italian culture by bringing them to an art school. They're not very interested in drawing, even when the subject is a nude woman. So she gives up and hands the boys over to Pete for the day, while she takes off to track down her Italian relatives. As for Pete, he doesn't have much luck trying to introduce his nephews to Rome, because even the Coliseum pales in contrast to their real interest: trying to pick up girls.
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Aug 29, 2005 Season 3 Episode 3

The Gotti family arrives in Italy, the birthplace of their ancestors. As soon as they land in Rome, the boys start getting in touch with their roots at gladiator school. An expert on Roman fighting teaches Carmine, John and Frankie the moves, and the boys square off in armed combat. Meanwhile, Victoria sets off on a shopping trip. Her search for hair rollers runs into trouble, and the lack of air conditioning is a problem, but she still thinks Rome is the most beautiful city in the world.
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Ciao, Long Island

Aug 22, 2005 Season 3 Episode 2

The Gotti family is getting ready to go to Italy, and that means planning, getting passports in time, and making their flight--all the things the family doesn't do so well. The boys ponder whether Italian women are hairy, and whether it's legal for them to drink in Italy. Meanwhile, Luigi is redoing the guesthouse so Victoria's sister Angel can move in. It's a race against time, because Luigi's going to Italy too, and he only has a week to finish the renovations.
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The Graduate

Aug 22, 2005 Season 3 Episode 1

John is graduating from high school, and Victoria is very happy and proud of him. She's less happy that he wants to go away for college, and that he and his brother Carmine aren't getting along. As John prepares for a big, flashy, and very adult graduation party, Victoria hatches a plan: she'll bring the family back together by bringing them back to their roots. At the big party, Victoria announces that she's taking the family on a very special vacation--to Italy!
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