Easy-to-take sitcom about a mild-mannered psychiatrist keeping an eye on his precocious kids from his home office while his wife is off at work as a reporter. Belying its innocent appearance, `Pains' did occasionally address teen social issues, but mostly it stuck to the Seaver kids' growing pains (and the youngest, Chrissy, literally shot up: growing from toddler to 6-year-old in two seasons). Leonardo DiCaprio (then 16) joined the cast in the final season as a homeless teenager.


Guest Stars

Gordon Jump
Ed, Ed Malone, Grandpa Ed
Sam Anderson
DeWitt, Principal DeWitt
Bill Erwin
Bub, Buzz, Chester/Lester, Edgar
Dawn Wells
Heidi, Myrtle
Hilary Swank
2 Episodes (1991-1991)
Lou Richards
Braxton Hicks, Modesto
Michael Cudlitz
Chuck, Chucksteak
2 Episodes (1991-1991)