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Grimm Showdown
04:59 — Nick, Hank, Wu, Juliette, Rosalee and the Captain rescue Monroe and bring down the Wesenrein in an epic brawl.
Better to Forget You
01:32 — Trubel's memories prove too much to handle for the Gedachtnis Esser.
No Match for Nick
03:31 — A Wesen that electrocutes its victims receives a shock of his own when Nick proves immune to his powers.
Creature Profile: Schinderdiv
00:46 — The demonic Schinderdiv use fangs protruding from their jaws to pin down their victims and puncture their chests.
Bring It On, Biest
03:37 — Adalind gets the shock of her life when Juliette reveals she's a Hexenbiest and nearly kills her in a long-awaited showdown.
A Tale of Two Hexenbiests
03:32 — As Nick and Juliette's relationship falls apart, Adalind and Nick's connection grows stronger.
Let Sleeping Varme Tyv Lie
04:21 — After waking the Hibernaculum, Nick, Hank, Monroe and Wu face off against some very angry - and very cold - Varme Tyv.
Creature Profile: Kallikantzaroi
01:15 — Kallikantzaroi are the pubescent children of Indole Gentile who transform into green-eyed hairy beasts with yellow teeth and then wreak havoc during t (more…)
Monroe's Racy Encounter
02:57 — Monroe finds himself in a compromising situation while working undercover for Nick, Hank and Wu.