Easy-to-take sitcom about a mild-mannered psychiatrist keeping an eye on his precocious kids from his home office while his wife is off at work as a reporter. Belying its innocent appearance, `Pains' did occasionally address teen social issues, but mostly it stuck to the Seaver kids' growing pains (and the youngest, Chrissy, literally shot up: growing from toddler to 6-year-old in two seasons). Leonardo DiCaprio (then 16) joined the cast in the final season as a homeless teenager.


Guest Stars

Ed, Ed Malone, Grandpa Ed
Sam Anderson
DeWitt, Principal DeWitt
Coach, Coach Lubbock
Grandma Kate, Kate
Bub, Buzz, Chester/Lester, Edgar
Elaine, Monica
Laura, Laura Lynn
Dawn Wells
Heidi, Myrtle
Hilary Swank
2 Episodes (1991-1991)
Sid, Sidlevich
Braxton Hicks, Modesto
Michael Cudlitz
Chuck, Chucksteak
2 Episodes (1991-1991)
Lenny, Stage Manager
Lepepke, Watney
Deejay, Mr. Green
Sid, Sidlevich
Henri, Maitre d'
Elvis Impersonator
Peeter, Prof. Thorne
Dr. Whiteside
Claver Jackson
Cleaning Lady
Dr. Frankovich
Judge Herman
Miss Sanders
Dr. Marlens
Mrs. Scoffengerio
Dr. Reinhart
Young Maggie
Sport Hinckley
Kvetch-O the Clown
Off. Anderson
Mrs. Kimball
Big Al's Mom
Mr. Bombosi
Theater Manager